ST-12369 Read My Lips
Produced by David Foster
(track 6 by David Foster and Steve Lukather)
Released on 1984
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ST-12369 cover
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R ead my review on AMG. Now read this one. It’s softer. So am I kissing up to Read My Lips? Nah. I just don’t have the same expectations from Fee anymore. At the time, I envisioned him leaving The Tubes to return to their original left-of-center position. Nope. This was a grab for the brass ring. Some wanky guitar solos, commercial music, the same sort of trap that Greg Lake fell into on his first album. The fact is, anybody could have made this album. That it was made by Fee Waybill just signals the death of another icon. But it’s really not a bad album. It’s just a safe album from a man who made his reputation by courting danger. “Saved My Life,” “You’re Still Laughing” and “Nobody’s Perfect” are right in line with the recent work of The Tubes. And Love Bomb proved that Fee wasn’t the problem; this is actually the better album of the two. In honesty, I raise my guard up every time I see The Evil David Foster (and not The Good David Foster who played with Jon Anderson in an early band) is involved in a project, since the invariable outcome is product. And the involvement of Toto doesn’t help; they’d play behind a crooning ham sandwich if the money was right. Fee Waybill may be a ham, but he’s no ham sandwich. And his songs aren’t half bad. But if he wasn’t Fee Waybill, I wouldn’t even be listening to them. So I won’t call it a misstep, just a case of standing still. If The Tubes' later records or Was (Not Was) rock your world, then don’t read too much into my disappointment with Read My Lips. But if you’re looking for adventure, look elsewhere.

ST-12369 back cover ST-12369 lyric sleeve
ST-12369 back cover ST-12369 lyric sleeve


  1. YOU'RE STILL LAUGHING    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Steve Lukather)    4:28
  2. NOBODY'S PERFECT    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Mike Landau/John Robinson/Humberto Gatica)    4:27
  3. WHO LOVES YOU BABY    (Fee Waybill/Richard Marx/David Foster)    3:45
  4. I DON'T EVEN KNOW YOUR NAME (PASSION PLAY)    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Steve Lukather)    4:26
  5. WHO SAID LIFE WOULD BE PRETTY    (Fee Waybill/M. Goldenberg)    4:08
  6. THRILL OF THE KILL    (Fee Waybill/Steve Lukather)    3:32
  7. SAVED MY LIFE    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Steve Lukather)    3:47
  8. CARIBBEAN SUNSETS    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Steve Lukather)    4:45
  9. STAR OF THE SHOW    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Steve Lukather)    3:45
  10. I COULD'VE BEEN SOMEBODY    (Fee Waybill/David Foster/Tom Keane)    3:39


FEE WAYBILL -- vocals
BILL CHAMPLIN -- background vocals
PAULINHO DA COSTA -- percussion
DAVID FOSTER -- keyboards, background vocals
TOM KEANE -- background vocals, keyboards (10)
BOBBY KIMBALL -- background vocals
MIKE LANDAU -- guitar
RICHARD MARX -- background vocals
STEVE PORCARO -- keyboards and synthesizer programming
Will Alexander -- additional keyboards and synthesizer programming
Michael Boddicker -- additional keyboards and synthesizer programming
Erich Bulling -- additional keyboards and synthesizer programming
Humberto Gatica -- percussion overdubs (4), engineer, mixing
Gary Grant -- horns
Gary Hebrig -- horns
Jerry Hey -- horns, horn arrangement (3)
Tris Imboden -- drums (6)
Paul Jackson -- guitar (3)
Jeremy Lubbock -- synthesizer string arrangements
Jeff Porcaro -- drums (8)
John Robinson -- drums (2)
Marc Russo -- horns
Larry Williams -- horns
Bill Wolfer -- keyboards (3)
Laura Livingston -- additional vocal engineering
Clive Piercy, Dyer/Khan Inc. -- design
Ron Slenzak -- photography

US/CAN 1984 Capitol LP/CS ST/4XT-12369 lyric sleeve
NET 1984 Capitol LP 240251  
UK August 31, 1995 Beat Goes On CD BGOCD 283  


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