EGS 203 Ambient #3 Day of Radiance
Produced by Brian Eno
Released on 1980
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EGS 203 cover
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R eleased as the third in Brian Eno’s Ambient series, this is actually an album by Laraaji (Eno is merely credited as producer). Similar to his collaborations with Robert Fripp, Jon Hassell and Harold Budd, the intent here is to create ambient music open to broad musical possibilities. Open-minded music might be the better term, since subjective thinking will likely find Laraaji’s music wanting. As with some of Eno’s longer works (“An Index of Metals” for example), Laraaji’s music exists in a single space at a single point in time; there is no Point A and Point B. The effect of his music, produced with zithers and similar stringed instruments that resonate like refracted light, defies close inspection and reflects the listener back to introspection. Separated into two larger works, “The Dance” finds a maximum number of notes channeled into minimal effect, like rolling down an endless hill in a pitted metal tumbler loosed from a giant musical box. “Meditation” is quieter, delivering waves of sound that could be seen as an Eastern interpretation of Eno’s “Discreet Music.” Now, rating an album like this is fraught with danger. Ambient fans will warm up to this music in a hurry, but Laraaji will leave most listeners feeling cold. Eno’s previous collaborations were more substantive and featured the composer’s by-now familiar electronic treatments of sound. Day of Radiance is an acoustic approach to the same goal, sort of like an Eastern Evening Star unplugged. I’m much more likely to draw Discreet Music, Plateaux of Mirror or Evening Star from the bin when I’m feeling zen than Day of Radiance. As with the work of Jon Hassell, making a meal from an appetizing source of sound isn’t easy; instead of being drawn into the music, I feel my attention drifting away from it. Yes, that’s the point of ambient music, but I like to have the choice of intermingling with the notes when I’m feeling chummy. Day of Radiance is an interesting monster, but one meets so many interesting monsters in Eno’s line of work that making this album’s acquaintance can wait for another day.

EGS 203 back cover
EGS 203 back cover


  1. THE DANCE #1    9:04
  2. THE DANCE #2    9:46
  3. THE DANCE #3    3:18
  4. MEDITATION #1    18:38
  5. MEDITATION #2    7:58

    All songs written by Laraaji


Roddy Hui -- special thanks

UK 1980 Ambient/EG Records LP EGAMB 003  
US 1980 EG Records LP EGS 203  
US   Caroline CD 1573  
US May 8, 1995 EG Records LP/CD EGED/EEGCD-19  


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