CK 64790 14 Friendly Abductions:
The Best of Nina Hagen
Compilation produced by Bruce Dickinson
Released on April 2, 1996
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CK 64790 cover
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K ronomyth 11.0: GRAY ET’S HITS. Some day (in the marshmallow pony world I live in), the United Nations will convene for the sole purpose of declaring an official Nina Hagen Day (or Hagen Days, depending). Until then, we have 14 Friendly Abductions, an hour of Planet Nina’s pure oxygen oddness. Any single-disc distillation of Nina, even one as good as this, will miss some essential moments, so think of this as a gateway drug to Ekstasy, Fearless, etc. 14 Friendly Abductions does contain some classic cuts from Fearless, Nunsexmonkrock, Ekstasy, Unbehagen and even her first album (“TV-Glotzer”). Each of those albums has equally terrific songs (“Superboy,” “Born in Xixax,” “Flying Saucers”) for which you’ll want to stay tuned after this is over. Initially, I questioned whether anyone needed to be held hostage for three versions of “Zarah.” Today, I’ll admit that hearing Hagen remixed is half the fun, since the music behind the muse is usually as wild and unpredictable as what’s coming out of her mouth. Of course, an American collection of Hagen’s greatest hits is pure speculation anyway, since she never really had a hit here in the U.S. This one focuses on the early Columbia years, which is where she made her (dis)reputation. Listening to these songs today, it’s hard to imagine that Hagen didn’t spark a revolution at some point. Once heard, songs like “TV-Glotzer,” “Wir Leben Immer Noch” and “New York New York” aren’t soon forgotten. If you haven’t experienced Nina for yourself, you’re in for a real treat here. If you’ve met Miss Hagen already, then 14 Friendly Abductions is a fine way to get reacquainted.

CK 64790 back sleeve
CK 64790 back sleeve


  1. ZARAH    (M.Jary/B.Bale, English lyrics: Nina Hagen)    4:37
  2. NEW YORK NEW YORK    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff/Karl Rucker)    5:15
  3. SMACK JACK    (Ferdinand Karmelk)    5:15
  4. TV-GLOTZER (WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE)    (M.Evans/William Spooner/Roger Steen, German lyrics: Nina Hagen)    5:14
  5. SPIRIT IN THE SKY    (Norman Greenbaum)    5:15
  6. AFRICAN REGGAE    (Reinhold Heil/Bernhard Potschka)    6:16
  7. UNIVERSAL RADIO (UNIVERSAL DANCE MIX)    (Roger Dumas)    6:59
  8. MY SENSATION    (Nina Hagen/Steve Schiff)    4:03
  9. IKI MASKA    (Nina Hagen/Karl Rucker)    5:08
  10. WIR LEBEN IMMER NOCH (LUCKY NUMBER)    (Lene Lovich/Les Chappell; German lyrics: Nina Hagen)    4:54
  11. COSMA SHIVA    (Nina Hagen)    3:17
  12. ZARAH (DANCE MIX)    (M.Jary/B.Bale; English lyrics: Nina Hagen)    6:30
  13. ZARAH (DUB)    (M.Jary/B/Bale, English lyrics: Nina Hagen)    6:54
  14. MY WAY    (Gilles Thibault/Claude Francois/Jacques Revaux/Paul Anka/C.Niesen, German lyrics: Nina Hagen)    4:25


Jessica Sowin -- project director
Nicholas Bennett -- packaging manager
Sean Evans -- cover design
Kim Gaucher -- graphic artist
Niels Van Iperen -- cover photo
Deluze/Stills and Levy/Stills -- inside photos

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US April 2, 1996 Columbia/Legacy CD CK 64790  
JPN 1996 Sony CD ESCA-7644  
NET 1996 Sony CD 484010  
US March 1, 2008 SBME Special Markets CD 724672  


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