Joni Mitchell


1968.03       JONI MITCHELL                                      US.189

              A.I Came to the City:  A1.I Had a King  A2.Michael from the Mountains  A3.Night in

              the City  A4.Marcie  A5.Nathan La Freneer  B.Out of the City and Down to the

              Seaside:  B1.Sisotowbell Lane  B2.The Dawntreader  B3.The Pirate of Penance 

              B4.Song to a Seagull  B5.Cactus Tree


(orig lp)     US Reprise 6293 [gf]

(reiss cd)    1987: US Reprise 6293


1968          A1.NIGHT IN THE CITY  B1.I Had a King

              7”: CAN Reprise 0694


1969.08       A1.CHELSEA MORNING  B1.The Fiddle and the Drum

              7”: CAN Reprise RS-6341

              B1.Both Sides Now

              7”: UK Reprise RS-23402

(1972.06)     7”: US Reprise 1154


1969.05       CLOUDS                                             US.31 t

              1.Tin Angel  2.Chelsea Morning  3.I Don’t Know Where I Stand  4.That Song About

              the Midway  5.Roses Blue  6.The Gallery  7.I Think I Understand  8.Songs to Aging

              Children Come  9.The Fiddle and The Drum  10.Both Sides, Now


(orig lp)     US Reprise 6341 [gf], UK Reprise RSLP-6341 [ins]

(reiss cs)    US Reprise 6341

(reiss cd)    US Reprise 6341


     Minimal accompaniment from guests including Milt Holland and Russ Kunkel.


1970.04       LADIES OF THE CANYON                     UK.8      US.27 t

              A1.Morning Morgantown  A2.For Free  A3.Conversation  A4.Ladies of the Canyon 

              A5.Willy  A6.The Arrangement  B1.Rainy Night House  B2.The Priest  B3.Blue Boy 

              B4.Big Yellow Taxi  B5.Woodstock  B6.The Circle Game


(orig lp)     US/CAN Reprise RS-6376 [gf], UK Reprise RSLP-6376 [gf]

(reiss lp)    1971: FRA Reprise 44085

(cd reiss)    1987: US Reprise 6376


1970.07       A1.BIG YELLOW TAXI  B1.Woodstock         UK.11     US.67 [7.25.70-6w]

              7”: US/CAN Reprise 0906, UK Reprise RS 20906, GER Reprise RA0906 [ps], LEB Reprise


(1972)        B1.Carey

              7”: US/CAN Reprise 1155




(orig lp)     SPA Reprise/Hispavox HRES-291-24


-à    Again minimal accompaniment from Kunkel, Stills, Sneeky Pete Kleinow and James Taylor.


1971.06       BLUE                                     UK.3      US.15 t

              A1.All I Want  A2.My Old Man  A3.Little Green  A4.Carey  A5.Blue  B1.California 

              B2.This Flight Tonight  B3.River  B4.A Case of You  B5.The Last Time I Saw Richard


(orig lp)     US/CAN Reprise MS-2038 [gf], UK Reprise K-44128

(reiss lp)    1973: CZE Supraphon/Reprise 113 1376, GER Reprise REP-44128 [180g vinyl/lyrics]

(reiss cd)    1987: US Reprise M5-2038, UK/AUS’L Reprise K2-44128, JPN Reprise WPCR-2521

(reiss cs)    UK/AUS’L Reprise K4-44128


1971.08       A1.CAREY  B1.This Flight Tonight                   US.93 [9.4.71-1w]

              7”: US/CAN Reprise R-1029


              7”: ITA Reprise K-14088 [ps]

              B1.My Old Man

              7”: UK/FRA Reprise K-14099 [ps]


1971.10       A1.CALIFORNIA  B1.A Case of You

              7”: US Reprise 1049, CAN Reprise REP-1049

(1972)        7”: UK Reprise K-14130


1972.11       A1.YOU TURN ME ON I’M A RADIO                      US.25 [11.11.72-16w]

              B1.Urge for Going

              7”: US Asylum AS-11010, UK Asylum AYM-511

(reiss)       B1.Raised on Robbery

              7”: US Asylum Spun Gold E-45074

(reiss)       B1.Free Man in Paris

              7”: UK Asylum K-13048


     Tom Scott and boyfriend Graham Nash join the growing guest list.


