AS 11034 Help Me
no production credits
Released on March 1974
US CHART POSITION #7 (charted March 16, 1974 for 19 weeks) . . . ROLLING STONE TOP 500 SONGS: #282
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AS 11034 wo. picture sleeve
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R olling Stone recently (I guess, since I don’t pay a whole lot of attention to them) came out with a list of the 500 Greatest Rock Songs Ever Written (as opposed to ever played) and the 500 Greatest Rock Albums Ever Made, Written, Played or whatever (I haven’t seen that list yet). Actually, they (Rolling Stone) do this sort of thing periodically, so I’m sure this list will change. If you’re interested, Rhino Records has Rolling Stone’s list of the 500 Greatest Rock Songs Ever Written on their web site. I know what you’re thinking: Why not just point us to the Rolling Stone site? Because I couldn’t find it on their site. (Searching on “500 greatest rock songs ever written” did bring up a nice ad for Southern Comfort though.) Anyway, “Help Me” found itself in the middle of the pack (#282). Oddly, “Both Sides Now” was rated higher. I’m not suggesting that one song is quantifiably better than another, or that any song is quantifiably better than another, or that using the word “quantifiably” somehow places me above wanting to quantify music. I like lists, but math is such a limited language, and we pay it too high a compliment sometimes by applying it to everything. But back to Joni. Both “Help Me” and the B-side, “Just Like This Train,” are identical to the elpee versions found on Court And Spark. “Help Me” does hold one distinction over “Both Sides Now;” it is her highest-charting single. It’s also my favorite Joni Mitchell song by, I dunno, let’s say 8.3 points on the imaginary Joni Mitchell scale.


  1. HELP ME    (Joni Mitchell)    3:22
  2. JUST LIKE THIS TRAIN    (Joni Mitchell)    4:23

    Asylum Spun Gold reissue
  3. HELP ME


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US/CAN March 1974 Asylum 7" AS 11034  
US 1974 Asylum 7PRO AS 11034 feat. A mono on flip
UK 1974 Asylum 7" AYM 525  
US   Asylum Spun Gold 7" E-45075  


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