AZC-01 Orleans To London
Produced by Jimmy McIntosh
Released on 2007
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A very nice person I once knew was doing promo for the Lon Bronson All Star Band some years back and sent me their disc. I said I would review it and apparently I’m a filthy liar. (I’m not even a good liar. I’m a filthy, bad liar.) Then, a few months back, Michael Bloom (another hard-working promo guy) sent me this disc. The name was strangely familiar: Jimmy McIntosh. I thought I might have confused him with Jimmy McCulloch and Robbie McIntosh, but then I read that he had played with Lon Bronson. Small world. And, I’m learning, one chocked full of great guitarists. So chocked full, in fact, that Ronnie Wood and Jeff Beck (credited here as “Hot Rod”) check in for a chunk of this disc. (That’s the London part.) There’s also a snappin’ rhythm section of “Mean” Willie Green, Cyril Neville and Rochon Westmoreland. (That’s the Orleans part.) When Ivan Neville joins them on organ, it sounds like Merl Saunders in a mean, mean mood. But back to Jimmy McIntosh. He’s a guitarist from the old school: blues/rock licks with a lot of heart, just the sort of dirty good fun you’d expect from someone who makes their living in Sin City. As a guitarist for hire, McIntosh should have a steady income for the foreseeable future, a future that Orleans To London seeks to secure. This is, after all, ultimately an audio portfolio: rock, funk, jazz, even a little classical at the end to show off his range to potential employers. Few guitarists make the crossover to solo artist, and it’ll take more than a song about the “I Love You” virus to do it. However, the jazz original “Woody” and an explosive cover of Jimi Hendrix’ “Third Stone From The Sun” are the sort of songs I’d travel to hear. Ultimately, Jimmy McIntosh is a big talent with some big friends trying to make a name for himself in a big world. That name will likely be underneath somebody else’s as a supporting player, unless instrumental blues/funk mounts some marvelous assault on the record charts. Still, there are worse slots to fill than ferocious guitarist, especially in Las Vegas.

AZC-01 gatefold sleeve
AZC-01 gatefold sleeve


  1. BIKER BABE    4:50
  2. IT WAS A VIRUS    (Penn Jillette/Jimmy McIntosh)    4:58
  3. MAMA FUNK    5:03
  4. G-SPOT    3:48
  5. WOODY    7:16
  6. A.K.A. PAPA FUNK    3:34
  7. SLAVE    (Mick Jagger/Keith Richards)    5:45
  8. FIFTY FIVE    3:41
  9. ROGENT    8:05
  10. THIRD STONE FROM THE SUN    (Jimi Hendrix)    10:29
  11. THE MINSTRAL BOY    (Traditional, arr. by Jimmy McIntosh)    1:16

    All songs written by Jimmy McIntosh unless noted


JIMMY McINTOSH -- guitars
CYRIL NEVILLE -- percussion
IVAN NEVILLE -- organ, vocals
RONNIE WOOD -- guitar, baritone guitar
"Hot Rod" (Jeff Beck) -- guitar
Pepe Jimenez -- drums
Art Neville -- organ (3)
Tom Warrington -- acoustic bass (9)
Phil Wigfall -- tenor sax (7)
Mike Sak -- engineer
Mark Bingham -- engineer
Steve Bush -- engineer
Chuck Foley -- engineer
T.J. Helmerich -- mixing
Carol Cali -- photography

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US 2007 Arizona Club CD AZC-01  


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