1972.11       FOR THE ROSES                                      US.11 t

              A1.Banquet  A2.Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire  A3.Barangrill  A4.Lesson in

              Survival  A5.Let the Wind Carry Me  A6.For the Roses  B1.See You Sometime 

              B2.Electricity  B3.You Turn Me On I’m a Radio  B4.Blonde in the Bleachers  

              B5.Woman of Heart and Mind  B6.Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig’s Tune)


(orig lp)     US/CAN SD-5057 [gf], UK Asylum SYAL-8753 [gf]

(reiss lp)    1974: GER Asylum AS-53007, 1976: UK Asylum K-53007 [gf]

(reiss cd)    US Asylum 5057, 1988: UK/GER Warner 60624

(boxed)       w. Court And Spark

              1983: Asylum 60276 [2LP]



(1972)        7PRO: UK Asylum AYM-515

              B1.Blonde in the Bleachers

              7”: UK Asylum


     Now with a whole spate of guests including Holland, Nash, Scott, Larry Carlton, Cheech

       and Chong, David Crosby, Wilton Felder, Jose Feliciano, John Guerin, Robbie Robertson,

       Joe Sample.


1973.12       A1.RAISED ON ROBBERY                               US.65 [12.22.73-8w]

              B1.Court and Spark

              7”: US/CAN Asylum AS-11029, UK Asylum AYM-524 [ps], JPN Asylum P-1284Y [ps]

              7PRO: GER Asylum AS-13002


1974.01       COURT AND SPARK                          UK.14     US.2 tt

              A1.Court and Spark  A2.Help Me  A3.Free Man in Paris  A4.People’s Parties  A5.The

              Same Situation  B1.Car on a Hill  B2.Down to You  B3.Just Like This Train 

              B4.Raised on Robbery  B5.Trouble Child  B6.Twisted


(orig lp)     US/AUSL Asylum 7E-1001 [gf], US Asylum EQ-1001 [gf/quadrophonic], UK Asylum

              SYLA-8756 [gf], CAN Asylum 7ES-1001 [gf], JPN Asylum P-8412Y

(orig 8t)     US Asylum T8-1001

(orig? cs)    US Asylum TC5-1001

(reiss lp)    1980: UK Nautilus NR-11 [gf], UK Asylum K-53002 [gf], GER Asylum AS-53002, 1997:

              US DCC LPZ-2044 [audiophile]

(reiss cd)    1988: NET Warner 60593, 1992: US DCC GZS-1025 [golddisc], US Asylum E2-1001

(reiss 2-lp)  w. The Hissing of Summer Lawns, as 2 ORIGINALS OF...

              ZAN Asylum AUD-11305

(reiss csz)   repackaged w. FOR THE ROSES

              GER Asylum 96-0276-4


1974.03       A1.HELP ME  B1.Just Like This Train                US.7 [3.16.74-19w]

              7”: US/CAN Asylum AS-11034 charted #7, UK Asylum AYM-525

              B1.Help Me (Mono Version)

              7PRO: US Asylum AS-11034

(reiss)       B1.Free Man in Paris

              7”: US Asylum Spun Gold E-45075


1974.07       A1.FREE MAN IN PARIS                               US.22 [7.27.74-14w]

              B1.People’s Parties

              7”: US/CAN Asylum AS-11041

              B1.Free Man in Paris (Mono)

              7PRO: US Asylum AS-11041A

              B1.Car on a Hill

              7”: UK Asylum AYM-533


1974.11       MILES OF AISLES                          UK.34     US.3 t

              1.You Turn me On I’m a Radio  2.Big Yellow Taxi  3.Rainy Night House  4.Woodstock 

              5.Cactus Tree  6.Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire  7.Women of Heart and Mind  8.A

              Case of You  9.The Circle Game  10.People’s Parties  11.All I Want  12.Real Good

              for Free  13.Both Sides Now  14.Carey  15.The Last Time I Saw Richard  16.Jericho 

              17.Love or Money


(orig 2-lp)   US Asylum AB-202 [gf], UK Asylum SYSP-902 [gf]

(reiss cd)    2000: JPN Elektra WPCP-3956


1974.12       A1.BIG YELLOW TAXI (LIVE)                          US.24 [12.28.74-10w]

              B1.Rainy Night House (Live)

