New Riders of the Purple Sage


     New Riders rise from the Dead: John Dawson (vocals, guitar), David Nelson (guitar,

       vocals), Dave Torbert (bass, vocals), Spencer Dryden (drums) plus Jerry Garcia, Mickey

       Hart, Phil Lesh and Commander Cody.


1971.08       NEW RIDERS OF THE PURPLE SAGE                      US.39

              Produced by New Riders of the Purple Sage

              A1.I Don’t Know You  A2.Whatcha Gonna Do  A3.Portland Woman  A4.Henry  A5.Dirty

              Business  B1.Glendale Train  B2.Garden of Eden  B3.All I Ever Wanted  B4.Last

              Lonely Eagle  B5.Louisiana Lady


(orig lp)     US/CAN Columbia C-30888, UK CBS S-64657, AUSL CBS SBP-234012, JPN CBS SOCP-57148

(orig 8t)     UK CBS 42-64657

(reiss lp)    1979: US Columbia PC-30888

(reiss cd)    1989: US Columbia 30888

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 11.Down in the Boondocks (Live)  12.The Weight (Live) 

              13.Superman (Live)

              March 4, 2003: US Columbia/Legacy CK-85388, JPN Sony MHCP-2036

(boxed)       w. Powerglide

              May 21, 2002: US Bang On 551


1971          A1.LOUISIANA LADY

              B1.Last Lonely Eagle

              7”: US Columbia 45469


1972          A1.I DON’T KNOW YOU

              B1.Garden of Eden

              7”: US Columbia 45526

              B1.I Don’t Know You (Mono)

              7PRO: US Columbia 4-45526


     Buddy Cage (pedal steel) joins the band, plus guests Garcia, Bill Kreutzmann and Nicky

       Hopkins below.


1972.03       POWERGLIDE                                         US.33

              Produced by Steve Barncard and NRPS

              1.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud, Loud Music)  2.Rainbow  3.California Day 

              4.Sweet Lovin’ One  5.Lochinvar  6.I Don’t Need No Doctor  7.Contract  8.Runnin’

              Back to You  9.Hello Mary Lou  10.Duncan and Brady  11.Willie and the Hand Jive


(orig lp)     US 1972 Columbia C-31284, UK CBS S-64843

(reiss cd)    April 16, 1996: US Columbia/Legacy CK-64912


1972          A1.I DON’T NEED NO DOCTOR                          US.81

              B1.Runnin’ Back to You

              7”: US Columbia 45607

              B1.California Day

              7”: UK CBS CBS-8035 [ps]




              7”: US Columbia 45682


1972?         A1.CALIFORNIA DAY

              B1.I Don’t Need No Doctor

              7”: JPN CBS


1972          A1.HELLO MARY LOU

              B1.Willie and the Hand Jive

              7”: JPN CBS SPOA-19 [ps]


     Donna Jean Godchaux and Darlene DiDomenico guest on vocals.


1972.12       GYPSY COWBOY                                       US.85

              Produced by Steve Barncard and NRPS

              A1.Gypsy Cowboy  A2.Whiskey  A3.Groupie  A4.Sutter’s Mill  A5.Death and

              Destruction  B1.Linda  B2.On My Way Back Home  B3.Superman  B4.She’s No Angel 

              B5.Long Black Veil  B6.Sailin’


(orig lp)     US Columbia KC-31930, UK CBS S-65008, AUSL CBS SBP-234273, JPN CBS/Sony SOPL-137

(orig 8t)     US Columbia CA-31930

(reiss cd)    2000: FRA Sony 471371

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 12.Groupie (Live)  13.Sutter’s Mill (Live)  14.Superman (Live) 

              15.She’s No Angel (Live)

              July 17 2007: US Wounded Bird 1930

(boxed)       w. The Adventures of Panama Red

              March 9, 2002: US/UK Beat Goes On BGOCD-509 [CD]


1973.02       A1.GROUPIE

              B1.She’s No Angel

              7”: US Columbia 4-45673

              B1.Groupie (Mono)

              7PRO: US Columbia 4-45763


     Donna Jean Godchaux, Buffy Sainte-Marie and the Memphis Horns guest.


