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Unable to wrangle the poll to my liking, I've opted instead to engage in some linking. Below are related sites for sore eyes, red eyes, and the occasional eye for a good bargain. If you'd like to add one, let me know.

Australian Rock Database
Magnus Holmgren has done a wonderful job of compiling discographical info on Aussie rock bands (AC/DC, Icehouse, The Saints, Split Enz, etc.). His searchable site is like opposable thumbs compared to my monkeyhanded dumping ground.

Band Biographies
Biographies of over 100 musical artists, including David Bowie, Pink Floyd, Rush, Van Morrison, The Who, Yes, Paul McCartney and Eagles.

The Caped Cod
If you're looking to net some great elpees and CDs on the Cape, this flying fish can grant your wish. Located in downtown Chatham, The Caped Cod is open seven days a week. You can also search and buy a wide variety of music from their online site.

E-Prog: Kets To Progressive Rock
This site looks at prog from the keyboard perspective, which is a neat angle. If you're into keyboard-oriented prog, E-Prog has a lot of great, deep links to content on the Web.

Gibraltar Encyclopedia of Progressive Rock
The grand-daddy compendium of prog rock artists, from A to Z. It's not such a small world after all.

Ground & Sky
Excellent reviews, nice scans, in short a treat for prog rock fans.

Mark's Record Reviews
Hilarious record reviews, not-quite-as-hilarious interviews and some of the best man-on-dog porn to come from outside of the former Soviet republic.

Music Obsession
Nothing could be better when you've time in die toilette than V.V.'s old newsprint catalogs, thumbs thick in inky splendor. Now called Music Obsession, their on-line site is a hands-free approach to the same frolicking, with thorough annotation and fair, consistent pricing.

Only Solitaire
George Starostin's web site features music reviews of artists that parallel my own tastes. The artists, I mean, not the reviews. Which is interesting. Or troubling.

Prog Archives
Okay, so this site crushes my little discography project like an ant. They currently claim around a thousand bands listed (I haven't counted), with an eye toward the international community. Great resource, but if you've gotten this far you already know that.

Progression Magazine
A living, breathing bridge between old and new progressive rock. As classy and content-heavy a quarterly magazine as you'll come by.

Robert Christgau's Web site
Over 10,000 short record reviews from the Dean of American Rock Critics. He actually calls himself "Dean of American Rock Critics" on his web site. I didn't know you could do that.

Second Spin
Usually the first place I shop for used CDs. They ship cheap, the online search engine is speedy, and the prices are often low.

A new site where musicians and related professionals can barter for musical (and non-musical) items and services.
Ooo, my proggy little toes curled up in delight at this site! Vintage (read: Seventies) progressive rock reviews, including a lot of European prog (an admitted blindspot in my own collection). Definitely one you'll want to bookmark, as it's updated regularly.


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