              7”: US/CAN Asylum E-45221, UK Asylum AYM537

1974          A1.CAREY (Live)  B1.Jericho (Live)

              7”: CAN Asylum E-45244


1975.11       THE HISSING OF SUMMER LAWNS              UK.14     US.4 t

              A1.In France They Kiss on Main Street  A2.The Jungle Line  A3.Edith and the

              Kingpin  A4.Don’t Interrupt the Sorrow  A5.Shades of Scarlett Conquering  B1.The

              Hissing of Summer Lawns  B2.The Boho Dance  B3.Harry’s House/Centerpiece  B4.Sweet

              Bird  B5.Shadows and Light


(orig lp)     US Asylum 7E-1051 [gf], UK Asylum SYLA-8763 [gf], CAN Asylum 7ES-1051 [gf], GER

              Asylum AS-53018 [gf]

(reiss lp)    UK Asylum K-53018 [gf], UK Nimbus K-53018 [gf/mail order only]

(reiss cd)    US Asylum 1051, UK Asylum 60332


1976.01       A1.IN FRANCE THEY KISS ON MAIN STREET              US.66 [2.7.76-4w]

              B1.The Boho Dance

              7”: US/CAN Asylum E-45298, UK Asylum K-13035


1976.11       HEJIRA                                   UK.11     US.13 t

              A1.Coyote  A2.Amelia  A3.Furry Sings the Blues  A4.A Strange Boy  A5.Hejira 

              B1.Song for Sharon  B2.Black Crow  B3.Blue Motel Room  B4.Refuge for the Roads


(orig lp)     US Asylum 7E-1087 [gf/ps], UK Asylum K-53053 [gf/ps], CAN Asylum 7ES-1087 [gf/ps],

              GER Asylum AS-53053 [gf/ps], JPN Warner P-10270Y [gf]

(orig cs)     UK Asylum K-453053

(reiss cd)    US Asylum 1087, UK/GER Asylum 60331, JPN Asylum AMCY-3161 [hdcd]


1977.01       A1.COYOTE  B1.Blue Motel Room

              7”: US/CAN Asylum E-45377, UK Asylum K-13072


1977.12       DON JUAN’S RECKLESS DAUGHTER             UK.20     US.25 t

              1.Overture/Cotton Avenue  2.Talk to Me  3.Jericho  4.Paprika Plains  5.Otis and

              Marlena  6.The Tenth World  7.Dreamland  8.Don Juan’s Reckless Daughter  9.Off

              Night Backstreet  10.The Silky Veils of Ardor


(orig 2-lp)   US Asylum BB-701 [gf/ps], UK Asylum K-63003 [gf/ps], JPN Asylum P-6347/8-Y


(reiss cd)    US Elektra EA-701


1978.02       A1.OFF NIGHT BACKSTREET  B1.Jericho

              7”: UK Asylum K-13110


1978.02       A1.JERICHO

              B1.Jericho (Mono)

              7PRO: US Asylum E-45467


     A proposed collaboration between Joni and a failing Charles Mingus becomes a musical

       documentary of sorts when the composer dies. Supporting cast includes Herbie Hancock,

       Wayner Shorter, Jaco Pastorius, Peter Erskine, etc.



              b1.God Must Be A Boogie Man

              7”: US Asylum E-46506, UK Asylum K-13154


1979.06       MINGUS                                   UK.24     US.17

              A1.Happy Birthday 1975 (Rap)  A2.God Must Be a Boogie Man  A3.Funeral (Rap)  A4.A

              Chair in the Sky  A5.The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey  B1.I’s a Muggin’ (Rap) 

              B2.Sweet Sucker Dance  B3.Coin in the Pocket (Rap)  B4.The Dry Cleaner from Des

              Moines  B5.Lucky (Rap)  B6.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat


(orig lp)     CAN Asylum X5E-505 [gf], US Asylum 5E-505 [gf], UK Asylum K-53091 [gf], BRA WEA

              52002, GER Asylum AS-53091 [gf], JPN Pioneer/Warner P-10626Y [gf]

(orig cs)     US Asylum 5CS-505, GER Asylum 453091

(reiss cd)    US Elektra 505, GER Asylum 60557, March 21 2000: US Elektra, 2006: JPN Reprise

              WPCR-75236 [digrem]


1980.09       SHADOWS AND LIGHT                        UK.63     US.38

              1.Introduction  2.In France They Kiss on Main Street  3.Edith and The Kingpin 

              4.Coyote  5.Goodbye Pork Pie Hat  6.The Dry Cleaner from Des Moines  7.Amelia 

              8.Pat’s Solo  9.Hejira  10.Dreamland  11.Band Introduction  12.Furry Sings the

              Blues  13.Why Do Falls in Love?  14.Shadow and Light  15.God Must Be a Boogie Man 



