Jon Anderson


     Jon Anderson (vocals, instruments).


1976.06       OLIAS OF SUNHILLOW                       UK.8      US.47

              1.Ocean Song  2.Meeting (Garden of Geda)/Sound Out the Galleon  3.Dance of

              Ranyart/Olias (To Build the Moorglade)  4.Ququaq en Transic/Naon/Transic To 

              5.Flight of the Moorglade  6.Solid Space  7.Moon Ra/Chords/Song of Search  8.To

              the Runner


(orig lp)     US Atlantic AS-18180 [gf/bklt/ps], JPN Atlantic P-10192A [gf/bklt]

(reiss cd)    GER EastWest 780273, 2006: US Wounded Bird WOU-8180



              B1.Flight of the Moorglade (Mono)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 45-3356


1980.09       A1.SOME ARE BORN  B1.Days

              7”: UK Atlantic K-11619 [ps], US Atlantic 3774

              12PRO: US Atlantic PR-376

              A1.Some Are Born (Edit)  B1.Some Are Born (Edit Fade)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 3774


     Jon (vocals, guitars, keyboards), Ian Bairnson (guitars), John Giblin (bass), Ronnie

       Leahy (keyboards), Maurice Pert (drums, percussion), Christopher Rainbow (vocals) plus

       Damian James Anderson, Deborah Leigh Anderson, Petite Jade Genevieve Anderson, Jack

       Bruce, Clem Clemson, Dick Morrisay, etc.


1980.11       SONG OF SEVEN                            UK.38     US.143

              Produced by Jon Anderson

              1.For You For Me  2.Some Are Born  3.Don’t Forget (Nostalgia)  4.Heart of the

              Matter  5.Hear It  6.Everybody Loves You  7.Take Your Time  8.Days  9.Song of



(orig lp)     UK Atlantic K-50756 [lyrics], US Atlantic SD-16021 [lyrics], CAN Atlantic

              XSD-16021 [lyrics], GER Atlantic ATL-50756, JPN Atlantic P-10937A [gfps]

(reiss cd)    1996: GER EastWest 781475, 2006: US Wounded Bird WOU-6021


1980.11       A1.TAKE YOUR TIME  B1.Heart of the Matter

              7”: UK Atlantic


1980.12       A1.HEART OF THE MATTER  B1.Hear It

              7”: US Atlantic 3795

              B1.Heart of the Matter (long or short)

              7PRO: US Atlantic 3795


1982.05       A1.SURRENDER

              7PRO: US Atlantic 4054


              7”: UK Atlantic POSP-393 [ps], US Atlantic 4054, CAN Atlantic KAT-4054 [promo],

              GER/NET Polydor 2059 409 [ps]


1982.05       ANIMATION                                UK.43     US.176

              1.Olympia  2.Animation  3.Surrender  4.All in a Matter of Time  5.Unlearning (The

              Dividing Line)  6.Boundaries  7.Pressure Point  8.Much Better Reason  9.All Gods



(orig lp)     UK Polydor POLD-5044 [ps], US Atlantic SD-19355, CAN Atlantic XSD-19355, JPN

              Polydor 28MM-0176

(orig cs)     US Atlantic CS-19355

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 10.The Spell  11.Spider

              2007: JPN Arcangelo ARC-7190


1982          A1.ALL IN A MATTER OF TIME

              7PRO: US Atlantic 7-89997


              7”: CAN Atlantic 78 99977

              B1.Much Better Reason

              7”: NET Polydor 2059 543


              7: UK Polydor POSP-465


1984          A1.CAGE OF FREEDOM

              B1.Workers Dance (by Giorgio Moroder)

              7”: UK CBS A-4862 [ps]


     Anderson, Beyond War Philharmonic, Paul Chang, Bob Esty with Frankie Banali, William

       Bryant II, Calvary Baptist Church of Santa Monica choir, Pastor Robert de France Jr.

       Choir, Paulinho da Costa, Andre Crouch, Sandra Crouch and friends, Elliott Easton, Gary

       Lanier, Rhett “Pepsi” Lawrence, Novi, R.J. Parnell, Trevor Rabin, Reach for the Stars

       Singers, Marta Woodhull.


