SD 19999 Double Vision
Produced by Keith Olsen, Mick Jones & Ian McDonald
Released on June 1978
US CHART POSITION #3 . . . PLATINUM RECORD (6/22/78), 5x PLATINUM (10/30/84), 7x PLATINUM (7/18/01) . . . UK CHART POSITION #32
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SD 19999 cover
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F oreigner sold over five million copies of its sophomore effort, Double Vision. The album generated several hits; “Hot Blooded” and “Double Vision” nearly topped the charts. Obviously, in the US at least, Foreigner was here to stay. The band’s two-fisted brand of rock & roll was instrumental in ushering in a louder, larger sound that brought progressive rock’s epic scale to bear on mundane matters of the heart (i.e., arena rock). Actually, that was only one aspect of the band, albeit the one that garnered the most attention. For every track where the band swaggers like a stud, Mick Jones softens the attack with a McCartney-styled ballad like “I Have Waited So Long” or “Back Where You Belong.” There’s even an atmospheric instrumental here, “Tramontane,” that sounds like latter-day Pink Floyd. Jones could have written a good album on his own; with the help of Lou Gramm and Ian McDonald, Double Vision becomes a great album with no sign of filler. Even if the macho positioning seems dated, you can’t help but smile when a track like “Love Has Taken Its Toll” rolls around. And yet the record’s misogynism is unsettling: from song to song, women are objects or obstacles or our soulmates. These mixed messages couldn’t have had a positive effect on women, and they certainly didn’t have a positive effect on men, even if male posturing is a self-defense mechanism. As terrific a vocalist as he is, Gramm’s lyrics (multiplied by five million plus constant radio rotation) made Foreigner unnecessarily loathsome to some. Today, the sting is considerably softened, and Double Vision can be viewed as the remarkable followup that it was.

SD 19999 back cover
SD 19999 back cover


  1. HOT BLOODED    (Lou Gramm/Mick Jones)    4:20
  2. BLUE MORNING, BLUE DAY    (Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)    3:06
  3. YOU'RE ALL I AM    (Mick Jones)    3:19
  4. BACK WHERE YOU BELONG    (Mick Jones)    3:20
  5. LOVE HAS TAKEN ITS TOLL    (Lou Gramm/Ian McDonald)    3:25
  6. DOUBLE VISION    (Mick Jones/Lou Gramm)    3:40
  7. TRAMONTANE    (Al Greenwood/Ian McDonald/Mick Jones)    3:52
  8. I HAVE WAITED SO LONG    (Mick Jones)    4:04
  9. LONELY CHILDREN    (Mick Jones)    3:31
  10. SPELLBINDER    (Lou Gramm/Mick Jones)    4:43

    CD reissue bonus tracks


ED GAGLIARDI -- bass, vocals
LOU GRAMM -- lead vocals
AL GREENWOOD -- keyboards, synthesizer
MICK JONES -- lead guitar, piano, vocals, musical direction, mixing
IAN McDONALD -- guitars, keyboards, reeds, vocals, mixing
Ian Lloyd -- backing vocals
David Paich -- string arrangements
David DeVore -- engineer
Jimmy Douglass -- mixing
Keith Olsen -- engineer
Norman Seeff -- photography & design

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US June 1978 Atlantic LP/CS/8T SD/CS/TP-19999 picture sleeve
UK July 1978 Atlantic LP/CS K50476  
CAN July 1978 Atlantic LP KSD-19999  
GER/NET July 1978 Atlantic LP ATL 50476  
US   Mobile Fidelity LP MFSL-1-052 original master recording
US 1988 Atlantic CD/CS 82797  
US August 6, 2002 Atlantic CDX 78187 digital remaster w. bonus tracks


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