F2 21132 Songs From The Wood
Produced by Ian Anderson
Released on February 1977
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F2 21132 cover
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I first made the acquaintance of these songs in the premature blush of boyhood -- on an 8-track cassette no less -- and while I enjoyed the effort, it soon found itself in dusty neglect deep within a stereo cabinet that seemed designed for the sole purpose of drawing dust from every corner of the room and collecting it in a single manageable heap. Fast-forward to half a dozen years later, where I find myself in college, girded in chastity and chafing at the sickly smell of privilege with Songs From The Wood (now on elpee) among my scant possessions. It was here that my new friends and I explored these woods in earnest, and it’s remained one of my favorite albums ever since, as rich an experience as spilled from any speaker. The difference between Songs From The Wood and the works before it is not inconsiderable: these songs have a pronounced contrast between light and dark elements, saturated and splendid. Beginning with Minstrel, Tull’s music emanated from a lovely elsewhere to which each song was bound: an Elizabethan allegory laid atop the modern world, a clever caricature of cartoon depravity, and here the magical woods of legend related from a whetted whistle. You don’t listen to these albums, you become immersed in their worlds. The festivities of “The Whistler” and “Cup of Wonder” swirl around you, the white ribbon of mist curls around your feet from the damp ground as you traverse “Pibroch (Cap In Hand),” the joint heat of a strong fire and a faithful friend (chasing rabbits remembered in his mind) emanates from “Fire At Midnight.” Mind you, I love nature and the invisible world intimated by its shadows and sounds, so Songs From The Wood plays from a place that I call home. Its mix of hard rocks and faerie folk invites closest comparison to Minstrel (minus the strings), its twining scents of green blossoms and sweet decay suggest the vibrant cousin of Heavy Horses. No matter where your fancies lie, Songs From The Wood deserves a place of prominence in any prog collection (with posthumous apologies to a certain unappreciated eight track lost in a lamentable molting).

PV 41132 front cover PV 41132 back cover PV 41132 lyric sleeve
PV 41132 front cover PV 41132 back cover PV 41132 lyric sleeve


  1. SONGS FROM THE WOOD    4:52
  2. JACK-IN-THE-GREEN    2:27
  3. CUP OF WONDER    4:30
  4. HUNTING GIRL    5:11
  6. VELVET GREEN    6:03
  7. THE WHISTLER    3:30
  8. PIBROCH (CAP IN HAND)    8:37
  9. FIRE AT MIDNIGHT    2:26

    CD reissue bonus track

    All songs written by Ian Anderson. Additional material by David Palmer and Martin Barre. Arrangements by Jethro Tull.


IAN ANDERSON -- vocals, flute, acoustic guitar, mandolin and whistles
BARRIEMORE BARLOW -- drums, marimba, glockenspiel, bells, nakers and tabor
MARTIN BARRE -- electric guitar and lute
JOHN EVANS -- piano, organ and synthesisers
JOHN GLASCOCK -- bass guitar and vocals
DAVID PALMER -- piano, synthesiser and portative organ
Robin Black -- engineer
Keith Howard -- wood-cutter
Shirt Sleeve Studio -- back cover
Jay L. Lee -- front cover painting

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UK/US/CAN February 1977 Chrysalis LP CHR 1132 lyric sleeve
AUS'L/NZ 1977 Chrysalis LP L36078  
BRA/GER 1977 Chrysalis LP 6307 591  
YUG   RTB Ljubljana LP LL0429  
US   Chrysalis LP PV 41132 lyric sleeve
US 1985 Chrysalis CD F2 21132  
UK 1986 Chrysalis CD CDP 32 11322  
US   Mobile Fidelity CD UDCD-734 original master recording
EUR April 2003 EMI CDX 583 517 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
US May 20, 2003 Chrysalis CDX 81570 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
JPN June 23, 2003 EMI/Toshiba CDX TOCP-67185 digital remaster w. bonus tracks
RUS   CD Maximum CDX CDM 59927 repackaged w. WALK INTO LIGHT


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