E 45298 In France They Kiss On Main Street
No production credits
Released on January 1976
US CHART POSITION #66 (charted Feb. 7, 1976 for 4 weeks)
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E 45298 wo. picture sleeve
[high resolution scan]

I ’m never cynical on a Sunday, but on a Monday I might admit that this sounds a lot like “Free Man In Paris.” The more pressing concern for me, master of time, is the missing nine seconds between the LP version (3:17) and the single (3:08). I bought back four seconds by timing the single with my wonder-full stopwatch (3:12, maybe 3:13 if I let my finger linger), and can tell you that the other handful of seconds gets snipped with an abrupt fade at the end. The B side is identical to the elpee version, so no mystery there. “In France They Kiss on Main Street” has an elusive melody, not something you’d walk away from humming, and marked the end of her short-lived success as a “singles” artist. Of interest, the song features an honest-to-goodness guitar solo (courtesy of Steely Dan’s Jeff Baxter) and backing vocals from David Crosby, Graham Nash and James Taylor.


  1. IN FRANCE THEY KISS ON MAIN STREET    (Joni Mitchell)    3:08 (actually 3:12)
  2. THE BOHO DANCE    (Joni Mitchell)    3:56


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US/CAN January 1976 Asylum 7" E 45298  
UK 1976 Asylum 7" K-13035  


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