Joan Armatrading


     Joan Armatrading, Pam Nestor, Gerry Conway, Ray Cooper, Davey Johnstone, Larry Steele +

       Roy Baker, Robin Cable, Phil Dunne, Chris Hughes, Del Newman, Ken Scott, Henry Spinetti.


1972          WHATEVER’S FOR US

              Produced by Gus Dudgeon

              A1.My Family  A2.City Girl  A3.Spend a Little Time  A4.Whatever’s For Us, For Us 

              A5.Child Star  A6.Visionary Mountains  A7.It Could Have Been Better  B1.Head of

              the Table  B2.Mister Remember Me  B3.Gave It a Try  B4.Alice  B5.Conversation 

              B6.Mean Old Man  B7.All the Kings’ Gardens


(orig lp)     UK/AUSL Cube HIFLY-12 [gf], US A&M SP-4382 [gf], GER Cube 136320, NET Cube

              2338 038

(reiss lp)    US A&M SP-3227

(reiss cd)    1988: UK Castle CLACD-143

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 15.Lonely Lady  16.Together in Words and Music

              March 27 2001: UK Metro Music METRCD-047

(reiss lpz)   repackaged as THE AMAZING JOAN ARMATRADING

              NET Neon 8333014

(reiss cdz)   repackaged as SINGER SONGWRITER

              2001: EMI 724357


1972          A1.ALICE

              B1.All the Kings’ Gardens

              7”: UK Cube 74


1973          A1.LONELY LADY

              B1.Together in Words and Music

              7”: UK Cube BUG-31, US A&M 1452-S [promo]


     Armatrading, Pete Gage, Jean Roussel with Tony Carr, Phil Chen, Gerry Conway, Gasper

       Lawal, Ron Matthewson, Tony Newman, Shamsi Sarumi, Andy Summers, Steve York.


1975          BACK TO THE NIGHT

              Produced by Pete Gage

              A1.No Love for Free  A2.Travel So Far  A3.Steppin’ Out  A4.Dry Land  A5.Cool Blue

              Stole My Heart  B1.Get in Touch With Jesus  B2.Body to Dust  B3.Back to the Night 

              B4.So Good  B5.Let’s Go Dancing  B6.Come When You Need Me


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-68305, US A&M SP-4525 [lyrics], AUSL A&M L-36072, NET A&M AMNP-110

(reiss lp)    UK A&M AMJD-112, 1984: UK Hallmark SHM-3153, US A&M SP-3141

(reiss cs)    CAN A&M CS-69814

(reiss cd)    US A&M CD-3141


1975          A1.BACK TO THE NIGHT

              B1.So Good

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7181


1975          A1.DRY LAND

              B1.Body to Dust

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7205


1976          WILD GEESE

              1.Overture  2.Flight of the Wild Geese  3.Rafer’s Theme  4.Dance with the Death 

              5.Reunion  6.Wild Geese Theme  7.Rescue of Limbani  8.Flight to Africa  9.Parade

              Ground (Dogs of War)  10.Airport  11.Compound  12.Peter’s Death  13.Rafer’s Death 

              14.Left, Right!


(orig lp)     A&M 4730


     Now with session players Tony Carr, B.J. Cole, Jerry Donahue, Kenney Jones, Dave Markee,

       Dave Mattacks, etc.


1976.09       JOAN ARMATRADING                         UK.12     US.67

              Produced by Glyn Johns

              A1.Down to Zero  A2.Help Yourself  A3.Water with the Wine  A4.Love and Affection 

              A5.Save Me  B1.Join the Boys  B2.People  B3.Somebody Who Loves You  B4.Like Fire 

              B5.Tall in the Saddle


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMLH-64588 [lyrins], US A&M SP-4588, AUSL/NZ A&M L-35967 [lyrins], YUG RTB


(orig cs)     UK A&M CAM-64588

(reiss lp)    US A&M SO-3228

(reiss cs)    JACS-102

(reiss cd)    UK A&M 393228, US A&M 3228, JACD-102


1976.10       A1.LOVE AND AFFECTION                    UK.10 (UK.91 – 1991)

              B1.Help Yourself

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7249

(1978)        B1.People

              7”: NET A&M AMS-6602 [ps]

