ESK 2237 Elvis Is Dead
Produced by Ed Stasium
Released on 1990
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ESK 2237 wo. picture sleeve  

Y eah so anyway this came with a cover that someone had clearly cut out of construction paper and run through their inkjet printer, which I quickly disposed of. Tried scanning it on the flatbed and the colors got funked up, so I finally just snapped a photo of it without the cover, which is what you’re looking at now. Maybe your version will have a cover, but most likely you don’t have one, so you’re in no position to cast aspersions on my version. This is a promotional single, though I have no idea what they were trying to promote; social discord maybe. “Elvis Is Dead” didn’t have a snowball’s chance in Tempe of gaining radio play. I’m not asking for Vivid Revisited, and I get that Elvis is a metaphor, he’s just not a very good metaphor. At least not a good enough metaphor to get this worked up over. The live version of “Memories Can’t Wait” and the studio track “Love And Happiness” are also available on Biscuits.


  1. ELVIS IS DEAD    (Vernon Reid)    3:51
  2. MEMORIES CAN'T WAIT (LIVE AT THE RITZ)    (David Byrne)    5:06
  3. LOVE AND HAPPINESS    (Al Green/Mabon Hodges)    5:09


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US 1990 Epic CDSPRO ESK 2237  


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