(orig 2-lp)   US Asylum 704, UK Asylum, GER Asylum AS-62030 [gf/ps]

(reiss 2-cd)  1990: JPN Elektra WPCP-39060/1, 2004: UK Warner 60590


1980          A1.WHY DO FOOLS FALL IN LOVE? (Live)

              7PRO: EUR Asylum 47938


1982.10       WILD THINGS RUN FAST                     UK.32     US.25

              Produced by Joni Mitchell

              1.Chinese Café/Unchained Melody  2.Wild Things Run Fast  3.Ladies Man  4.Moon at

              the Window  5.Solid Love  6.Be Cool  7.(You’re So Square) Baby, I Don’t Care 

              8.You Dream Flat Tyres  9.Man to Man  10.Underneath the Streelight  11.Love


(promo lp)    US Geffen GHS-2019 [gf/quiex II limited edition]

(orig lp)     US Geffen GHS-2019 [gf], UK Geffen GEF-25102 [gf], GER Geffen 902019 [gf], JPN

              Geffen 25AP-2450 [gf/lyrins]

(orig cs)     US Geffen GEFC-2019

(reiss cd)    US Geffen GEFD-2019, US Mobile Fidelity UDCD-570 [gold cd]


1982.11       A1.(YOU’RE SO SQUARE) BABY I DON’T CARE            US.47 [11.20.82-9w]


              7”: US Geffen 7-29849 [ps]

              A2.Underneath the Streetlight  B1.Wild Things Run Fast  B2.Man to Man

              12PRO: US Geffen PRO-A-1081


1983.02       A1.CHINESE CAFE  B1.Ladies’ Man

              7”: UK Geffen A-3122 [ps], NET Geffen GEFA-3122 [ps]


1985.10       DOG EAT DOG                              UK.57     US.63

              1.Good Friends  2.Fiction  3.Three Great Stimulants  4.Tax Free  5.Smokin’ (Empty,

              Try Another)  6.Dog Eat Dog  7.Shiny Toys  8.Ethiopia  9.Impossible Dreamer 

              10.Lucky Girl


(orig lp)     US Geffen GHS-24074 [gf], UK Geffen GEF-26455 [gf], JPN Geffen 28AP-3112 [lyrins]

(orig cs)     US Geffen M5-24074, UK Geffen 40 26455

(orig cd)     US Geffen GEFD-24074

(reiss cd)    1996: GER Geffen GED-24074


1985.12       A1.GOOD FRIENDS                                    US.85 [12.28.85-3w]

              7PRO: US Geffen 7-28840 [ps]

              12PRO: US Geffen PRO-A-2386

              B1.Smokin’ (Empty, Try Another)

              7”: CAN Geffen 92 88407, US Geffen 7-28840 [ps], UK CBS A-6740 [ps], JPN Geffen

              07SP-929 [ps]




(promo lp)    US Geffen WBMS-131


1986.04       A1.SHINY TOYS

              12PRO: US Geffen PRO-A-2441

              B1.Three Great Stimulants

              7”: US Geffen 7-28675 [ps], CAN Geffen 92 86757

              A1.Shiny Toys (Extended Remix) A2.?  B1.?  B2.?

              12: UK CBS TA-7124


1988.03       CHALK MARK IN A RAIN STORM               UK.26     US.45

              Produced by Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein

              1.My Secret Place  2.Number One  3.Lakota  4.The Tea Leaf Prophecy  5.Dancin’

              Clown  6.Cool Water  7.The Beat of Black Wings  8.Snakes and Ladders  9.The

              Reoccuring Dream  10.A Bird That Whistles


(orig lp)     US Geffen 24172 [gf], UK Geffen WX-141 [gf], JPN Geffen P-13629 [gf], YUG Geffen

              73237 [gf]


1988.05       A1.MY SECRET PLACE (Edit)

              7PRO: US 1988 Geffen 7-27887


              7”: US Geffen

              B1.Number One

              7”: UK Geffen GEF-37 [ps]

              3.Good Friends 4.?