(1991)        2.All the Way From America  3.Promise Land

              12: UK A&M AMY-738


1976          A1.DOWN TO ZERO

              7PRO: US A&M 1898 [ps]

              B1.Like Fire

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7270 [ps]


1976          A1.PEOPLE

              B1.Water With The Wine

              7”: US A&M 6702




(orig xx?)    A&M 8414


     Joan, Jerry Donahue, Georgie Fame, Bryan Garofalo, David Kemper with John “Rabbit”

       Bundrick, Pete Clarke, Mel Collins, Tim Hinkley, Kenney Jones, Dave Markee, Brian Rogers,

       Joe Scott, Henry Spinetti.


1977          A1.WILLOW

              B1.No Way Out

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7316


1977.10       SHOW SOME EMOTION                        UK.6      US.52

              Produced by Glyn Johns

              A1.Woncha Come on Home  A2.Show Some Emotion  A3.Warm Love  A4.Never Is Too Late 

              A5.Peace in Mind  B1.Opportunity  B2.Mama Mercy  B3.Get in the Sun  B4.Willow 

              B5.Kissin’ and a Huggin’


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-68433 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-4663 [lyrics], AUSL A&M L-36300

              [lyrics], YUG RTB LP-5728

(reiss cd)    GER A&M 394663, NET Polygram 33274, January 15 2005: US A&M 213273


1977          A1.SHOW SOME EMOTION

              B1.Peace in Mind

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7331

              B1.No Way Out

              7”: AUSL A&M K-7010




(promo lp)    US A&M SP-8414


1978          A1.WARM LOVE

              B1.Get in the Sun

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7346

              B1.No Way Out

              7”: US A&M 2018-S

              B1.Warm Love (Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M 2018

              B1.Mama Mercy

              7:” NZ A&M K-7081



              B1.No Way Out

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7365 [ps]


     Joan, Quitman Dennis, Dave Markee, Philip Palmer, Dick Simms, Henry Spinetti, Red Young.


1978.10       TO THE LIMIT                             UK.13     US.125

              Produced by Glyn Johns

              A1.Barefoot and Pregnant  A2.Your Letter  A3.Am I Blue for You  A4.You Rope You

              Tie Me  A5.Baby I  B1.Bottom to the Top  B2.Taking My Baby Up Town  B3.What Do You

              Want  B4.Wishing  B5.Let It Last


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-67432 [lyrics], US A&M SP-4732 [lyrics], AUSL/NZ A&M L-36724, GER

              A&M 39 4732-1, JPN A&M AMP-6027



              B1.Barefoot and Pregnant (Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2113


1978          A1.BOTTOM TO THE TOP

              B1.Your Letter

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7393 [ps], SPA A&M AMS-6863 [ps]


1978          A1.TAKING MY BABY UPTOWN


              7”: UK A&M AMS-7422


     Armatrading, Young, Bill Bodine (sax), Richie Hayward (drums), Ricky Hirsh (lead guitar),

       Lon Price (saxophone & flute)


1979.05       STEPPIN’ OUT

              Produced by Glyn Johns

              A1.Mama Mercy  A2.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  A3.How Cruel  A4.Love Song  A5.Love

              and Affection  B1.Steppin’ Out  B2.You Rope You Tie Me  B3.Kissin’ and a Huggin’ 

              B4.Tall in the Saddle


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-64789 [gf], AUSL/NZ A&M L-37048 [gf], CAN A&M SP-4789

(reiss lp)    CAN A&M SP 69851

(reiss cd)    November 14 2006: US Hip-O Select


1979          A1.ROSIE  B1.How Cruel                   UK.49

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7506 [ps]


1979.11       HOW CRUEL

              1.Rosie  2.How Cruel  3.He Wants Her  4.I Really Must Be Going


(orig ep)     UK/US A&M SP-3302, AUSL A&M X-13058, NET A&M AMLE-63302


1980          A1.HE WANTS HER

              B1.Show Some Emotion

              7”: CAN A&M


     Joan, Hiram Bullock, Danny Federici, Anton Fig, Will Lee, Paul Shaffer, Chris Spedding

       with Clifford Carter, Clarence Clemons, Ricky Hirsh, George Kerr, Marcus Miller,  Phillip

       St. John, Sammy Turner.