1985.12       3 SHIPS                                            US.166

              A1.Save Your Love  A2.Easier Said Than Done  A3.Three Ships  A4.Forest of Fire 

              A5.Ding Dong Merrily on High  A6.Save All Your Love (Reprise)  B1.The Holly and

              the Ivy  B2.Day of Days  B3.2,000 Years  B4.Where Were You?  B5.Oh Holy Night 

              B6.How It Hits You  B7.Jingle Bells


(orig lp)     UK Elektra EKT-22, US Elektra 60469 [ps]


1985.12       A1.EASIER SAID THAN DONE

              7PRO: US Elektra 7-69580

              B1.Day of Days

              7”: US Elektra 69580, CAN Elektra 96 95807

              12PRO: US Elektra ED-5109

              B1.Save All Your Love

              7: US Elektra 7-69580 [green vinyl]

              B1.Three Ships

              7”: UK Elektra EKR-31 [ps]

              3.Oh Holy Night

              12: UK Elektra EKR-31T


              7”: GER Elektra 969576 [ps]


              12: GER Elektra 96 68700


1985          A1.HOW IT HITS YOU  B1.Day of Days

              7”: FRA Elektra 969 571-7 [ps]


1988.05       A1.HOLD ON TO LOVE

              7PRO: SPA CBS CBS-651514-7 [ps], JPN CBS XDSP-93100 [ps]

              CDSPRO: US Columbia CSK-1098

              B1.Sundancing (For the Hopi-Navajo Energy)

              7”: UK/GER/NET Epic 615 514-7 [ps], US/CAN Columbia 38-07766 [ps]

              3.In a Lifetime

              12: UK/GER Epic 615 514-6


     Jon (vocals, percussion, harp) with Jimmy Haslip, Michael Landau, John Robinson, Steve

       Lukather, David Paich, Mike Porcaro, Steve Porcaro, Marc Russo (saxophone), etc.


1988.05.17    IN THE CITY OF ANGELS

              Produced by Jon Anderson, Stewart Levin, Rhett Lawrence, David Paich

              1.Hold on to Love  2.If It Wasn’t for Love (Oneness Family)  3.Sundancing (For the

              Hopi/Navajo Energy)  4.Is It Me  5.In a Lifetime  6.For You  7.New Civilization 

              8.It’s on Fire  9.Betcha  10.Top of the World (The Glass Bead Game)  11.Hurry Home

              (Song from the Pleiades)


(orig lp)     UK/NET Epic 460693 [lyrics], US/CAN Columbia BFC-40910 [lyrics], COL CBS 142186,

              JPN CBS/Sony 25AP-5021

(orig cs)     US Columbia PCT-40910, JPN CBS/Sony 25KP-5021

(orig cd)     US Columbia CK-40910, JPN CBS/Sony 25DP-5021


1988.08       A1.IS IT ME  B1.Top of the World (Glass Bead Game)

              7”: UK Epic 652947 7 [ps]

              3.For You

              12: UK Epic 652947 6



              1.Hearts  2.And You and I  3.Time and a Word  4.Owner of a Lonely Heart  5.State

              of Independence  6.I’ve Seen All Good People  7.Love Will Find a Way


(orig cd)     Iron Clad Entertainment


1994          1.AMOR REAL  2.Dance do Ouro

              CDS: US Windham Hill WD-94


     Anderson (p), Deborah Anderson, Freddy Ramos, Otmaro Ruiz, Aaron Serfaty, Eduardo del

       Signore with Francis Benitez, Boca Livre, Carla Day, Liza Gelabart, Girls of Puerto Rico,

       Paul Haney, Jorge Laboy, Vanessa Mixco, Lorenza Ponce, Ruben Rada, Nina Swan, Steve

       Thornton, Cecelia Toussaint, Valentina Vargas.


1994          DESEO

              Produced by Jon Anderson

              1.Amor Real  2.A-De-O  3.Bridges  4.Seasons  5.Floresta  6.Cafe  7.This Child 

              8.Danca do Ouro  9.Midnight  10.Deseo  11.Latino  12.Bless This


(orig cd)     US Windham Hill 11140 [ps]

(reiss cd)    May 9 2000: US One Way Records 35145


     Anderson, Matt Clifford, London Chamber Academy, Nigel Warren-Green with Geoffrey

       Alexander, Tony Alington, Jade Anderson, Roger Chase, Rosie Furness, Keith Hefner, Nick

       Ingman, Skaila Kanga, Milton McDonald, Gwendolyn Mok, Nadya, Opio Singers, Steve Pearce,

       Sandrine Piau, Bob Stewart, Steve Tees, Ian Thomas, David Tolley, Nicole Valencia,

       Jonathan Williams.