              12: UK Geffen GEF-37T


1988          A1.SNAKES AND LADDERS

              12PRO: US Geffen PRO-A-3018




(promo cd)    US Geffen PRO-CD-3076


1988          1.COOL WATER

              CDSPRO: US Geffen PRO-CD-3262


1991.02.19    NIGHT RIDE HOME                          UK.25     US.41

              Produced by Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein

              1.Night Ride Home  2.Passion Play (When All the Slaves Are Free)  3.Cherokee

              Louise  4.The Windfall (Everything for Nothing)  5.Slouching Towards Bethlehem 

              6.Come In From the Cold  7.Nothing Can Be Done  8.The Only Joy in Town  9.Ray’s

              Dad’s Cadillac  10.Two Grey Rooms


(orig lp)     US Geffen GHS-20431 charted #41, UK Geffen charted #25

(orig cd)     US Geffen GEFD-20431

(orig cs)     US Geffen GEFC-20431

(promo cd)    US Geffen GEFD-24388 [prints/lyrics]


1991          A1.NIGHT RIDE HOME  B1.?

              7: UK Geffen GFS-2 [ps]


1991.07       A1.COME IN FROM THE COLD (Edit) B1.Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac

              7”: UK Geffen GFS-4 [ps]

              3.Come In From the Cold (Extended)

              CDS: UK Geffen GFSTD-4

              2.Come In From the Cold (LP version)

              CDSPRO: US Geffen PRO-CD-4213


1991          1.NOTHING CAN BE DONE  2.?

              CDSPRO: US Geffen PRO-CD-4291


1991          A CASE OF JONI (EP)

              1.Nothing Can Be Done  2.You Turn Me On I’m a Radio  3.Carey  4.Both Sides, Now 

              5.Chinese Café/Unchained Melody


(promo cd)    US Reprise PRO-CD-8819


1994.10.25    TURBULENT INDIGO                         UK.53     US.47

              1.Sunny Sunday  2.Sex Kills  3.The Magdalene Laundries  4.Turbulent Indigo  5.How

              Do You Stop  6.Last Chance Lost  7.Not To Blame  8.Borderline  9.Yvette in English 

              10.The Sire of Sorrow (Job’s Sad Song)


(orig cd)     US Reprise 45786, UK Reprise 936 245 682


1994.11       1.HOW DO YOU STOP (Radiomix)

              CDSPRO: US Reprise 7220, US Reprise 8161, GER Reprise PRO-943

              2.How Do You Stop (Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PRO-CD-8173-R


1994          1.SEX KILLS

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PRO-CD-7385


1994          1.SUNNY SUNDAY

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PRO-CD-7536


1995          1.BIG YELLOW TAXI (Radio Mix)  2.Big Yellow Taxi (Double Espresso MRG mix)  3.Big

              Yellow Taxi (NY Cab to Club Mix)  4.Big Yellow Taxi (Late Night Club Mix)  5.Big

              Yellow Taxi (Tribal Dub)  6.Big Yellow Taxi (Original A Capella with Guitar)

              12PRO: US 1995 Reprise PRO-A-7845

              7.Big Yellow Taxi (Friends Album Version)

              CDSPRO: US Reprise 943600


1996.10.29    HITS                                               US.161

              1.Urge for Going  2.Chelsea Morning  3.Big Yellow Taxi  4.Woodstock  5.The Circle

              Game  6.Carey  7.California  8.You Turn Me On I’m a Radio  9.Raised on Robbery 

              10.Help Me  11.Free Man in Paris  12.River  13.Chinese Café/Unchained Melody 

              14.Come In From the Cold  15.Both Sides, Now


(orig cd)     US Reprise 46326, UK Warner 46326


1996.10.29    MISSES

              1.Passion Play  2.Nothing Can Be Done  3.A Case of You  4.The Beat of Black Wings 

              5.Dog Eat Dog  6.The Wolf That Lives in Lindsey  7.The Magdalene Laundries 

              8.Impossible Dreamer  9.Sex Kills  10.The Reoccuring Dream  11.Harry’s

              House/Centerpiece  12.The Arrangement  13.For the Roses  14.Hejira


(orig cd)     US Reprise 46358


1998.09.29    TAMING THE TIGER                                   US.75

              Produced by Joni Mitchell

              1.Harlen in Havana  2.Man from Mars  3.Love Puts on a New Face  4.Lead Balloon 

              5.No Apologies  6.Taming the Tiger  7.The Crazy Cries of Love  8.Stay in Touch 

              9.Face Lift  10.My Best to You  11.Tiger Bones


(orig cd)     US Reprise 46451 charted #75


1998          1.THE CRAZY CRIES OF LOVE

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PROCD-9449


2000.03.21    BOTH SIDES NOW                                     US.66

              Produced by Joni Mitchell and Larry Klein

              1.You’re My Thrill  2.At Last  3.Comes Love  4.You’ve Changed  5.Answer Me, My

              Love  6.Case of You  7.Don’t Go to Strangers  8.Sometimes I’m Happy  9.Don’t Worry