1980.05       ME MYSELF I                              UK.5      US.28

              Produced by Richard Gottehrer

              A1.My Myself I  A2.Ma-Me-O-Beach  A3.Friends  A4.Is It Tomorrow Yet  A5.Turn Out

              the Light  B1.When You Kisses Me  B2.All the Way From America  B3.Feeling in My

              Heart (for You)  B4.Simon  B5.I Need You


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-64809 [ps], US/CAN A&M SP-4809 [ps], AUSL/NZ A&M L-37333, JPN

              A&M AMP-28004, YUG RTB 2220288

(orig cs)     US/CAN CS-4809

(reiss cd)    US A&M 3316, 1993: GER A&M 550058, NET Spectrum 39 4809

(reiss 2-cd)  repackaged w. WALK UNDER LADDERS

              1993: UK A&M CDA-24119


1980.06       A1.ME MYSELF I                           UK.21

              B1.When You Kisses Me

              7”: SPA A&M AMS-7673


1980          A1.ALL THE WAY FROM AMERICA              UK.54

              B1.Is It Tomorrow Yet

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7552 [ps], NET A&M AMS-9008 [ps]

              B1.All the Way From America (Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M 2262


1980          A1.SIMON

              B1.He Wants Her

              7”: UK A&M AMS-7571 [ps], NET A&M AMS-9105 [ps]


     Armatrading, Hugh Burns, Ray Cooper, Thomas Dolby, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Nick Plytas

       with Mel Collins, Dick Cuthell, Julian Diggle, Drew, Sly Dunbar, Kirby, Andy Partridge,

       Clark Peters, Rico Rodriguez, Gary Sanford, Robbie Shakespeare.


1981.09       WALK UNDER LADDERS                       UK.6      US.88

              Produced by Steve Lillywhite

              A1.I’m Lucky  A2.When I Get It Right  A3.Romancers  A4.I Wanna Hold You  A5.The

              Weakness in Me  B1.No Love  B2.At the Hop  B3.I Can’t Lie to Myself  B4.Eating the

              Bear  B5.Only One


(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMLH-64876 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-4876 [lyrics], AUSL A&M RML-53007,

              NZ A&M L-37561

(reiss cd)    US A&M 3317


1981          A1.I’M LUCKY                             UK.46


              7”: UK A&M AMS-8163 [ps], ITA/SPA A&M AMS-9164 [ps]


1981          A1.I WANNA HOLD YOU

              7PTO: US A&M 2400


1981          A1.THE WEAKNESS IN ME

              B1.The Weakness in Me (Mono)

              7PRO: US A&M 2381

              2.Dollars  3.Crying  4.Shine

              12: NET A&M 12.9191


1981          A1.NO LOVE                               UK.50


              7”: UK A&M AMS-8179 [ps]


1981          A1.WHEN I GET IT RIGHT


              7PRO: UK A&M AMS-8180


     Armatrading, Larry Fast, Tony Levin, Jerry Marotta, Daryl Steurmer plus Guy Barker,

       Adrian Belew, M.L. Benoit, Mel Collins, Stewart Copeland, Julian Diggle, Bryan Garofolo,

       Steve Goldstein, Craig Hull, Craig Kampf, Dean Klevatt, Tim Pierce, Gary Sanford, Annie



1983.02       A1.DROP THE PILOT                        UK.11     US.78 [5.28.83-6w]

              B1.Business Is Business

              7”: UK A&M AMS-8306 [ps], April 1983: US A&M AM-2538 [ps], AUSL A&M K-9019, NET

              A&M AMS-9259 [ps]

              12: UK A&M AMSX-8306


1983.03       THE KEY                                  UK.10     US.32

              A1.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names  A2.Foolish Pride  A3.Drop the Pilot  A4.The