1994.10       1.CHANGE WE MUST (Single Edit)

              2.State of Independence  3.Change We Must  4.Interview with Jon

              CDS: UK EMI CDJON-1, US Angel/EMI 55088


1994.11.01    CHANGE WE MUST                                     US.8 [CLASSICAL CROSSOVER]

              1.State of Independence  2.Shaker Loops  3.Hearts  4.Alive & Well  5.The Kiss 

              6.Chagall Duet  7.Run On, Jon  8.Candle Song  9.View from the Coppice  10.Hurry

              Home  11.Under the Sun  12.Change We Must


(orig cd)     UK/US/CAN Angel 55088, JPN EMI TOCP-8419


1994          1.CANDLE SONG (Single Edit)  2.Alive & Well  3.Change We Must (Single Edit)

              CDS: US EMI CDJON-2



              CDS: Gopaco 153


1994          THE DESEO REMIXES (EP)

              1.Speed Deep (Remixed by Deep Forest)  2.Master Mute vs. The Tone-E Programme Mix

              (Remixed by Trans-Global Underground)  3.FSOL Deseo Reconstruction (Remixed by

              Future Sound of London)


(orig cdep)   High Street 10338


1995.12       ANGELS EMBRACE

              1.Myo Maya  2.New Fire Land  3.Angels Embrace  4.Cloudsinging  5.Prayer Song 

              6.Naturemusic  7.Midnight Cello


(orig cd)     Higher Octave 7080


     With Deborah Anderson, Charlie Bisharet, Paul Haney, Keith Heffner, Longwalker, David

       Eric Lowen, Salo Loyo, Dan Navarro, Luis Perez, Freddy Ramos, Otmaro Ruiz, Eduardo del

       Signore and Nina Swan.


1996.01.30    TOLTEC

              Produced by Jon Anderson

              1.The Book Opens  2.Quick Words (Talk-Talk)  3.Shall We Play the Game  4.Semate

              Siyonpme  5.Good Day Morning  6.Leap into the Inconceivable  7.Song of Home 

              8.Building Bridges  9.Sound and Color  10.Longwalker Speaks  11.Maazo Maazo 

              12.Enter Ye the Mystery School  13.Ave Verum


(orig cd)     US High Street 10346, 1995?: JPN Windham Hill BVCW-688

(reiss cd)    May 9 2000: US One Way 35146, 2008: UK Opio Media/Voiceprint OPIOVP-05CD


1996          LOST TAPES OF OPIO

              1.Release  2.Eireland  3.Miraval  4.Longwalker Speaks  5.Homage to Sun Ra  6.Opio

              Symphony: The Heralding/Spring Dance Eternal/Earth Awakening


(orig cs)     Opio Foundation CM-6930


1997.06.17    THE PROMISE RING                                   US.15 [TOP WORLD MUSIC]

              1.Born to Dance  2.Flowers of the Morning  3.Timing of the Known  4.True Life Song 

              5.Are You?  6.My Sweet Jane  7.True Hands of Fate  8.The Promise Ring  9.O’er.


(orig cd)     Omtown 3001, US Higher Octave 77602-B

(reiss cd)    2008: UK Opio Media OPIOVP-04CD


     Anderson, John Bartlet, Pier’ Rosier, Eduardo del Signore with Jane Luttenberger

       Anderson, Beau Richards.


1997.09.07    EARTH MOTHER EARTH

              Produced by Jon Anderson

              1.Time Has Come  2.Harptree  3.Take a Little Time Out  4.Scraggle Cat and Puss Cat

              Willum  5.Concerto Uno  6.Harptree Two  7.Concerto Due  8.Harptree Tree  9.That

              Crazy Wind  10.Behind My Eyes  11.Heaven Knows (Treehugging)  12.Whale Watching 

              13.Earthmotherearth/La Perouse


(orig cd)     US Ellipsis Arts 4160


     Jon and Jane (vocals), Bobby Jocky (bass, keyboards), Francis Jocky (keyboards, vocals)

       with Terry Adams (programming), Jeff Kellner (guitars).


