82633-2 Led Zeppelin II
Produced by Jimmy Page
Released on October 22, 1969
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82633-2 cover  

T he sexually charged followup to their debut, this time featuring all-original blues-rock revelations that had in some cases been cultivated during their American tour. You can hear the difference immediately in the music, as every member has stretched out and drained the full potential of their parts. Dripping in innuendo, drenched in feedback, Led Zeppelin II assumes the role of Loki in the musical pantheon. Where Jimmy Page had masterminded their first record, their second is a scheme cooked up with the full participation of every member. Robert Plant’s lyrics unleash his legendary sexual presence, offering every inch of his love until the juice runs down his leg. The mantra may have been sex, drugs and rock & roll, but Zep’ll settle for two out of three this time around. The band also introduces an acoustic side here, separating the two extremes with a stunning dynamic; “Ramble On” in particular was a formula they’d return to often, beginning with an acoustic arrangement that explodes into electric fury. While Page’s riffs are less frequent here, John Paul Jones picks up the slack with bass lines that support the songs like a rhythm guitar; the way he sludges his way through “Heartbreaker” is a lesson in heavy metal bass playing. As inspired an album as this is, the band still hasn’t found a satisfactory way to segue into their solos, instead halting action and queuing up the guitar or drum like the sonic equivalent of a spotlight. However, their temerity in toying with the accepted flow of music in the opening “Whole Lotta Love” is truly inspired. As for the original blues creations (“Bring It On Home,” “The Lemon Song”), they’re not much different than the covers found on their first album, though Plant seems more relaxed and in control on these performances. And as much attention as Bonham’s drumming receives, his solo in “Moby Dick” has always bored the pants off me (some things just have to be seen to be appreciated). Minor complaints though for an album of major (even heroic) proportions. Many have tried to replicate this album’s energy and few have ever come close, let alone equaled it, making this another milestone in the annals of rock and roll.

SD 8236 back cover SD 8236 front cover SD 8236 inner gatefold
SD 8236 back cover SD 8236 front cover SD 8236 inner gatefold


  1. WHOLE LOTTA LOVE    (Jimm Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones/John Bonham)    5:33
  2. WHAT IS AND WHAT SOULD NEVER BE    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:47
  3. THE LEMON SONG    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones/John Bonham)    6:20
  4. THANK YOU    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    3:50 / 4:47*
  5. HEARTBREAKER    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant/John Paul Jones/John Bonham)    4:15
  6. LIVING LOVING MAID (SHE'S JUST A WOMAN)    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    2:40
  7. RAMBLE ON    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:35
  8. MOBY DICK    (John Bonham/John Paul Jones/Jimmy Page)    4:25
  9. BRING IT ON HOME    (Jimmy Page/Robert Plant)    4:19

    *Track times differ by a few seconds between original elpee and CD reissue unless noted


Peter Grant -- executive producer
Edwin H. Kramer -- director of engineering, recording engineer
Andrew Johns -- recording engineer
George Chkiantz -- recording engineer
Chris Huston -- recording engineer
David Juniper -- art work

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UK/GER October 22, 1969 Atlantic LP/CS K40037/K440037 gatefold cover
US/CAN October 22, 1969 Atlantic LP SD 8236 gatefold cover
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