T-528 Nite City
Produced by Ray Manzarek & Jay Senter
Released on 1977
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F iled in The Doors’ drawer, under M for Manzarek. Nite City could be seen as Ray’s Tin Machine, a band of equal parts doomed to stunted development in the shadow of the monument erected to The Doors. If you’re determined to effect a comparison between the two, vocalist Noah James’ musings on “Nite City” vaguely evoke Morrison, “Bitter Sky Blue” sounds like “Love Street” filtered through Mott the Hoople, and “Angel W/ No Freedom” has some of the dark dream imagery last seen on “Riders of the Storm.” The clarion call of organ at the onset of “Summer Eyes” would seem to promise more, but in fact there’s no reason to come knockin’ here for flashbacks of The Doors beyond the presence of Manzarek. Nite City is closer in style to The Tubes, Mott, even a little Aerosmith in Noah James’ vocals. It’s theatrical rock some of the time, plain old faceless rock the rest of it, and nothing that 1977 hadn’t seen before done better. The band still would have warranted a contract even without The Doors connection (hell, Baby Grand got one with less), but the lack of a strong musical identity would have been their eventual undoing anyway. I paid a few bucks for this elpee, so no skin off my potato, but I wouldn’t make tracking this down a mission. There must be some other Morrison-related arcana that warrants the interest, from bootlegs to saving money for a trip to his grave. And if you haven’t collected the post-Morrison Doors elpees or the opening efforts from The Butts Band and Manzarek, you don’t need to be worried about Nite City.

T-528 back cover T-528 lyric insert
T-528 back cover T-528 lyric insert


  1. SUMMER EYES    (Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    4:26
  2. NITE CITY    (L. Huxley/Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    4:55
  3. LOVE WILL MAKE YOU MELLOW    (Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    4:50
  4. ANGEL W/ NO FREEDOM    (Daniel Sugerman/Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    6:39
  5. MIDNIGHT QUEEN    (Daniel Sugerman/Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    3:55
  6. BITTER SKY BLUE    (Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    3:12
  7. CAUGHT IN A PANIC    (Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    4:41
  8. IN THE PYRAMID    (Ray Manzarek/Paul Warren)    3:48
  9. GAME OF SKILL    (Paul Warren/Ray Manzarek/Noah James)    4:40


JIMMY HUNTER -- drums & vocals
NOAH JAMES -- vocals
RAY MANZAREK -- keyboards & vocals
PAUL WARREN -- guitar & vocals
Roger Dollarhide -- recording engineer
Leonard Kovner -- mixing engineer
Zox -- art direction & illustration
Todd Gray -- photography
Clyde Terry -- lettering

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US 1977 20th Century LP T-528 lyric insert
GER 1977 20th Century LP 6370 258 lyric insert


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