              Key  A5.Everybody Gotta Know  B1.Tell Tale  B2.What Do Boys Dream  B3.The Game of

              Love  B4.The Dealer  B5.Bad Habits  B6.I Love My Baby


(orig lp)     UK/ISR A&M AMLX-64912 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-4912 [lyrics], AUSL A&M RML-53101,

              NZ A&M L-37953

(orig cs)     US/CAN A&M CS-4912

(orig cd)     US A&M CD-4912

(reiss cd)    1989: US A&M 3318



              7PRO: CAN A&M AM-617

              B1.Drop the Pilot

              12PRO: US A&M 17229

              B1.For the Best

              7”: UK A&M AM-116 [ps]


1983.11       TRACK RECORD                             UK.18     US.113

              A1.Drop the Pilot  A2.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names  A3.Frustration  A4.When

              I Get It Right  A5.I’m Lucky  A6.Me Myself I  A7.The Weakness in Me  B1.Heaven 

              B2.Down to Zero  B3.Love and Affection  B4.Show Some Emotion  B5.Willow  B6.Rosie


(orig lp)     UK A&M JA-2001 [insert], US A&M SP-4987, AUSL A&M RML-52037, NET A&M AMLK-63725

(orig cs)     UK A&M JAC-2001

(orig cd)     UK A&M 39 4987, US A&M CD-4987

(reiss cd)    1989: US A&M 3319


1983          A1.HEAVEN

              7PRO: US A&M AM-2622

              B1.Back to the Night

              7”: UK A&M AM-162 [ps]

(1984)        B1.Frustration

              7”: US A&M AM-2622


     Armatrading, Plytas, Mel Gaynor (drums), Adrian Lee (synthesizer), Pino Paladino (bass),

       David Rhodes (guitar) plus Joe Jackson and horns.


1985.02       SECRET SECRETS                           UK.14     US.73

              Produced by Mike Howlett

              A1.Persona Grata  A2.Temptation  A3.Moves  A4.Talking to the Wall  A5.Love By You 

              B1.Thinking Man  B2.Friends Not Lovers  B3.One Night  B4.Secret Secrets 



(orig lp)     UK/NET A&M AMA-5040, US A&M SP-5040 [lyrics], AUSL A&M RML-53144, YUG RTB 2222922


1985          A1.TEMPTATION                            UK.65

              B1.Talking to the Wall

              7”: UK A&M AM-238 [ps]

              3.Spanking Brand New

              12: UK A&M AMY-238

              B1.Temptation (7” or LP Version, whichever isn’t A)

              12PRO: US A&M 17311


1985          A1.THINKING MAN

              2.Love Grows  3.Drop the Pilot

              12: UK A&M AMY-250


1985          A1.LOVE BY YOU

              B1.Read It Write

              7”: UK A&M AM-269 [ps]

              10: UK A&M AMY-269


1985          MEAN OLD MAN

              1.My Family  2.City Girl  3.Spend a Little Time  4.Whatever’s for Us, for Us 

              5.Child Star  6.Visionary Mountains  7.It Could Have Been Better  8.Head of the

              Table  9.Mister Remember Me  10.Give It a Try  11.Alice  12.Conversation  13.Mean

              Old Man  14.All the Kings’ Garden  15.Lonely Lady


(orig lp)     Platinum 34




(orig lp)     UK Sierra 5005


     Joan (guitars, vocals), Geoff Dugmore (drums), Steve Greetham (bass), Alex White (keyboards) plus Ray Cooper,   Mel Gaynor, Eddie Golga, Wesley Magoogan, Jim Ross.


