E 45244 Carey (live)
no production credits
Released on 1974
no chart information
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E 45244 wo. picture sleeve
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H ere’s a discovery* that curled my toes in delight: a Canadian single from the live release Miles of Aisles. It’s the kind of thing that slips into dusty anonymity until some lurking novemberer like me disinters it. Both sides are in mono, which is unusual, but it doesn’t appear to be a promotional single (radio stations sometimes preferred the mono mix, which always sounded a little louder). I couldn’t tell you if they’re edits since I don’t own Miles, but they don’t seem to be. The live version of “Carey” is downright cranky, played with an irreverent abandon that suggests mid-period Dylan. “Jericho” is the better rendition, very clean (only some applause at the end reveals it for a live track) and thoughtful. The song made its first appearance on the live Miles of Aisles and later re-appeared on Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter. (*My discovery turned to disappointment when I realized that this was already chronicled by Tim Neely in his 45 rpm record guide. He has the A side listed as “Jericho,” so I can take some small consolation in adding an iota of value to the discussion--as in “iota” find something else to do with my time.)


  1. CAREY    (Joni Mitchell)    3:12
  2. JERICHO    (Joni Mitchell)    3:30


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US 1974 Asylum 7" E 45244Y  
CAN 1974 Asylum 7" E 45244  


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