BS 3121 La Catedral Y El Toro
Produced by Ralph MacDonald & William Eaton
Released on 1977
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BS 3121 cover
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N o columnar arpeggiated meditations here, just cool libations from the last Latin quarter of a century. Twas Chixwork what hatched the idea of taking a toro of this catedral, and like a lord at his supper, I was peasantly supplied. The scary cover notwithstanding--and smelling vaguely of cat urine, which is probably why I got this for ninety-eight cents and in fairness should have paid for using change Iíd fished out of urinals--La Catedral Y El Toro is ingratiating, mainstream jazz from the Seventies. Yes, there really is such a thing as mainstream jazz. Or was in the Seventies anyway. Thatís when jazz and disco were dating--sometimes in a sexy threesome with their friend, Funk--and jazz players actually/supposedly got laid or at least paid attractive models to appear on their album covers and make it look like they got laid. The title track is the bull on the dancefloor, a black classical beast that matches the arty aspirations of the cover nearly note for note with a Latin classical suite more suited to CC and his musical fantasias. The rest of itís remarkably down to earth, employing friendly and familiar melodies that pass like a cool breeze through my rusty junkyard of an imagination. (Sometimes a not even iota I add says I.) Letís try that again. La Catedral Y El Toro is music from the heart and the hips, passed through the lips and fingertips, breathing life into amiable melodies and sending them dancing down the streets. Similar to but sexier than Chick Coreaís popular jazz from the same period (Tap Step, Secret Agent), with a sunnier disposition and a stellar crew that includes Eric Gale, Steve Gadd and Ralph MacDonald. That, in case youíre thinking of buying a used copy of this elpee. In case youíre thinking of buying my used copy, Iíd tell you different: Urine for a real surprise.


  1. LA CATEDRAL Y EL TORO    (Joe Farrell)    9:57
  2. PROMISE ME YOUR LOVE    (Ralph MacDonald/William Salter)    4:35
  3. DISCO DUST    (Joe Farrell)    4:37
  4. CYCLONE RIDER    (William Eaton)    6:08
  5. IS IT ASKING TOO MUCH    (Patti Austin)    6:03
  6. IMAGINE ME    (Ralph MacDonald/William Salter)    6:03

    Arranged & conducted by William Eaton


JOE FARRELL -- soprano sax, tenor sax, flute, oboe
STEVE GADD -- drums
ERIC GALE -- guitar
RALPH MacDONALD -- conga, percussion, mixing
RICHARD TEE -- piano
Rubens Bassini -- additional percussion (3,6)
Jay Berliner -- guitar prologue (1)
Kenneth Bichel -- synthesizer (1)
Stanley Clarke -- piccolo bass (1)
Dave Grusin -- mini moog (4)
Chris Parker -- orchestra snare drum (1)
Ray Alonge, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Jim Buffington, Ronnie Cuber, Paul Faulise, Tony Miranda, Victor Paz, Tony Price, Barry Rogers, Alan Rubin, Dave Taylor, Brooks Tillotson, George Young -- horns
Sanford Allen, Julien Barber, Alfred Brown, Selwart Clarke, Harry Cykman, George Duvivier, Max Ellen, Regis Iandiorio, Charles Libove, Joe Malin, Kermit Moore, David Nadien, Max Pollikoff, Alan Shulman, Avram Weiss -- strings
Richard Alderson -- engineer, mixing
William Eaton -- mixing
John Cabalka -- art direction
Hiro Ito -- backcover photograph
Vartan Kurjian -- illustration
Rod Dyer, Inc. -- design

US 1977 Warner Bros. LP BS 3121  


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