1973          THE ADVENTURES OF PANAMA RED                       US.55 œ

              Produced by Norbert Putnam

              A1.Panama Red  A2.It’s Alright with Me  A3.Lonesome L.A. Cowboy  A4.Important

              Exportin Man  A5.One Too Many Stories  B1.Kick in the Head  B2.You Should Have

              Seen Me Runnin  B3.Teardrops in My Eyes  B4.L.A. Lady  B5.Thank the Day 

              B6.Cement, Clay and Glass


(orig lp)     US Columbia KC-32450, UK CBS S-65687 [gf], NZ CBS SBP-474151 [gf]

(reiss lp)    1974: US Columbia CQ-32450 [quadrophonic], 1979: US Columbia PC-32450 [gf]

(reiss cd)    US Columbia 32450


1976          A1.PANAMA RED

              B1.Cement, Clay and Glass

              7”: US Columbia 45976


1973          THE BEST OF


(orig lp)     JPN CBS/Sony SOPM-96


1974.04       HOME, HOME ON THE ROAD                             US.68

              1.Hi, Hello, How Are You  2.She’s No Angel  3.Groupie  4.Sunday Susie  5.Kick in

              the Head  6.Truck Drivin’ Man  7.Hello Mary Lou  8.Sutter’s Mill  9.Dead Flowers 

              10.Henry  11.School Days


(orig lp)     US Columbia 32870


1974.11       BRUJO                                              US.68

              1.Old Man Noll  2.Ashes of Love  3.You Angel You  4.Instant Armadillo Blues 

              5.Workingman’s Woman  6.On the Amazon  7.Big Wheels  8.Singing Cowboy  9.Crooked

              Judge  10.Parson Brown  11.Neon Rose


(orig lp)     US Columbia 33145


1974          A1.YOU ANGEL YOU

              B1.Parson Brown

              7”: US Columbia 10067


1975          OH, WHAT A MIGHTY TIME                             US.144

              1.Mighty Time  2.I Heard You’ve Been Layin’ My Old Lady  3.Strangers on a Train 

              4.Up Against the Wall, Redneck  5.Take a Letter, Maria  6.Little Old Lady  7.On

              Top of Old Smokey  8.Over and Over  9.Bamba  10.Going Round the Horn  11.Farewell,



(orig lp)     US Columbia 33688

(reiss cd)    June 26 2007: US Wounded Bird


1976          NEW RIDERS                                         US.145

              1.Fifteen Days Under the Hood  2.Annie May  3.You Never Can Tell  4.Hard to Handle 

              5.Dead Flowers  6.Don’t Put Her Down  7.Honky Tonkin’ (I Guess I Done Me Some) 

              8.She’s Looking Better Every Year  9.Can’t Get Over You  10.The Swimming Song


(orig lp)     US MCA 2196, JPN MCA VIM-6106

(reiss cd)    1993: US One Way ONE-22108


1976          A1.DON’T PUT HER DOWN

              B1.Fifteen Days Under the Hood

              7”: US MCA 40564


1976          A1.DEAD FLOWERS

              B1.She’s Looking Better Every Beer

              7:” US MCA 40591



              1.I Don’t Know You  2.Glendale Train  3.Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) 

              4.Louisiana Lady  5.Kick in the Head  6.Panama Red  7.Last Lonely Eagle  8.You

              Angel You  9.I Don’t Need No Doctor  10.Henry


(orig lp)     US Columbia PC-34367, UK CBS 81742

(reiss cd)    US Columbia CK-34367


1977          WHO ARE THOSE GUYS?

              A1.I Can Heal You  A2.High Rollers  A3.Peggy Sue  A4.(Just) Another Night in Reno 

              A5.It Never Hurts to Be Nice to Somebody  B1.Love Has Strange Ways  B2.Hold on

              It’s Coming  B3.By and By When I Need You  B4.Home Grown  B5.Red Hot Women and Ice

              Cold Beer


(orig lp)     US MCA 2248, UK MCA MCF-2793, JPN MCA VIM-6127

(reiss cd)    1993: US One Way ONE-22109


1977          A1.LOVE HAS STRANGE WAYS

              7PRO: US MCA 40686

              B1.Red Hot Women and Ice Cold Beer

              7”: US MCA 40686



              B1.Home Grown

              7”: US MCA 40715


1978          MARIN COUNTY LINE

              1.Till I Met You  2.Llywelyn  3.Knights and Queens  4.Green Eyes a Flashing  5.Oh

