Franz Schubert
Moreso even than Mozart, Schubert is forever followed with an asterisk for "What might have been." The pianist/composer wrote at a furious pace, leaving behind nearly 1,000 catalogued works including sonatas, symphonies and songs before his death at age 31. His work is sometimes brilliant, sometimes bathetic, often both in the same work, but as Beethoven famously said there is a "divine spark" in Schubert's work that will ensure its immortality through the ages.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1953 September SONATA, B FLAT MAJOR OP. POSTH. and SONATA, A MINOR OP.143 (Wuhrer)
1954 SONATA, C MINOR OP. POSTH. and SONATA, B MAJOR OP. 147 (Wuhrer)
1954 May SONATA, G MAJOR OP. 78 and SONATA, A MAJOR OP. 120 (Wuhrer)
1954 December SONATA, D MAJOR OP. 53 and SONATA, E FLAT MAJOR OP. 122 (Wuhrer)
1955 SONATA, A MAJOR OP. POSTH. and SONATA, A MINOR OP. 164 (Wuhrer)

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