1986.05       SLEIGHT OF HAND                          UK.34     US.68

              Produced by Joan Armatrading

              A1.Kind Words (and a Real Good Heart)  A2.Killing Time  A3.Reach Out  A4.Angel Man 

              A5.Laurel and the Rose  B1.One More Chance  B2.Russian Roulette  B3.Jesse 

              B4.Figure of Speech  B5.Don Juan


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMA-5130 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-5130 [lyrics], AUSL/NZ A&M RML-53203, YUG

              RTB 2223511

(orig cs)     US A&M CS-5130, AUSL/NZ A&M RMC-52303

(orig cd)     UK UK A&M CDA-5130, GER A&M 395 130-2


1986          A1.KIND WORDS (AND A REAL GOOD HEART)    UK.81

              12PRO: US A&M 17386

              B1.Figure of Speech

              7”: UK A&M AM-315 [ps], US A&M AM-2837, JPN A&M 7Y-3009 [ps]


              12: UK A&M AMY-315, SPA A&M 392096

              12PRO: US A&M 12184


1986          A1.ANGEL MAN

              12PRO: US A&M 17414


1986          A1.REACH OUT

              B1.The River’s on Fire

              7”: UK A&M AM-338 [ps]


              7”: US A&M 5846


1986          A1.JESSE

              B1.Don Juan

              7”: UK A&M AM-350 [ps]

              3.Love and Affection  4.Willow

              D7”: UK A&M AMS-350 [gfps]


              7”: US A&M 5847

              12: UK A&M AMY-350


     Armatrading, Palladino, Mark Brzezicki (drums), Dave Mattacks (drums), Bob Noble (keyboards), Phil Palmer

       (guitar) plus Guy Barker, Alan Clark, Manu Katche, Mark Knopfler, Jamie Lane, Jody Linscott, Wesley Magoogan,

       David Rhodes.


1988.07       THE SHOUTING STAGE                       UK.28     US.100

              Produced by Joan Armatrading

              A1.The Devil I Know  A2.Living for You  A3.Did I Make You Up  A4.Stronger Love 

              A5.The Shouting Stage  B1.Words  B2.Straight Talk  B3.Watch Your Step  B4.All A

              Woman Needs  B5.Dark Truths


(orig lp)     UK A&M AMA-5211 [lyrics], US/CAN A&M SP-5211 [lyrics], GER A&M 395 211 [lyrics],

              YUG RTB 220264

(orig cs)     UK A&M AMC-5211, US A&M CS-5211

(orig cd)     UK A&M CDA-5211, US A&M CD-5211


1988          1.THE SHOUTING STAGE                     UK.89

              2.I Really Must Be Going  3.He Wants Her

              12?: UK A&M AM-449


              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-449


1988          A1.LIVING FOR YOU                        UK.98

              7PRO: US A&M AM-1235

              CSS: US A&M TS-1235

              CDS: US A&M 17594 [ps]

              B1.Innocent Request

              7”: UK A&M AM-460

              3.Cool Blue Stole My Heart

              12: UK A&M AMY-460

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-460


1988          COMPACT HITS (EP)

              CDEP: UK A&M AMCD-903


1989          CLASSICS, VOLUME 21

              1.Show Some Emotion  2.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  3.Love and Affection  4.The

              Weakness in Me  5.Rosie  6.I’m Lucky  7.Drop the Pilot  8.Down to Zero  9.Kind

              Words (and a Real Good Heart)  10.Whatever’s for Us, for Us  11.Willow  12.My

              Myself I  13.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names  14.All the Way From America 

              15.Back to the Night  16.When I Get It Right  17.Heaven  18.Temptation


(orig cd)     US A&M 2519, CAN A&M CD-2519


1990.06       HEARTS AND FLOWERS                       UK.29     US.161

              1.More Than One Kind of Love  2.Hearts and Flowers  3.Promised Land  4.Someone’s

              in the Background  5.Can’t Let Go  6.Free  7.Something in the Air Tonight 

              8.Always  9.Good Times  10.Power of Dreams


(orig cd)     US A&M 5298, JPN A&M PCCY-10136 [promo]

(reiss cd)    February 28 1995: US A&M 5298


1990          A1.MORE THAN ONE KIND OF LOVE            UK.75

              B1.Love and Affection (Live at Hammersmith)

              7”: UK A&M AM-561 [ps]

              3.Good Times  4.I’m Lucky (Live at Hammersmith)

              12: UK A&M AMY-561

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-561


1990          1.ALWAYS

              CDSPRO: US A&M 17440


1990          1.PROMISE LAND

              2.Dark Truths (Live)  3.Down to Zero (Live)