1998.04.14    THE MORE YOU KNOW

              Produced by Jon Anderson

              1.Magic Love  2.Maybe  3.Say  4.The More You Know  5.Heaven’s Love  6.Faithfully 

              7.Take, Take, Take  8.Gimme Love  9.Dancing Fool  10.Sad  11.Ever  12.Free (Some

              Would Say)  13.Some TV  14.Youth


(orig cd)     UK Eagle Rock EAGCD-018, US Purple Pyramid CLP-0245 [lyrics]

(orig cdx)    w. hidden bonus track: 15.10 Million

              JPN Victor VICP-60216 [lyrics]

(reiss cd)    April 17 2001: US Big Eye BGEY-4043


1998          1.MAYBE  2.Maybe (Extended Version)  3.10 Million  4.Owner of a Lonely Heart (’98

              Remake Sunshine State Classic Radio Edit)

              CDS: EUR Eagle EAGXS-024



              1.Intro  2.I’ll Find My Way Home  3.Wonderous Stories  4.Charlie Brown Theme 

              5.Children of Light  6.Time and a Word/Soon  7.Owner of a Lonely Heart 

              8.Longwalker Speaks  9.Change We Must  10.Time Has Come  11.One More Time  12.And

              You and I  13.State of Independence  14.The Revealing Science of God (Intro) 

              15.I’ve Seen All Good People


(orig cd)     US Voiceprint JAVPBX02CD



              1.Take Take My Love  2.So Can It Be  3.The Meaning of Your Love  4.Just Say We’re

              Children  5.I Love You  6.Jessica  7.All I Want Is You  8.Hurry Home  9.Strawberry

              Wine  10.Punta Del Este  11.I Can’t Believe  12.Strawberry Wine (Instrumental) 

              13.Take Take My Love (Instrumental)  14.Take Take My Love (A Capella)


(orig cd)     UK Voiceprint JAVPBX03CD


2007.05.07    LIVE IN SHEFFIELD 1980

              A1.Some Are Born  A2.Don’t Forget (Nostalgia)  A3.Funk Theme  A4.To Be Over 

              A5.Perpetual Change  A6.The Prophet  A7.Long Distance Runaround  A8.Wonderous

              Stories  A9.Rejoice  A10.I’ve Seen All Good People  A11.The Revealing Science of

              God  A12.All Good People (Reprise)  A13.The Remembering  A14.Ritual  A15.Far Away

              in Baagad  A16.I Hear You Know  A17.One More Time  A18.Everyday  A19.Hear It 

              A20.Take Your Time  A21.Song of Seven  B1.Petrushka  B2.Tour Song/Introductions 

              B3.Heart of the Matter  B4.Band Jam  B5.All Good People  B6.For You For Me 

              B7.Some Are Born  B8.Don’t Forget (Nostalgia)  B9.Everybody Loves You  B10.To Be

              Over  B11.Perpetual Change  B12.The Prophet  B13.Long Distance Runaround 

              B14.Wonderous Stories  B15.Rejoice  B16.I’ve Seen All Good People  B17.The

              Revealing Science of God  B18.All Good People (Reprise)  B19.The Remembering 



(orig 2-cd)   UK Voiceprint JAVPBX04CD




(orig cd)     UK Voiceprint JAVPBX05CD


2007.06.25    LIVE FROM LA LA LAND

              A1.Long Distance Runaround  B1.Father Sky  A3.Yours Is No Disgrace  A4.Richard 

              A5.Reggae Song  A6.I’ll Find My Way Home  A7.Buddah Song  A8.Piano Songs  B1.Show

              Me  B2.Nous Sommes du Soleil  B3.Owner of a Lonely Heart  B4.Wondrous Stories 

              B5.Turn of the Century  B6.White Buffalo  B7.State of Independence  B8.And You and

              I  B9.Soon  B10.Your Move  B11.O’er  B12.Roundabout


(orig 2-cd)   UK Voiceprint OPIOVP-02CD


2008.09.22    FROM ME TO YOU

              1.Songbirding  2.Birdsonging  3.Singsonging


(orig cd)     US Opio Media