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B ack in 1980, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth, ten-inch records made a comeback (albeit a short one). They stood out in the record bins because of their irregular size and low price. And that’s how I met Nina Hagen, or her music anyway: thumbing through a department store record bin and marveling at the scary lady in the leather jacket. The sleeve sang a song of rebellion, the songs (including covers of The Tubes’ “White Punks On Dope” and Lene Lovich’s “Lucky Number”) seemed reassuringly familiar. I also got duped into a Gary Glitter ten-inch that day, but not every purchase can be a revelation. The Nina Hagen Band was. Lene Lovich barely registered on the needle, but Nina and her cohorts pushed it into the red from the opening moments of TV-Glotzer and for nearly twenty minutes never surrendered. Of course, this is just a marketing ploy, a pair of sweets from her first two elpees to whet the appetite, but it’s a good ploy. Forty minutes of Nina Hagen might have stopped my heart, twenty minutes simply set it racing. Her version of “Lucky Number” is remarkable, leaning much more toward radical revisionism than homage. (“Wir leben immer noch” would translate roughly as “We’re still alive” I think.) “African Reggae” makes a greater din with the dub than The Clash, while “Superboy” is as radio-friendly as Nina gets. This was repackaged with Nunsexmonkrock in 1991, which was a kindness. Some of us still hold fond memories of this first meeting, even if we arrived late to the party.


  1. TV-GLOTZER (WHITE PUNKS ON DOPE)    (Evans/Bill Spooner/Roger Steen, Germany lyrics by Nina Hagen)    5:29
  2. SUPERBOY    (Herwig Mitteregger/Nina Hagen)    4:02
  3. AFRICAN REGGAE    (Reinhold Heil/Bernhard Potschka/Nina Hagen)    4:10
  4. WIR LEBEN IMMER NOCH (LUCKY NUMBER)    (Lene Lovich/Les Chappell, German lyrics by Nina Hagen)    4:54


Gene Greif -- design
Alain Bizos -- photography

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US 1980 CBS 10EP 36817  
US 1991 Columbia CD/CS CK/CT 46993 repackaged w. NUNSEXMONKROCK


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