              12: UK A&M AMY-567


1990          1.FREE

              2.Always (Live)  3.The Shouting Stage (Live)

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-595




(orig cd)     UK/GER A&M


1993.06.23    SQUARE THE CIRCLE                        UK.34

              1.True Love  2.Crazy  3.Wrapped Around Her  4.Sometimes I Don’t Wanna Go Home 

              5.Square the Circle  6.Weak Woman  7.Can I Get Next to You  8.Can’t Get Over (How

              I Broke Your Heart)  9.If Women Ruled the World  10.Cradled in Your Love


(orig cd)     US A&M 5388


1992          A1.WRAPPED AROUND HER                    UK.56

              CDSPRO: UK A&M AMCD-877

              B1.Promised Land

              7”: UK A&M AM-877 [ps]

              2.All the Way From America  3.I’m Lucky  4.Can’t Lie to Myself

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-708, UK A&M AMCD-877

              5.True Love  6.More Than One Kind of Love (Live)  7.Something in the Air Tonight

              (Live)  8.Love and Affection (Live)

              2CDS: UK A&M AMCD-708/881


1992          1.TRUE LOVE (Edit)

              2.True Love

              CDSPRO: US A&M 8001

              2.More Than One Kind of Love (Live)  3.Something in the Air Tonight (Live)  4.Love

              and Affection (Live)

              CDS: UK A&M AMCD-881


1995.09       LOVE AND AFFECTION

              1.Down to Zero  2.True Love  3.Talking to the Wall  4.Show Some Emotion  5.I’m

              Lucky  6.One More Chance  7.Did I Make You Up  8.All a Woman Needs  9.Square the

              Circle  10.Somebody Who Loves You  11.It Could Have Been Better  12.Alice  13.No

              Love  14.Tall in the Saddle (Live)  15.Turn Out the Light  16.Shouting Stage 

              17.One Night  18.Save Me  19.My Family  20.City Girl  21.Warm Love  22.Power of

              Dreams  23.Love By You  24.The Weakness in Me  25.More Than One Kind of Love 

              26.Love and Affection  27.Rosie  28.Bottom to the Top  29.Drop the Pilot  30.Me

              Myself I  31.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  32.Water With the Wine  33.Flight of the

              Wild Geese  34.Dry Land  35.Always  36.Promise Land  37.Can’t Get Over (How I

              Broke Your Heart)  38.All the Way From America  39.Willow


(orig cd)     UK A&M 540405


1995.10.10    WHAT’S INSIDE

              1.In Your Eyes  2.Everyday Boy  3.Merchant of Love  4.Shapes and Sizes  5.Back on

              the Road  6.Lost the Love  7.Songs  8.Would You Like to Dance  9.Recommend My Love 

              10.Beyond the Blue  11.Can’t Stop Loving You  12.Shape of a Pony  13.Trouble


(orig cd)     UK RCA JA-001 [promo], US RCA 27269, JPN RCA BVCP-837


1995          1.SHAPES AND SIZES

              2.Beyond the Blue  3.Back on the Road

              CDS: UK BMG 27416


1996.02       1.EVERYDAY BOY

              2.Everyday Boy (Live)

              CDS: UK RCA 34112, GER Chess 112387


1996.06.18    GREATEST HITS

              1.Show Some Emotion  2.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  3.Love and Affection  4.The

              Weakness in Me  5.Rosie  6.I’m Lucky  7.Drop the Pilot  8.Down to Zero  9.Kind

              Words (and a Real Good Heart)  10.Whatever’s for Us, for Us  11.Willow  12.Me

              Myself I  13.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names  14.All the Way From America 

              15.Back to the Night  16.When I Get It Right  17.Heaven  18.Temptation  19.Kissin’

              and a Huggin’ (Live)


(orig cd)     US A&M 540525


1998          THE COLLECTION

              1.Water with the Wine  2.Help Yourself  3.Somebody Who Loves You  4.Like Fire 

              5.Tall in the Saddle  6.Friends  7.Is It Tomorrow Yet?  8.Turn Out the Light 

              9.When You Kissed Me  10.All the Way From America  11.Show Some Emotion  12.Woncha

