The Hitsville House Band
Ahem, again (with my arms far from one another) not even THIS close to progressive rock, but I can't lavish my critical talents on bands of aging sixty-somethings in tie-died t-shirts all the time. The Hitsville House Band is actually Wreckless Eric, who was also the Len Bright Combo and Captains of Industry when he wasn't ericking under his own moniker. As an original Stiff artist, he has the usual affections for funny lyrics, unlikely heroes, rockabilly and uber-English accent. The Hitsville House Band only released one album, 12 O'Clock Stereo, but it's a good 'un, with songs like "The Girl With The Wandering Eye" and "Miriam" (about a woman who gets an STD from an alien tryst) to recommend it.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1996 The Girl With The Wandering Eye

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