CDP 7243 5 31254-2 4 All Things Must Pass
Produced by George Harrison and Phil Spector
Released on November 27, 1970
GOLD RECORD (12/17/70), 2x PLATINUM (2/5/92), 6x PLATINUM (3/7/01)
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T he Rolling Stone Record Guide of 1980 called this a “grand gesture,” and one was needed after the let down of The Beatles’ breakup. None of the Fab Four had sketched out a roadmap for the future, McCartney opting to recycle ditties from the past, and All Things Must Pass became something of a beacon. Great works from John, Paul, even Ringo would follow, but it took George to call their bluff. Spread out across three albums (now two discs), All Things Must Pass confirmed what many already knew: George was a good songwriter just waiting for a patch of sun to call his own. No longer overshadowed by John and Paul, the quiet Beatle has a lot to say about the breakup, God, and (on the album of jams) his own guitar heroes. Phil Spector sometimes suffocates good ideas under too much varnish (“Wah-Wah,” “Awaiting On You All”), but more often elevates these acoustic songs into powerful statements (“My Sweet Lord,” “Beware of Darkness,” “Isn’t It A Pity”). With Bob Dylan contributing half of “I’d Have You Anytime” and “If Not For You” (given a more earnest reading on his own New Morning), it’s perhaps no surprise that All Things Must Pass sounds like a son of the Nashville skyline, all cool country charm when the mood strikes. You can imagine “Let It Down,” “Behind That Locked Door” and “All Things Must Pass” sharing a train ride with “Tonight I’ll Be Staying Here With You.” Maybe it’s the pedal steel guitar or the fertile arrangements, maybe it’s the easy way these songs just roll along with an offhand genius. And then there’s the joy apparent on All Things Must Pass. It’s at the heart of songs like “What Is Life,” “My Sweet Lord” and “Awaiting On You All,” a sort of revival-meeting energy that sweeps you up. Toss in some songs that recall the solo work of John (“Beware of Darkness” in its demo version) and Paul (compare “Art of Dying” to “Mrs. Vanderbilt”) plus a few nods to The Beatles (“I Dig Love,” the second version of “Isn’t It A Pity”) and you may have the most substantive solo musical statement in all of Beatledom. The album of instrumental jams, while often overlooked, show Harrison, Eric Clapton and Dave Mason blowing off some steam in various settings. Of course, Jimi Hendrix left vaults full of stuff like this behind, so they’re best seen as a bonus disc of curiosities rather than a balanced contribution.

CDP 7243 5 31254-2 4 booklet CDP 7243 5 31254-2 4 booklet gatefold
CDP 7243 5 31254-2 4 booklet CDP 7243 5 31254-2 4 booklet gatefold


    disc one
  1. I'D HAVE YOU ANYTIME    (George Harrison/Bob Dylan)    2:57
  2. MY SWEET LORD    4:37
  3. WAH-WAH    5:35
  4. ISN'T IT A PITY    7:08
  5. WHAT IS LIFE    4:22
  6. IF NOT FOR YOU    (Bob Dylan)    3:29
  8. LET IT DOWN    4:57
  9. RUN OF THE MILL    2:51
  10. I LIVE FOR YOU    3:36
  11. BEWARE OF DARKNESS    3:20
  12. LET IT DOWN    3:55
  13. WHAT IS LIFE    4:22
  14. MY SWEET LORD (2000)    4:58

    disc two
  15. BEWARE OF DARKNESS    3:48
  16. APPLE SCRUFFS    3:04
  18. AWAITING ON YOU ALL    2:45
  19. ALL THINGS MUST PASS    3:44
  20. I DIG LOVE    4:54
  21. ART OF DYING    3:37
  22. ISN'T IT A PITY (VERSION TWO)    4:45
  23. HEAR ME LORD    5:48
  24. IT'S JOHNNY'S BIRTHDAY    (George Harrison/Mal Evans/Eddie Klein, based upon "Congratulations" by Martin and Coulter)    0:49
  25. PLUG ME IN    (Jim Gordon/Carl Radle/Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton/Dave Mason/George Harrison)    3:18
  26. I REMEMBER JEEP    (Ginger Baer/Klaus Voormann/Billy Preston/Eric Clapton/George Harrison)    8:05
  27. THANKS FOR THE PEPPERONI    (Jim Gordon/Carl Radle/Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton/Dave Mason/George Harrison)    5:32
  28. OUT OF THE BLUE    (Jim Gordon/Carl Radle/Bobby Whitlock/Eric Clapton/Gary Wright/George Harrison/Jim Price/Bobby Keys/Al Aronowitz)    11:13

    All songs written by George Harrison unless noted


GEORGE HARRISON -- vocals, guitar
BADFINGER -- rhythm guitars & percussion
GARY BROOKER -- keyboards
ERIC CLAPTON -- guitar
PETE DRAKE -- pedal steel guitar
MAL EVANS -- tea, sympathy and tambourine
JIM GORDON -- drums & percussion
BOBBY KEYS -- tenor saxophone
DAVE MASON -- guitar
BILLY PRESTON -- keyboards
JIM PRICE -- trumpet
CARL RADLE -- bass guitar
RINGO STARR -- drums & percussion
KLAUS VOORMANN -- bass guitar
ALAN WHITE -- drums & percussion
BOBBY WHITLOCK -- keyboards
GARY WRIGHT -- keyboards
Ginger Baker -- drums
John Barham -- orcjestral arrangements
Sam Brown -- additional lead & backing vocals (14)
Phil Collins -- congas (2-7)
Ray Cooper -- temabourine (14)
Dhani Harrison -- Fender Rhodes, backing vocals, acoustic guitar
Ken Scott -- engineer
Philip McDonald -- engineer
Eddie Klein -- engineering assistance
Sian Rance & David Costa for Wherefore Art? -- redesign and srt direction
Barry Feinstein -- original photography

UK/US November 27, 1970 Apple 3LP STCH 639 boxed set
US   Capitol 3LP/2CS STCH/4XWB 639  
US   Capitol 2CD/2CS CDP 7/C4 46688  
UK   Apple/EMI 3LP/2CD 5304741/2 digital remaster
US January 30, 2001 Capitol 2CD 30474 30th ann. remaster w. bonus tracks
US October 9, 2001 GN Records 2CD CDP 7243 5 31254 2 4 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
JPN   EMI 2CD TOCP-65547/8  


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