7-89269 Ready Or Not
Produced by Pat Moran and Lou Gramm
Released on April 1987
US CHART POSITION #54 (charted May 9, 1987 for 12 weeks)
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7-89269 wo. picture sleeve
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I n the autumn of my madness, Iíve begun organizing release numbers by label in the hopes of pinpointing release dates. It yields some interesting idiosyncrasies; e.g., Atlantic released singles in descending order. They also broke rank for Foreigner albums (SD 19999, SD 29999, etc.), but thatís another story. When in doubt (which is pretty often), I usually subtract a few weeks before the single charted. ďReady Or NotĒ charted in May, so I assign it a release date of April. Not an exact science by any means, and Iím not at all confident that the release numbers are a reliable measure since anomalies abound, but itís a start. All by way of saying that you should take these release dates Iíve assembled with a grain of salt. Some day Iíll take this archiving thing seriously and start badgering labels to sift through their archives, but to date my dust mite allergies have held my curiosity in check. Anyway, you probably came here to read about ďReady Or Not.Ē Itís a fine song, deserving as a second single despite the fact that labels typically choose the title track when nothing else presents itself. The B side is ďLover Come Back,Ē a moodier song that reminds me a little of Tony Banksí The Fugitive (now thereís a pair that should work together). Both songs are identical to the elpee versions.


  1. READY OR NOT    (Lou Gramm/Bruce Turgon)    3:28
  2. LOVER COME BACK    (Lou Gramm)    5:20

    Arranged by Lou Gramm and Bruce Turgon


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US/AUS'L/CAN April 1987 Atlantic 7" 7-89269 picture sleeve


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