The Firm
Bled Company. The Firm were formed when Led Zeppelin guitarist Jimmy Page and Bad Company singer Paul Rodgers joined forces (bassist Tony Franklin and drummer Chris Slade rounded out the four). Essentially an elevated aproach to the music of Bad Company rather than an attempt to reinflate anyone's Zeppelin's fantasies. Their two albums are good examples of '80s arena rock and worth a flyer for anyone who felt deflated after Asia's second album.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1985 February Radioactive
1985 March 2 THE FIRM
1985 April Satisfaction Guaranteed
1985 Someone To Love
1986 April 2 MEAN BUSINESS
1986 April All The King's Horses
1986 May Live In Peace

The Firm: Complete Discography (last rev. 1/07)
JIMMY PAGE discography
PAUL RODGERS discography


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