KBD 60038 Two Sides of the Moon
Produced and directed by Skip Taylor and John Stronach
Released on April 1975
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KBD 60038 cover
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M oon the Loon slips from behind the set for a solo record, brings former inmate Ringo along for the ride, and the results are remarkably Ringo-esque in the best sense of the (non) word. Albums by drummers usually follow one of three courses: the lame genre exercise, the middling pop/rock album and the misguided jazz-rock adventure. Two Sides of the Moon falls into the second category, a respectable rock record that honors its limitations (Keith’s voice) and works within those confines to produce a batch of good songs. Rather than a knockoff of The Who (except for a straight reading of “The Kids Are Alright”), this sounds more like an Ian Hunter record. Moon has that sort of humble and slightly besotted voice, not off key so much as off center. He does a credible job in various settings: country (“One Night Stand”), rock (“Crazy Like A Fox”) and, on the expanded remaster, faux island music (“Naked Man”). If you’ve enjoyed Ringo and Goodnight Vienna, Two Sides of the Moon is worth exploring. No doubt the whole thing was a party, but Moon stays on target most of the time, apparently serious about the idea of making a real record. It’s not an essential record but, considering how little I expected from Moon as a solo artist, Two Sides gets two thumbs up from me. I didn’t expect Keith to lead with his chin, instead thinking that he would hide behind the cloak of inscrutable prankster. Of course it’s silly in spots, yet it never stoops to the put-upon strangeness of a “Dogs Part Two.” Two Sides of the Moon serves the Keith Moon legend as a charming anomaly, an indication that there was more to Moon than playing drums like a man possessed and wallowing in comic excess. The expanded reissue includes some good unreleased tracks, single versions and several raps between Ringo and Keith that are mildly amusing.

KBD 60038 back sleeve
KBD 60038 back sleeve


  1. CRAZY LIKE A FOX    (Al Staehely)    2:06
  2. SOLID GOLD    (Nickey Barclay)    2:47
  3. DON'T WORRY BABY    (Brian Wilson/R. Christian)    3:29
  4. ONE NIGHT STAND    (Dennis Larden)    3:36
  5. THE KIDS ARE ALRIGHT    (Peter Townshend)    3:02
  6. MOVE OVER MS. L    (John Lennon)    3:11
  7. TEENAGE IDOL    (J. Lewis)    2:17
  8. BACK DOOR SALLY    (John Marascalco)    2:31
  9. IN MY LIFE    (John Lennon/Paul McCartney)    2:40
  10. TOGETHER    (Harry Nilsson)    3:03

    CD reissue bonus tracks
  11. U.S. RADIO SPOT    1:02
  12. I DON'T SUPPOSE    4:01
  13. NAKED MAN    (Randall Newman)    3:18
  14. DO ME GOOD    (Steve Cropper)    2:41
  15. REAL EMOTION    (Steve Cropper)    2:56
  16. DON'T WORRY BABY    (Brian Wilson/R. Christian)    3:12
  17. TEENAGE IDOL    (J. Lewis)    2:15
  18. TOGETHER RAP    1:57


KEITH MOON -- vocal, drums, percussion, drum solo, cover concept
JESSE ED DAVIS -- electric guitar, guitar
JOE WALSH -- guitar, ARP synthesizer, electric guitar, guitar solo
Blair Aaronson -- piano
Steve Adamick -- guitar (3)
Nickey Barclay -- piano (2)
David Birkett -- bass (4)
Mike Condello -- acoustic guitar (4)
Steve Cropper -- producer (13-15)
Dick Dale -- "surf" guitar and solo (7)
Cam Davis -- drums (2)
Spencer Davis -- acoustic guitar (1)
Steve Douglas -- horns
Skip Edwards -- Fender Rhodes and steel guitar (4)
Mal Evans -- horn arrangement, basic tracks producer
Fanny -- background vocals (2)
Jay Ferguson -- piano
Miguel Ferrer -- drums (3)
Flo and Eddie (Mark Volman and Howard Kaylan) -- background vocals
David Foster -- piano (6)
James Gilstrap -- background vocals, choir
Robert Greenridge -- steel drums (10)
Ron Grinel -- drums (6)
Beau Guss -- guitar solo (2)
Jimmy Haskell -- string arrangement and conducting
James Haymer -- guitar (3)
Ron Hicklin, August Johnson, Greg Matta, Irma Routen, Andra Willis, Ira Hawkins, Gerald Garrett, Carolyn Willis -- choir
Jim Keltner -- drums
Bobby Keys -- sax solo (8)
Clydie King -- background vocals, choir
Danny Kootch -- guitar, acoustic guitar
Norman Kurban -- organ, piano
Dennis Larden -- background vocals
Paul Lenart -- guitar (10)
Sherlie Matthews -- background vocals
Mickey McGee -- drums
Jean Millington -- bass (2)
Ollie Mitchell -- horns
Rick Nelson -- vocal (4)
Harry Nilsson -- vocal (10)
Patti Quatro -- guitar (2)
Jimmie Randall -- bass
John Sebastian -- guitar (3)
Curly Smith -- drums
Al Staehely -- acoustic guitar, guitar
John Staehely -- electric guitar
Paul Stallworth -- bass
Ringo Starr -- announcer, drums, "rap," album title
Julia Tillman -- background vocals, choir
Klauss Voorman -- bass (10)
Jay White -- background vocals
Lorna Willard -- background vocals, choir
Jon Astley -- re-mixing
Andy Macpherson -- re-mixing
Skip Taylor -- cover concept
John Stronach -- engineer, cover concept
Don Wood, Gary Kellgren, Lee Kiefer, Mike Stone, Michael "Homeboy" Verdick, Gary Ladinsky -- engineers
Gary Stromberg -- cover concept
Bruce Reiley -- cover concept
Jim McCrary, Robert Failla, Rainbow Photography -- photography
Larry Marmorstein -- styling and location

UK April 1975 Polydor LP 2442 134  
US April 1975 MCA LP 2136 die-cut cover
GER   Polydor LP 2383 336 insert
US 1997 Pet Rock CDX KBD 60038 w. bonus tracks
GER July 1997 Repertoire CDX 4635 w. bonus tracks


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