81633-1 Innocent Eyes
Produced by Craig Doerge, Stanley Johnston, Graham Nash
Released on April 1986
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81633-1 cover
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H onestly, there’s nothing in Graham Nash’s solo discography that would disavow me of the notion that “Our House” was a miraculous anomaly. In between the CS&N albums and those middling Crosby collaborations, Nash has released actual solo albums; an exercise whose result has been more of a protracted ellipsis than an epilogue. Innocent Eyes is his fourth solo album, released between a sizable gap in CS&N albums. Produced by Nash, Johnston and Craig Doerge, the album is a mix of original and professionally penned songs rendered in the unmistakable 80s style of synthesizers, electronic drums and heavily processed guitar. Lots of 70s stars have at least one cheesy-sounding “new wave” album in their closet (Jon Anderson, Alice Cooper, Jethro Tull, etc.), and most of those albums have at least one or two guilty pleasures. Here it’s the readymade hits (“Innocent Eyes,” “Don’t Listen To The Rumours”) and the tersely worded “I Got A Rock,” which may be the best anti-war song he’s ever written. The rest of the material is middle-of-the-pack stuff, ranging from mild social criticism and Cold War commentary to more personal songs about love and life. Among the studio musicians involved on the album, Michael Landau’s lead guitar work is a highlight, although it’s punched in and out of the mix like musical fireworks. Kenny Loggins and James Taylor also make vocal cameos. Innocent Eyes isn’t an essential album for CS&N fans, which would apply to nearly all of the CS&N solo albums after the initial flurry from 1970 to 1971. The primary appeal of these Nash albums, so far as I can see, is to make a personal connection with the artist and his muse, a luxury prevented by the presence of too much third-party material. I would tell you that Graham Nash fans will warm up to the effort over time, but any such animal as a Graham Nash fan must be awfully patient by nature, seeing as how he’s only released four albums in the last fifteen years.

81633-1 back cover w. promo stamp 81633-1 lyric sleeve
81633-1 back cover
[high resolution scan]
81633-1 lyric sleeve
[high resolution scan]


  1. SEE YOU IN PRAGUE    (Davitt Siegerson/Richie Zito)    3:44
  2. KEEP AWAY FROM ME    (Graham Nash)    3:34
  3. INNOCENT EYES    (Paul Bliss)    3:10
  4. CHIPPIN' AWAY    (Tom Fedora)    3:55
  5. OVER THE WALL    (Graham Nash)    3:27
  6. DON'T LISTEN TO THE RUMORS    (John Palermo)    3:05
  7. SAD EYES    (Graham Nash)    3:22
  8. NEWDAY    (Craig Doerge/Graham Nash)    3:19
  9. GLASS AND STEEL    (Graham Nash)    3:17
  10. I GOT A ROCK    (Graham Nash)    3:17


GRAHAM NASH -- vocals, rhythm guitar, keyboards, guitars
BILL BOYDSTON -- linn drum programming, keyboards
CRAIG DOERGE -- keyboards
MIKE FISHER -- percussion
MARK WILLIAMS -- drums, drum over-dubs
Paul Bliss -- bass, keyboards & drum programming (3)
Tim Drummond -- bass
Joe Lala -- percussion (7)
David Lindley -- lead guitar (2)
Kenny Loggins -- additional vocal (3)
Alan Pasqua -- keyboards (10)
George Perry -- bass
David Plantshon -- drums (9)
Leland Sklar -- bass (9)
Jeff Southworth -- guitars
James Taylor -- additional vocal (7)
Waddy Wachtel -- guitars (5)
Ian Wallace -- drum over-dubs
Kate Yester -- additional vocal (6)
Stanley Johnston -- engineer
Jay Parti -- engineer
Greg Ladanyi -- mixing
Reed Fenton -- photography
Digital Art, Los Angeles -- computer illustration
Jimmy Wachtel/Dawn Patrol -- art direction/design

US/AUSL April 1986 Atlantic LP/CS 81633-1/4 lyric sleeve
UK/GER 1986 Atlantic LP/CS 781 633-1/4 lyric sleeve
JPN 1986 Atlantic LP P-13299  
UK 2008 Rhino CD 99256  


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