Garaj Mahal
Fiery jazz/prog fusion quartet featuring Fareed Haque (guitar) and Eric Levy (keyboards). They sound like some of the classic guitar/keyboard fusion bands from the 70s (Brand X, RTF) with an updated 21st century edge (occasional synths & samples). w00t's a hoot.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
2003 March 18 LIVE VOL. I
2003 March 18 LIVE VOL. II
2003 March 18 LIVE VOL. III
2003 November 8 MONDO GARAJ
2005 November 1 BLUEBERRY CAVE
2008 September 9 W00T
2010 January 29 DISCOVERY
2010 March 9 MORE MR. NICE GUY

FAREED HAQUE discography


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