MCAD-6254 In The Spirit of Things
Produced by Bob Ezrin
(tracks 4,6,7 by Bob Ezrin, Greg Ladanyi & Phil Ehart)
Released on October 1988
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MCAD-6254 cover
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E nter the Apologist, a minor demon in the writer’s employ, pantless in white shirt, tie and overcoat with a tail that hangs limply, its tip touching the floor. “Ahem,” it says, cognizant of the indignity at having to apologize in front of so many panted people. (Better not to ask what it did on earth to deserve this, though music critics might take note: should bob marley visit you in chains during the night, repent, repent.) “The spineless, shadowy thing that skulks in the crevices of liner notes and wrote the distasteful review that earlier appeared here has asked me state that this particular work of art is not the miserable experience he intimated earlier. (Winces, no catcalls, continues.) It is, in fact, a work of considerable substance*. (*“And we reserve the right to change our minds again,” sing the little lawyers living in the Apologist’s pockets, who wear necklaces of asterisks.) In speaking with the aforementioned author, I’ve gleaned the following, which I’ll share with you in the edifying interest of musical asterisk-gazing. The life of a band, as I’ve been led to understand, is a vicissitudinous thing. In the beginning, there are the little stars that only those with telescopic vision can see. Into this group fall the first three albums of Kansas. Then the stars that burn bright for all too see: Leftoverture, Point of Know Return. What follow are lights of varying degree, waning in effect and intent, until what remains is a ghost image of past impressions (in this case, Best of Kansas). After the inevitable implosion, some of the same gasses can reform into a different star under the same name in the same location. When the eye, trained on this dark and empty spot, sees the new star form, the light might seem deceptively bright. Thus the glowing reports that sometimes fall from fanatical quarters regarding the luminosity of late-period objects found where longstanding musical fixtures have stood. Possessing this information aforehand, my miserable employer quickly deemed In The Spirit of Things dim and moved his telescope afield too quickly. But goaded by the good guidance of a fellow stargazer, eventually found his mind returned to Spirit and judged it better. He’s asked me to tell you not to fear this Spirit. That it’s not blindingly brilliant, but too luminous to be taken lightly, an epiphany he’s likened to discovering the later works of Camel. Personally, I’d be wary of his judgment at this juncture, so feed your curiosity with tidbits of I Counted On Love, House On Fire and Rainmaker. Then, as atonement for the terrible life I lived on earth, I’d tell you to judge for yourself.” (Exit stage left, limp tail trailing.)

MCAD-6254 lyric booklet
MCAD-6254 lyric booklet


  1. GHOSTS    (Steve Walsh/Steve Morse/Bob Ezrin)    4:18
  2. ONE BIG SKY    (Michael Emhig/Howard Kleinfeld)    5:17
  3. INSIDE OF ME    (Steve Morse/Steve Walsh)    4:42
  4. ONE MAN, ONE HEART    (Mark Spiro/Dan Huff)    4:20
  5. HOUSE ON FIRE    (Steve Walsh/Steve Morse/Bob Ezrin/Phil Ehart)    4:42
  6. ONCE IN A LIFETIME    (Antonia Armato/Dennis Morgan/Albert Hammond)    4:14
  7. STAND BESIDE ME    (Marc Jordan/Bruce Gaitsch)    3:28
  8. I COUNTED ON LOVE    (Steve Morse/Steve Walsh)    3:33
  9. THE PREACHER    (Steve Walsh/Steve Morse)    4:18
  10. RAINMAKER    (Steve Walsh/Steve Morse/Bob Ezrin)    6:44
  11. T.O. WITCHER    (Steve Morse/Steve Walsh)    1:39
  12. BELLS OF SAINT JAMES    (Steve Walsh/Steve Morse)    5:39

    All arrangements by Kansas and Bob Ezrin


PHIL EHART -- drums
BILLY GREER -- bass and vocals
STEVE MORSE -- guitar and vocals
STEVE WALSH -- vocals and keyboards
Terry Brock -- background vocals (4)
Reverend James Cleveland and The Southern California Community Choir -- background vocals
Stephen Croes -- synclavier
Bob Ezrin -- percussion - vielle a roue and background vocals, engineer, mixing
Ricky Keller -- percussion programming, keyboards programming
John Pierce -- fretless bass (7)
Greg Robert -- keyboard programming and background vocals
Christopher Yavelow -- Kurzweil sound design
Brendan O'Brien -- engineer
Greg Ladanyi -- engineer, mixing
Garth Richardson -- engineer, mixing
Stan Katayama -- engineer
Bob Loftus -- engineer
Storm Thorgerson -- art direction
Nexus/Storm -- art & design
Derek Burnett -- special photography
Paul Maxon, Tony May, Peter Chatterton -- additional photography
Glen Wexler -- band photography

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US October 1988 MCA LP/CD/CS MCA/MCAD-6254 lyric sleeve
UK/GER October 1988 MCA LP/CD 2559 331  
JPN 1988 WEA CD 25P2-2162 CD incl. extra tracks (*)

The Last Word

"Morse had just won Best Guitar Player On the Planet from Guitar Player Magazine. It was his 3rd year in a row to win it and they put him in their Hall of Fame. It was intimidating. He was playing positions that I had never seen before. My fingers didn’t go the same places that his did. The learning curve was tough. When you are that good it is hard to dumb it down. It took a while to get used to the way that he did things. I finally discovered that there were things that I did that he couldn’t do. He would go, “How did you do that?” I thought he would never struggle with anything. He really is a very humble man." -- Rich Williams. (Source: Q106 interview, 11/03.)


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