11140-2 Deseo
Produced by Jon Anderson
Released on 1994
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J on Anderson and the Windham Hill label were an inevitable match, but Jon singing South American music? As it turns out, it's a remarkably successful union. Anderson wisely recedes into the background on several cuts, as much a fan of the music as a musician himself. Unfortunately, the opening "Amor Real" was selected as the single, and it's arguably the least effective setting for Jon's voice. Better by far are the liquid fusions of angelic voice and verdant arrangements found on "Dance Da Ouro," "Bridges" and "Bless This." Rock artists have been accused of appropriating Latin music for their own ends, but no such charge could hold here. Anderson is clearly interested in sharing his sense of discovery with the audience, acceding to the role of participant rather than dictatorial producer, while a host of native luminaries shine in turn. The singer's solo work in the '90s has been marked by musical exploration, and Deseo remains a delightful travelogue that will surprise his fans. Read the review at All Music Guide.

11140-2 back picture sleeve
11140-2 back picture sleeve


  1. AMOR REAL    4:16
  2. A-DE-O    (Milton Nascimento/Pedro Casadaliga/Pedro Tierra)    3:17
  3. BRIDGES    3:31
  4. SEASONS    3:33
  5. FLORESTA    3:04
  6. CAFE    3:19
  7. THIS CHILD    2:12
  8. DANCA DA OURO    (Ze Renato/Lourenco Baeta)    4:24
  10. DESEO    5:30
  11. LATINO    3:18
  12. BLESS THIS    2:56

    All songs written by Jon Anderson unless noted


JON ANDERSON -- vocals, keyboards
DEBORAH ANDERSON -- singing and inspiration
EDUARDO DEL SIGNORE -- bass, vocals, assistant composer
FREDDY RAMOS -- guitars
OTMARO RUIZ -- keyboards
AARON SERFATY -- percussion
Maria Conchita Alonso -- vocals (3)
Francis Benitez -- backing vocals
Boca Livre (Ze Renato, Lourenco Baeta, Mauricio Maestro, Fernando Gama) -- (6)
Carla Day -- backing vocals
Liza Gelabart -- backing vocals
Girls of Puerto Rico -- vocals (11)
Paul Haney -- sax (1)
Jorge Laboy -- guitar (6)
Vanessa Mixco -- voice (12)
Glen Monroig -- vocals (6)
Mountain Girls -- vocals (2)
Milton Nascimento -- vocals (1)
Lorenza Ponce -- violin (1,9)
Ruben Rada -- vocals (4)
Ronata -- vocals (5)
Nina Swan -- backing vocals
Steve Thornton -- percussion (1,9)
Cecilia Toussaint -- vocals (10)
Valentina Vargas -- vocals (9)
Gary Barlough -- early recording in Big Bear
Ron Wasserman -- production engineer
Ron Salaises -- sound effects
Myoko Sone -- photography
Glen Wexler -- inlay card photography
Toshio Sone -- packaging design

US 1994 Windham Hill CD 11140 picture sleeve
UK May 9, 2000 One Way Records CD 35145  


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