              Come on Home  13.Warm Love  14.Opportunity  15.Get in the Sun  16.Willow 

              17.Kissin’ and Huggin’  18.Love and Affection


(orig cd)     UK Spectrum 554423



              1.Love and Affection  2.Down to Zero  3.Drop the Pilot  4.Show Some Emotion  5.The

              Shouting Stage  6.Willow  7.Rosie  8.I’m Lucky  9.Me Myself I  10.(I Love It When

              You) Call Me Names  11.Bottom to the Top  12.More Than One Kind of Love  13.The

              Weakness in Me  14.All the Way From America


(orig cd)     US A&M


1999          1.THE MESSENGER

              CDSPRO: UK BMA MESSENGER-1



              1.Drop the Pilot  2.Love and Affection  3.Me Myself I  4.More Than One Kind of

              Love  5.Show Some Emotion  6.The Shouting Stage  7.Business is Business  8.How

              Cruel  9.Down to Zero  10.Willow  11.All the Way From America  12.Now Way Out 

              13.Barefoot and Pregnant  14.I Really Must Be Going  15.Travel So Far  16.Rosie


(orig cd)     GER Universal 490 588



              1.Drop the Pilot  2.Me Myself I  3.Down to Zero  4.I’m Lucky  5.(I Love It When

              You) Call Me Names  6.The Weakness in Me  7.Rosie  8.All the Way From America 

              9.Show Some Emotion  10.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  11.Willow  12.Love and Affection


(orig cd)     US A&M 490 696



              1.Me Myself I  2.Weakness in Me  3.Love and Affection  4.Willow  5.At the Hop 

              6.When You Kisses Me  7.All the Way From America  8.Down to Zero  9.Rosie  10.Drop

              the Pilot  11.I’m Lucky  12.Love My Baby  13.I Wanna Hold You  14.Turn Out the



(orig cd)     US Universal


2001          BEST: DROP THE PILOT

              1.Drop the Pilot  2.Me Myself I  3.Show Some Emotion  4.Hearts and Flowers 

              5.Square the Circle  6.I’m Lucky  7.Love and Affection  8.Down to Zero  9.Willow 

              10.All the Way from America  11.The Power of Dreams  12.Lost the Love  13.More

              Than One Kind of Love  14.The Weakness in Me  15.Bottom to the Top  16.Rosie 

              17.The Shouting Stage  18.Merchant of Love  19.All a Woman Needs


(orig cd)     GER ZoundsMusic 614772


2003.03.25    LOVERS SPEAK

              1.Lovers Speak  2.Physical Pain  3.In These Times  4.Waiting  5.Prove Yourself 

              6.Fire and Ice  7.Love Bug  8.Let’s Talk About Us  9.Ocean  10.Tender Trap 

              11.Less Happy More Often  12.Crazy for You  13.You Made Your Bed  14.Blessed


(orig cd)     UK Telstar TPECD-5514, US Denon 17185, JPN label unknown COCB-53064



              1.Lovers Speak  2.Love Bug  3.Crazy for You


(promo cdep)  UK Telstar TPE-5514


2003.04.01    LOVE AND AFFECTION: CLASSICS (1975-1983) UK.24 [2004]

              A1.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  A2.Travel So Far  A3.Dry Land  A4.Down to Zero 

              A5.Help Yourself  A6.Love and Affection  A7.Water with the Wine  A8.Save Me 

              A9.Somebody Loves Me  A10.The Flight of the Wild Geese  A11.Woncha Come on Home 

              A12.Show Some Emotion  A13.Warm Love  A14.Kissin’ and a Huggin’  A15.Willow 

              A16.Barefoot and Pregnant  A17.Bottom to the Top  A18.You Rope You Tie Me 

              A19.Your Letter  A20.Mama Mercy  A21.Steppin’ Out  B1.Rosie  B2.How Cruel  B3.He

              Wants Her  B4.I Really Must Be Going  B5.Me Myself I  B6.Ma-Me-O-Beach  B7.Friends 

              B8.Is It Tomorrow Yet?  B9.Turn Out the Light  B10.All the Way From America 

              B11.Feeling in My Heart (for You)  B12.Simon  B13.I’m Lucky  B14.When I Get It

              Right  B15.The Weakness in Me  B16.No Love  B17.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names 

              B18.Drop the Pilot  B19.Everybody Gotta Know  B20.What Do Boys Dream? 

