Ian McCulloch Discography

He looked like Robert Smith, sounded like Bono, and yet Ian McCulloch was never a household name over here. Blame the idiosyncratic music of Echo & The Bunnymen, for which he was largely responsible as their lead singer. He left that band in the late '80s and a pair of solo albums, only to return to Echo in the late '90s. Echo listeners looking to fill the gaps between 1987 and 1997 would do well pick up (especially) Candeland and Mysterio. In 2003, McCulloch released a new disc, Slideling.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1984 November September Song
1989 August Proud To Fall
1989 September CANDLELAND
1989 November Faith And Healing
1990 April Candleland
1992 February Lover, Lover, Lover
1992 March 17 MYSTERIO
1992 April Dug For Love
1992 Honeydrip
2003 April 14 Sliding
2003 April 28 SLIDELING
2003 July 14 Love In Veins

ECHO & THE BUNNYMEN discography


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