              What a Night  6.Good Woman Likes to Drink With the Boys  7.Jasper  8.Echos 

              9.Twenty Good Men  10.Little Miss Bad  11.Take a Red


(orig lp)     US MCA 2307, UK MCA MCF-2820

(reiss cd)    October 5 1993: US One Way ONE-22107


1980.07       FEELIN’ ALL RIGHT

              1.Night for Making Love  2.No Other Love  3.The Way She Dances  4.Tell Me  5.Fly

              Right  6.Crazy Little Girl  7.Full Moon at Midnight  8.Pakalolo Man  9.Day

              Dreamin’ Girl  10.Saralyn


(orig lp)     US A&M SP-4818


1981.04       A1.NIGHT FOR MAKING LOVE

              B1.Fly Right

              7”: US A&M 2327


1981.07       A1.FULL MOON AT MIDNIGHT

              B1.No Other Love

              7”: US A&M 2352


1986          BEFORE TIME BEGAN

              1.Henry  2.All I Ever Wanted  3.Last Lonely Eagle  4.Cecilia  5.Garden of Eden 

              6.Superman  7.Backwards Stuff  8.Deh Rominap (Panama Red)  9.A Handful of Brains 

              10.I’m Through With the Fish, Harve  11.Och Tamale  12.A Handful of Brains Part 2 

              13.Where Discipline Comes In


(orig cd)     US Relix RRCD-2024


1986          VINTAGE NRPS

              1.I Don’t Know You  2.Cecilia  3.Whatcha Gonna Do  4.Dirty Business  5.Fair Chance

              to Know  6.Garden of Eden  7.Portland Women  8.Honky Tonk Women


(orig cd?)    US Relix RRCD-2025


1989          KEEP ON KEEPIN’ ON

              1.Keep On Keepin’ On  2.Now I Call It Love  3.It’s OK to Cry  4.Bounty Hunter 

              5.Barbaric Splendor  6.Senorita  7.Night of the Living Lonely  8.Rancher’s

              Daughter  9.Big Ed  10.Friend of the Devil


(orig cd)     US Mu MCD-31109

(reiss cd)    1992: US Relix RRCD-2057


     Now features Dawson, Fred Campbell (bass), Rusty Gauthier (vocals, guitar, mandolin,

       fiddle, banjo), Gary Vogensen (vocals, guitar) plus David Nelson, Norton Buffalo, etc.



              1.Midnight Moonlight  2.Sutter’s Mill  3.Charlie’s Garden  4.All I Remember 

              5.Louisiana Lady  6.Ballad of the Deportee  7.Taking It Hard  8.Glendale Train 

              9.Change in the Weather  10.Diesel on My Tail  11.Lonesome LA Cowboy


1993          LIVE ON STAGE

              1.Panama Red  2.Little Old Lady  3.Instant Armadillo Blues  4.Henry  5.Glendale

              Train  6.Nadine  7.Singing Cowboy  8.Take a Letter Maria  9.I Will Never Make You

              Blue  10.La Bamba


(orig cd)     US Relix RRCD-2059


1994.09.27    LIVE IN JAPAN

              Produced by Rusty Gauthier

              1.Henry  2.Dire Wolf  3.Rainbow  4.Early in the Morning  5.Keep On Keepin’ On 

              6.Ripple  7.I Don’t Know You  8.Friend of the Devil  9.Portland Woman


(orig cd)     US Relix RRCD-2065



              1.Henry  2.Last Lonely Eagle  3.Cecilia  4.Dirty Business  5.Honky Tonk Women 

              6.Portland Woman  7.Panama Red  8.Glendale Train  9.Nadine  10.Singing Cowboy 

              11.La Bamba


(orig cd)     US Relix 2071


1995          TAKE A RED

              1.Take a Red  2.Oh What a Night  3.Jasper  4.(Just) Another Night in Reno  5.Don’t

              Put Her Down  6.15 Days Under the Hood  7.Annie Mae  8.She’s Looking Better


(orig cs)     US MCA Special Products 20374


     Below live album features 1982 lineup: Dawson, Gauthier, Val Fuentes (drums), Allen Kemp

       (guitar, vocals), Billy Wolf (bass).


1995          LIVE

              1.Henry  2.The Way She Dances  3.Tell Me  4.Crazy Little Girl  5.Saralyn  6.Panama

              Red  7.No Other Love  8.Can’t Judge a Book  9.Rainbow  10.I Don’t Know You 

              11.Dead Flowers


(orig cd)     US 1995 Rhino RHI-71289



              1.Charlie’s Garden  2.Ballad of the Deportees  3.Taking It Hard  4.Change in the 

              Weather  5.Diesel on My Tail  6.Keep On Keepin’ On  7.Bounty Hunter  8.Rancher’s

              Daughter  9.Early in the Morning  10.Ripple


(orig cd)     US Relix 2082


1998.08.21    WASTED TASTERS 1971-1972


(orig cd)     AUSL Raven RVCD-36


2000.03.30    RIDIN’ WITH PANAMA RED

              1.Panama Red  2.I Don’t Need No Doctor  3.Ashes of Love  4.L.A. Lady  5.Willie and

              the Hand Jive  6.Whatcha Gonna Do  7.Long Black Veil  8.Hello Mary Lou Goodbye

              Heart (Live)  9.Truck Dirvin’ Man (Live)  10.Dead Flowers (Live)


