EK 68009 Oxygene 7-13
Produced by Jean-Michel Jarre (no credits given)
Released on May 20, 1997
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EK 68009 cover
[high resolution scan]

K ronomyth 17.0: AIR PRESUMPTIVE. “As seen on PBS.” That’s what the sticker on the disc case says. Not “the brilliant followup to his 1976 masterpiece” or “featuring the hits Oxygene 8 and 10,” but simply “as seen on PBS.” It’s not even clear how it appeared on PBS. Maybe it was part of a new space series (Carl Sagan’s Cosmos From Beyond the Grave), maybe it was only advertised on PBS, or maybe they were giving it away during Pledge Week because they ran out of canvas tote bags. Since we can’t count on stickers to do our homework for us, here’s the skinny on Oxygene 7-13: the heir is a little thin. In the two decades since the original Oxygene, the analog overlords (TD, Vangelis, Jarre, etc.) had diminished bit by byte into digital replicas of themselves. No longer surfing on wild sine waves of sound, they had become button-pushers, allowing machines to do most of the heavy lifting. A lot of Oxygene could have come from any number of nondescript house mixers, which you might see as a case of clever adaptation or an unfortunate bit of slumming. Note that I listened to the original Oxygene and couldn’t find any thematic similarities between that and this new disc. There are familiar moments, like the bossa nova beat behind the closing “Oxygene 13,” but the precedent there is Chants Magnetiques. If you enjoy Jarre when he’s clubbing things up, then you may find Oxygene 7-13 to be a breath of fresh air. Or you may have already had your lungful with Revolutions. I’m not entirely comfortable with the way artists like Jarre and Tangerine Dream exhume old victories and put a new spin on past accomplishments. Twenty years on, no one was really holding their breath for a followup to Oxygene, and the pretense to a sequel may have simply been a marketing ploy. These days, I can think of at least half a dozen Jarre discs that are more interesting, beginning with the original Oxygene.

EK 68009 gatefold sleeve EK 68009 back sleeve
EK 68009 gatefold sleeve EK 68009 back sleeve


  1. OXYGENE 7, PART 1    4:19
  2. OXYGENE 7, PART 2    3:46
  3. OXYGENE 7, PART 3    3:36
  4. OXYGENE 8    3:54
  5. OXYGENE 9, PART 1    1:54
  6. OXYGENE 9, PART 2    1:55
  7. OXYGENE 9, PART 3    2:24
  8. OXYGENE 10    4:16
  9. OXYGENE 11    4:58
  10. OXYGENE 12    5:36
  11. OXYGENE 13    4:23

    Composed by Jean-Michel Jarre


JEAN-MICHEL JARRE -- 2600 ARP synthesizer, VCS3 synthesizer, AKS, Eminent, Mellotron, Theremin, CS80, Quasimidi Raven, Digisequencer, Logic Audio, Akai MPC3000, Nordlead, JV90, K2000, RMI, Prophecy, TR808, DJ70, engineer, mixing, graphic conception
Francis Rimbert -- production assistance and additional keyboards
Christian Sales -- additional programming and sounds (4)
Patrick Pelamourgues -- engineer
Michael Granger -- original front cover artwork
Foxy -- photo
Bernard Beaugendre -- graphic conception

UK 1997 Epic CD 486984-2  
US/CAN May 20, 1997 Epic CD EK 68009  
FRA 2004 Dreyfus CD FDM-36159  
EUR November 27, 2007 Dreyfus 3CD FDM-36887 repackaged w. OXYGENE + RE-OXYGENE as
EUR March 4, 2008 Dreyfus 2CD 489156 repackaged w. OXYGENE as


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