Mike + The Mechanics
Bassist/guitarist Mike Rutherford struck gold with Mike + The Mechanics, enlisting seasoned veterans Paul Carrack, Paul Young, Adrian Lee and Peter Van Hooke to replicate the large sound of latter-day Genesis/Foreigner. Their first two albums went gold on the strength of singles like "Silent Running," "All I Need Is A Miracle" and "The Living Years." Word of Mouth marked a commercial decline, with the band recording sporadically since.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1985 October 5 MIKE + THE MECHANICS
1985 November Silent Running
1985 Hanging By A Thread
1986 March All I Need Is A Miracle
1986 June Taken In
1988 October Nobody's Perfect
1988 November LIVING YEARS
1989 January The Living Years
1989 April Seeing Is Believing
1989 Nobody Knows
1989 Revolution
1991 March Word of Mouth
1991 April 2 WORD OF MOUTH
1991 June A Time And Place
1992 February Everybody Gets A Second Chance
1991 Stop Baby
1991 Get Up
1995 February 13 Over My Shoulder
1995 February 28 BEGGAR ON A BEACH OF GOLD
1995 Mea Culpa
1995 June A Beggar On A Beach of Gold
1995 August Another Cup of Coffee
1996 February All I Need Is A Miracle '96
1996 March 21 HITS
1999 May Now That You've Gone
1999 August 2 Whenever I Stop
2004 June 7 REWIRED
2004 Perfect Child

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