BFC 39214 Fearless
Produced by Giorgio Moroder & Keith Forsey
Released on November 1983
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BFC 39214 cover
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N ina Hagen filtered through the discodynamic duo of Giorgio Moroder and Keith Forsey? Be afraid, be very afraid. And then prepare to be charmed by Fearless. This is my favorite Nina Hagen record, and handily one of the best records of the year. Where else but in heavenly Hagenland could flying saucers, clubbing and a David Bowie fixation peacefully coexist? Maybe with Grace Jones, you say, but that was product where Fearless is organic strangeness blooming like mold in the back of a bachelor’s refrigerator (and I know of which I write). The backing band shifts again, with Karl Rucker and Steve Schiff co-authoring much of the material, this time including a coupla bonafide Mothers (Arthur Barrows and Ian Underwood) plus the budding Red Hot Chili Peppers (featured on “What It Is”). Of course, the real show is Nina from beginning to end, digging her funky self on every warped groove and getting in touch with her multiple personalities like never before. Her performances on “What It Is,” “I Love Paul,” “Flying Saucers” and “New York New York” are liberating like nothing you’ve ever heard before, not to mention hilarious. Not all of the material is great: “T.V. Snooze” is robot music, “Zarah” a rare miscue. But the rest of the record is a revelation. If the freaky readings on “Cosma Shiva” and “Born In Xixax” triggered something in your brain, feed it Fearless and fast. One point worth mentioning: “New York New York” and “Zarah” would have you believe that Fearless is no better than Sparks’ No. 1 In Heaven, but it’s much better. If you’ve heard “My Sensation” or “Springtime In Paris,” they’re more representative of what to expect from Fearless.

BFC 39214 back cover BFC 39214 inner sleeve
BFC 39214 back cover BFC 39214 inner sleeve


  1. NEW YORK NEW YORK    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff/Karl Rucker)    5:16
  2. MY SENSATION    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff)    4:04
  3. FLYING SAUCERS    (Nina Hagen/Karl Rucker)    3:11
  4. I LOVE PAUL    (Nina Hagen/Karl Rucker)    3:50
  5. THE CHANGE    (Nina Hagen/Karl Rucker)    4:40
  6. SILENT LOVE    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff)    4:07
  7. WHAT IT IS    (Michael Balzary/Anthony Kiedis)    4:18
  8. T.V. SNOOZE    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff/M. Dorian)    3:58
  9. SPRINGTIME IN PARIS    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff)    3:35
  10. ZARAH    (Jary/Balz)    4:38


NINA HAGEN -- singer, lyrics, komposition
ARTHUR BARROWS -- keyboards
GARY HERBIK -- horns
KARL RUCKER -- bass, keyboards, arrangements, komposition
PHIL SCHANEL -- keyboards
STEVE SCHIFF -- guitar, keyboards, arrangements, komposition
RICHIE ZITO -- guitar
John Gilson -- Simmonds drum programming
The Red Hot Chili Peppers -- inspiration & playing (7)
Ian Underwood -- Doctor Click
Maxine Waters, Julia Waters, Clydine Jackson, Carmen Twillie -- background sisters
Brian Reeves -- first engineer
Margo Paris Design USA -- umschlag
Juliana Grigorova -- umschlag, fotos
Marva Marrow -- fotos

GER/NET 1983 CBS LP 35667 released as ANGSTLOS
US November 1983 Columbia LP/CS BFC 39214 inner sleeve
BRA 1983 CBS LP 138579  
CAN 1983 CBS LP/CS FC/FCT 39214  
JPN 1983 Epic/Sony LP 25-3P-474 lyric insert, as ANGSTLOS


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