MJR047 Dictionary 2
Produced by Ligro
Released on 2012
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K ronomyth 2.0: A TO Z, WHO AGAM THE ONLY ONE. More out-of-this-world instrumental prog/fusion from Indonesia, this time courtesy of guitarist Agam Hamzah’s trio, Ligro. Their second album and first to get an American distribution deal, Dictionary 2 is the very definition of a what a prog power trio should sound like: amazing solos, magnetic storms, fearless experimentation, jazzwise navigation and rock-fisted machismo. The opening “Paradox” is an explosive number that showcases the superlative drumming of Gusti Hendy and Hamzah’s aggressive bursts of energy. Then it’s bassist Adi Darmawan’s turn to shine on the classical opening to “Stravinsky (With Bach Intro),” an 11-minute piece (half of the disc’s tracks run over 10 minutes) based on Stravinsky’s “Les Cinq Doigts” that re-imagines the work as an epic progressive/fusion battle. At this point, knee deep into Dictionary 2, Ligro introduces a heretofore hidden weapon in its arsenal: a facility for intoxicating riffs. “Future” is a charmer, and the Hendrix-styled “Don Juan” (dedicated to Indonesian icon Cendi Luntungan) has a distinctly bluesy groove. As if to further confound expectations, “Bliker 3” assumes several forms, from a short piano introduction (performed ably by Adi) to mathematical prog/jazz to a free-form meditation of heavily treated guitar and cymbal rolls that constitute the album’s spaciest moments (you’ll definitely want your headphones for this once). “Etude Indienne” introduces distinctly Eastern sounds for the first time (rapidly played and ringing notes, a kit equipped with Eastern drums) and suggests a progressive/jazz re-visioning of a raga. In four minutes, “Miles Away” mutates from jazz to funk and could almost be called an interlude, as it’s quickly overshadowed by the looming “Transparansi,” a 13-minute exploration in distortion, fuzz tones and off-kilter rhythms that invites comparison to 80s era King Crimson before disappearing in a wash of noise. Like seeds carried by migratory birds (that may or may not weigh more than a coconut), the Western progressive/fusion music of Mahavishnu, RTF, Soft Machine and others reached the fertile soil of Indonesia, took root in a new generation of jazz/rock musicians and is now being returned to us (courtesy of Moonjune) in the form of tasty imports such as simakDialog, Tohpati and Ligro. As Dictionary 2 proves, music is indeed a universal language.


  1. PARADOX    (Agam Hamzah)    7:11
  2. STRAVINSKY (WITH BACH INTRO)    (Ligro, based on Stravinsky's "An Easy Piece Using Five Notes" with J.S. Bach intro)    11:32
  3. FUTURE    (Yose)    7:17
  4. DON JUAN    (Agam Hamzah)    6:13
  5. BLIKER 3    (Adi Darmawan)    10:15
  6. ÉTUDE INDIENNE    (Agam Hamzah)    12:51
  7. MILES AWAY    (Agam Hamzah)    4:15
  8. TRANSPARANSI    (Yose/Gusti Hendy)    13:16

    All tracks arranged by Ligro


ADI DARMAWAN -- bass guitar, piano intro (5)
AGAM HAMZAH -- guitar
GUSTI HENDY -- drums, percussion, executive producer
Irwan Prasetyo -- engineer
Danny Ardiono -- mixing
AS Bestari -- executive producer
Leonardo Pavkovic -- executive producer, USA release graphics
Aga Dilaga -- cover desig and original artwork

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US July 17, 2012 Moonjune CD MJR047  


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