              ‘Bout Me  10.Stormy Weather  11.I Wish I Were In Love Again  12.Both Sides Now


(promo cd)    GER Warner PROP-05133

(advance cd)  February 8, 2000: US Reprise 47640 [boxed w. prints]

(orig cd)     US Reprise 47620


2000          WORDS & MUSIC

              1.Both Sides Now  2.Comes Love  3.Answer Me, My Love  4.Stormy Weather  5.Don’t

              Worry ‘Bout Me  6.At Last  7.You’re My Thrill  8.I Wish I Were In Love Again


(promo cd)    US Reprise PRO-CD-100153


2002.11.19    TRAVELOGUE

              A1.Otis and Marlena  A2.Amelia  A3.You Dream Flat Tires  A4.Love  A5.Woodstock 

              A6.Slouching Towards Bethlehem  A7.Judgement of the Moon and Stars (Ludwig’s Tune) 

              A8.The Sire of Sorrow (Job’s Sad Song)  A9.For the Roses  A10.Trouble Child 

              A11.God Must Be a Boogie Man  B1.Be Cool  B2.Just Like This Train  B3.Sex Kills 

              B4.Refuge of the Roads  B5.Hejira  B6.Chinese Café/Unchained Melody  B7.Cherokoee

              Louise  B8.The Dawntreader  B9.The Last Time I Saw Richard  B10.Borderline 

              B11.The Circle Game  B12.Coyote


(promo 2-cd)  US Nonesuch PRCD-300987

(orig 2-cd)   US Nonesuch 79817, UK Warner 79817




(promo ep)    US Nonesuch PRCD-301000




(orig 4-cd)   US Geffen 860468



              1.The Reoccuring Dream  2.The Windfall (Everything for Nothing)  3.Slouching

              Towards Bethlehem  4.Dog Eat Dog  5.Fiction  6.The Beat of Black Wings  7.No

              Apologies  8.Sex Kills  9.The Three Great Stimulants  10.Lakota  11.Ethiopia 

              12.Cool Water  13.Tax Free  14.The Magdalene Laundries  15.Passion Play 

              16.Impossible Dreamer


(orig cd)     US Geffen B-0002836


2004.09.14    DREAMLAND                                          US.177

              1.Free Man in Paris  2.In France They Kiss on Main Street  3.Dreamland  4.The

              Jungle Line  5.Furry Sings the Blues  6.You Turn Me On I’m a Radio  7.Carey  8.Big

              Yellow Taxi  9.California  10.Help Me  11.Nothing Can Be Done  12.Dancin’ Clown 

              13.Come In From the Cold  14.Amelia (Orchestral Version)  15.For the Roses

              (Orchestral Version)  16.Both Sides Now (Orchestral Version)  17.The Circle Game


(promo cd)    US Warner PRCD-400119

(orig cd)     US Rhino 76520, UK/TAI Warner 76520



              1.Urge for Going  2.Tea Leaf Prophecy (Lay Down Your Arms)  3.Cherokee Louise

              (Orchestral Version)  4.Ray’s Dad’s Cadillac  5.Let the Wind Carry Me  6.Don

              Juan’s Reckless Daughter  7.Raised on Robbery  8.Paprika Plains (Remix)  9.Songs

              for Sharon  10.River  11.Chinese Café/Unchained Melody  12.Harlem in Havana 

              13.Come In From the Cold (Edit)


(orig cd)     US Rhino 74634, UK Warner 74634


2007.09.25    SHINE

              1.One Week Last Summer  2.This Place  3.If I had a Heart  4.Hana  5.Bad Dreams 

              6.Big Yellow Taxi (2007)  7.Night of the Iguana  8.Strong and Wrong  9.Shine 



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              1.For Free  2.A Case of You  3.Free Man in Paris  4.For the Roses (Orchestral

              Version)  5.Coyote  6.Raised on Robbery  7.Blue  8.Cold Blue Steel and Sweet Fire 

              9.A Strange Boy  10.Black Crow  11.God Must Be a Boogie Man  12.Two Grey Rooms 

              13.Both Sides Now (Orchestral Version)


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