              B21.Frustration  B22.Heaven


(orig 2-cd)   US A&M 493 613

(reiss 2-cd)  September 2004: UK UMTV 9823506



              1.Down to Zero  2.All the Way From America  3.Prove Yourself  4.Physical Pain 

              5.Tender Trap  6.The Weakness in Me  7.Let’s Talk About Us  8.Join the Boys 

              9.Save Me  10.Love and Affection  11.Lovers Speak  12.Rosie  13.Kissin and a

              Huggin  14.Me Myself and I  15.Willow  16.Blessed


(orig cd/dvd) US SLG Records 17377 [w. DVD]


2005.07.26    GOLD

              A1.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  A2.Travel So Far  A3.Dry Land  A4.Waiting  A5.Down to

              Zero  A6.Help Yourself  A7.Love and Affection  A8.Water with the Wine  A9.Save Me 

              A10.Somebody Who Loves You  A11.The Flight of the Wild Geese  A12.Woncha Come on

              Home  A13.Show Some Emotion  A14.Warm Love  A15.Kissin’ and  Huggin’  A16.Willow 

              A17.Barefoot and Pregnant  A18.Bottom to the Top  A19.You Rope You Tie Me 

              A20.Your Letter  A21.Mama Mercy  A22.Steppin’ Out  B1.Rosie  B2.How Cruel  B3.He

              Wants Her  B4.I Really Must Be Going  B5.Me Myself I  B6.Ma-Me-O-Beach  B7.Friends 

              B8.Is It Tomorrow Yet?  B9.Turn Out the Light  B10.All the Way From America  

              B11.Feeling in My Heart (For You)  B12.Simon  B13.I’m Lucky  B14.When I Get It

              Right  B15.The Weakness in Me  B16.No Love  B17.(I Love It When You) Call Me Names 

              B18.Drop the Pilot  B19.Everybody Gotta Know  B20.What Do Boys Dream? 

              B21.Frustration  B22.Heaven


(orig 2-cd)   US Universal 48800



              A1.Back to the Night  A2.Cool Blue Stole My Heart  A3.Help Yourself  A4.Tall in

              the Saddle  A5.Water with the Wine  A6.Get in the Sun  A7.Willow  A8.No Way Out 

              A9.Flight of the Wild Geese  A10.Bottom to the Top  A11.Your Letter  A12.You Rope

              You Tie Me Up  A13.Love and Affection  A14.Mama Mercy  A15.Love Song  A16.Me

              Myself I  A17.All the Way From America  A18.Friends  B1.When I Get It Right  B2.I

              Wanna Hold You  B3.Foolish Pride  B4.Drop the Pilot  B5.The Key  B6.Temptation 

              B7.Thinking Man  B8.Love By You  B9.Angel Man  B10.Reaching Out  B11.Living for

              You  B12.Stronger Love  B13.Promise Land  B14.Free  B15.Shouting Stage  B16.True

              Love  B17.Can I Get Next to You


(orig 2-cd)   UK Spectrum 5302771


2007.11.19    1.D.N.A. (RADIO EIT)

              2.D.N.A. (Album Version)  3.A Woman in Love (Live)  4.Can’t Push Me Down

              CDS: UK Hypertension HYP-7455



              1.Me Myself I  2.The Weakness in Me  3.Love and Affection  4.Willow  5.At the Hop 

              6.When You Kisses Me  7.All the Way From America  8.Down to Zero  9.Rosie  10.Drop

              the Pilot  11.I’m Lucky  12.I Love My Baby  13.I Wanna Hold You  14.Turn Out the Light


(orig cd)     NET Spectrum 5315400