(orig cd)     US Sony Music Special Products 27504


2000          DRIFTING CLOUDS

              1.(Ghost) Riders in the Sky  2.Clouds  3.Will Work for Food  4.Lobo  5.Cowboy

              Rides Again  6.Seven Shot Six Gun  7.Tribute to Gene Autry: Back in the Saddle

              Again/South of the Border  8.RV Cowboys  9.Rusty Spurs and Dusty Saddles  10.When

              I Was a Kid  11.Colorado Blue  12.Good ‘Ol Doctor Jones  13.Ain’t Nothin’ I Need

              More Than You  14.Tribute to Roy Rogers


(orig cd)     Wagon Wheel 71501


2000          27 HITS PERFORMED LIVE

              1.Kickin’ Up Dust  2.Happy Rovin’ Cowboy  3.Cattle Call  4.Way Out There  5.Trail

              to San Antone  6.We’ll Rest at the End of the Trail  7.Ride Cowboy Ride  8.When

              Payday Rolls Around  9.Blue Shadows on the Trail  10.Out on the Texas Plains 

              11.When the Bloom Is on the Sage  12.Dude Cowboy  13.Night-Time in Nevada  

              14.Hills of Tennessee  15.Don’t Fence Me In  16.Pecos Bill  17.Tumbling

              Tumbleweeds  18.Rocky Top  19.Have I Told You Lately That I Love You  20.Smoke

              Smoke Smoke  21.Cool Water  22.Clouds  23.(Ghost) Riders in the Sky  24.Interstate

              Madonna  25.Wind Lullaby  26.Rollin’ Rollin’ Prairies  27.California Waltz


(orig cd)     Aim/Wagon Wheel 71502


2003          WORCESTER, MA 4/4/73

              A1.I Don’t Know You  A2.Lochinvar  A3.Rainbow  A4.It’s Alright With Me  A5.Sailin’ 

              A6.Whatcha Gonna Do  A7.California Day  A8.Linda  A9.Groupie  A10.One Too Many

              Stories  A11.Contract  A12.Teardrops in My Eyes  A13.Long Black Veil  A14.You

              Ain’t Woman Enough  A15.Whiskey  B1.Dirty Business  B2.Down in the Boondocks 

              B3.Hello Mary Lou  B4.You Should Have Seen Me Runnin’  B5.Portland Woman  B6.Henry 

              B7.Glendale Train  B8.Last Lonely Eagle  B9.Louisiana Lady  B10.Willie and the

              Hand Jive


(orig 2-cd)   US Kufala 032


2003.11.11    BOSTON MUSIC HALL, DECEMBER 5, 1972

              A1.Truck Drivin’ Man  A2.Whatcha Gonna Do  A3.Hello Mary Lou  A4.Rainbow  A5.Down

              in the Boondocks  A6.Portland Woman  A7.She’s No Angel  A8.Schooldays  A9.Henry 

              A10.Long Black Veil  B1.I Don’t Know You  B2.Sutter’s Mill  B3.Groupie  B4.Whiskey 

              B5.Last Lonely Eagle  B6.Willie and the Hand Jive  B7.I Love to Sing My Ballad,

              Mama (But They Only Want to Hear Me Rock and Roll)  B8.Honky Tonk Women


(orig 2-cd)   US Kufala 0052


2004.09.21    LIVE AT VENETA, OR, AUGUST 27, 1972

              1.Truck Drivin’ Man  2.Rainbow  3.Lochinvar  4.Groupie  5.Stage Annoucement/White

              Bird Tent  6.Whatcha Gonna Do  7.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (and Loud Loud Music) 

              8.Hello Mary Lou  9.Stage Announcement/Field Tripping  10.Whiskey  11.Stage

              Announcement/Salt Tabs & Blue Acid  12.Runnin’ Back to You  13.I Don’t Need No

              Doctor  14.Linda  15.Lousiana Lady  16.Last Lonely Eagle  17.Willie and the Hand



(orig cd)     US Kufala


2005.11.15    LIVE: AUSTIN, TEXAS, JUNE 15, 1975

              A1.I Don’t Know You  A2.Panama Red  A3.Lonesome L.A. Cowboy  A4.Austin, Texas 

              A5.Instant Armadillo Blues  A6.Teardrops in My Eyes  A7.Dirty Business  A8.Henry 

              A9.Sutter’s Mill  A10.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud Music  A11.Louisiana

