UAS 29922 Kingfish
Produced by Dan Healy and Bob Weir
Released on March 1976
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UAS 29922 cover
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K ronomyth 1.0: NEW WEIRDERS OF THE PURPLE STAGE. Bob Weir’s second “solo” outing from the Dead turned out to be as a member of the group Kingfish. Weir and Matthew Kelly had been old school chums, and together with Dave Torbert (who played guitar in another Dead offshoot called New Riders of the Purple Sage) they formed a new group from the nucleus of earlier associations (including Horses, which featured future actor Don Johnson on vocals). Weir and lyricist John Barlow kick a few new tracks into the kitty, including the opening “Lazy Lightnin’/Supplication,” which briefly made its way into the Dead’s live set. Although Weir shares singing and songwriting duties with Torbert and Kelly, he also outshines them; the opening two cuts, “Home To Dixie” and Marty Robbins’ “Big Iron (all sung by Weir) are the best parts of Kingfish the album. Anyone who has sloughed through those mid-period NRPS or Flying Burrito Brothers albums should know what to expect from the rest of the album: jugband music (“Wild Northland”), semi-humorous songs about touring and drug busts (“Asia Minor,” “Good-Bye Yer Honor”) and tepid ballads (“This Time,” “Hypnotize”). An album with three songwriters should have more to show for it than seven original tracks; two are covers (“Bye And Bye” is a traditional song given a reggaefied reading similar to Clapton’s “Swing Low Sweet Chariot”), and two are holdovers from the first Horses album. Most fans generally agree that Ace is the Bob Weir album to own. Kingfish is the most interesting of the post-Ace race, at least as far as Weir’s contributions are concerned, so Deadheads fishing for something Weired should be happy with the net results.

UAS 29922 back cover
UAS 29922 back cover


  1. LAZY LIGHTNIN'    (Bob Weir/John Barlow)    3:11
  2. SUPPLICATION    (Bob Weir/John Barlow)    2:56
  3. WILD NORTHLAND    (Dave Horbert/Tim Hovey)    2:28
  4. ASIA MINOR    (John Carter/Tim Gilbert/Scott Quigley/Tim Hovey)    3:32
  5. HOME TO DIXIE    (Matthew Kelly/Bill Cutler/John Barlow/Bob Weir)    3:57
  6. JUMP FOR JOY    (John Carter/Tim Gilbert)    3:38
  7. GOOD-BYE YER HONOR    (Dave Torbert/Tim Hovey/Matthew Kelly)    2:54
  8. BIG IRON    (Marty Robbins)    4:30
  9. THIS TIME    (Dave Torbert/Matthew Kelly)    4:25
  10. HYPNOTIZE    (Dave Torbert/Matthew Kelly)    4:56
  11. BYE AND BYE    (trad. arr. by Bob Weir/John Barlow)    4:04

    All arrangements by Kingfish


CHRIS HEROLD -- drums, percussion
ROBBY HODDINOTT -- lead guitar, slide
MATTHEW KELLY -- guitar, harp, vocals
DAVE TORBERT -- bass, vocals
BOB WEIR -- guitar, vocals
Pablo Green -- percussion (10)
J.D. Sharp -- string symphonizer
Dan Healy -- recording, mixing
Kingfish -- recording, mixing
Rob Taylor -- engineer
Richard Hundgen and Dean Layman -- production assistance
Philip Garris/Garris Studios -- cover painting
James A. Nelson III -- trident logo
Bob Marks -- photographs

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US/CAN March 1976 Round LP RXLA-564-G a/k/a RX 108  
UK/FRA/GER 1976 United Artists LP UAS 29922  
US September 26, 1995 Arista CD 14010  
US Janury 4, 2005 Rhino CD R2-78993  

The Last Word

"We sat around for weeks trying to figure out what to name the band. We were an R&B, instrumental rock band and the name "Kingfish" just felt good. We liked the sound and feel to it. The name lended itself to our logo, which I really like a lot – the Trident. The trident is very powerful symbol throughout the world; Shiva, Neptune and Poseidon were all tridents." -- Matthew Kelly. (Source: Vermont Review interview.)


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