              Lady  A12.Strangers on a Train  A13.Portland Woman  B1.I’m Bringin’ Home Good News 

              B2.You Angel You  B3.She’s No Angel  B4.My Dog Peaches  B5.On the Amazon 

              B6.Before the Next Teardrop Falls  B7.Over & Over  B8.Whiskey  B9.Crooked Judge 

              B10.I Will Never Make You Blue  B11.New Orleans  B12.La Bamba  B13.Glendale Train 

              B14.Dead Flowers  B15.Nadine


(orig 2-cd)   US Kufala 125


2006.09.26    CACTUS JUICE

              A1.Hi, Hello, How Are You  A2.She’s No Angel  A3.Groupie  A4.Sunday Susie  A5.Kick

              in the Head  A6.Truck Drivin’ Man  A7.Hello Mary Lou  A8.Sutter’s Mill  A9.Dead

              Flowers  A10.Henry  B1.Old Man Noll  B2.Ashes of Love  B3.You Angel You 

              B4.Instant Armadillo Blues  B5.Workingman’s Woman  B6.On the Amazon  B7.Big Wheels 

              B8.Singing Cowboy  B9.Crooked Judge  B10.Parson Brown


(orig 2-cd)   GER Acadia 8122



              1.Lonesome L.A. Cowboy  2.Sutter’s Mill  3.Watcha Gonna Do  4.Last Lonely Eagle 

              5.Rainbow  6.Portland Woman  7.One Too Many Stories  8.Henry  9.Sliding Delta 

              10.Lochinvar  11.Garden of Eden  12.I Don’t Know You  13.Panama Red


(orig cd/dvd) Fa-Ka-Wee


2007.11.13    3/17/73 S.U.N.Y. STONYBROOK – STONYBROOK, NY

              A1.Amazing Grace Tuneup/Introduction  A2.Teardrops in My Eyes  A3.One Too Many

              Stories  A4.Take a Letter Maria  A5.School Days  A6.Portland Woman  A7.It’s

              Alright With Me  A8.Rainbow  A9.Hello Mary Lou  A10.Lochinvar  A11.She’s No Angel 

              A12.You Should Have Seen Me Runnin’  A13.Long Black Veil  A14.Truck Drivin’ Man 

              A15.Contract  A16.Sweet Lovin One  A17.Groupie  A18.Sutter’s Mill  A19.I Don’t

              Need No Doctor  B1.Henry  B2.Crazy Arms  B3.Glendale Train  B4.All I Ever Wanted 

              B5.Whiskey  B6.Who Likes Louie Louie?  B7.California Day  B8.Louisiana Lady 

              B9.Last Lonely Eagle  B10.Dim Lights, Thick Smoke and Loud, Loud Music  B11.Willie

              and the Hand Jive  B12.Connection  B13.Honky Tonk Women


(orig 2-cd)   US Kufala


2009.06.01    RELIX’S BEST OF THE NEW

              A1.Panama Red  A2.Little Old Lady  A3.Instant Armadillo Blues  A4.Henry 

              A5.Glendale Train  A6.Nadine  A7.Singing Cowboy  A8.Take a Letter Maria  A9.I Will

              Never Make You Blue  A10.Bamba  A11.Keep On Keepin’ On  A12.Now I Call It Love 

              A13.It’s OK to Cry  A14.Bounty Hunter  A15.Barbaric Splendor  B1.Senorita 

              B2.Night of the Living Lonely  B3.Ranchre’s Daughter  B4.Big Ed  B5.Friend of the

              Devil  B6.Henry  B7.All I Ever Wanted  B8.Last Lonely Eagle  B9.Cecilia 

              B10.Garden of Eden  B11.Superman  B12.Charlie’s Garden  B13.Ballad of Deportees 

              B14.Taking It Hard  B15.Change in the Weather  B16.Diesel on My Tail  B17.Early in

              the Morning  B18.Ripple


(orig 2-cd)   US Retroworld


2009.06.02    WHERE I COME FROM

              1.Where I Come From  2.Big Six  3.Barracuda Moon  4.Higher  5.Down the Middle 

              6.Them Old Minglewood Blues  7.Something in the Air Tonight  8.Olivia Rose 

              9.Blues Barrel  10.Ghost Train Blues  11.Carl Perkins Wears the Crown  12.Rockin’

              With Nona


(orig cd)     US Woodstock