CAL 117 Co-Existence
Produced by Patrick Moraz
Released on June? 1980
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CAL 117 cover
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A h, the pan flute: the thinking man’s kazoo. Not to belittle the artistry behind Syrinx’ muse, but there’s a reason young boys and girls aren’t chapping their lips late at night practicing the pan flute. Patrick Moraz’ spacey synthesizers and Syrinx’ antiquated instrument make strange bedfellows on Co-Existence, although some of the time they also make beautiful music together. On the first side, the music might be too beautiful for some tastes, like “Boonoonoonoos” (which would have worked well on Sesame Street) and the new age/muzak sounds of “Mind Your Body.” The side-long “Coexistence” suite is a better match for Moraz, allowing his advanced arsenal of synthetic sounds to shine, with Syrinx eschewing his delicate touch for an aggressive, jazzier tone. Other electronic keyboardists, Vangelis among them, have made the mistake of pairing raw and primitive sounds with electronics, perhaps overestimating the expressiveness of their own instruments. Usually, too wide a chasm exists between the two, and the primitive components come off sounding hokey, the futuristic components bloodless. That said, the “Coexistence” suite does arrive at an organic union, and Moraz fans will appreciate the idea and the effort. As for the first side of music, it may appeal only to the Yanni- and the Tesh-less. Unless you thought the Jon Anderson/Vangelis ventures were a good idea (and some did), save your money for something less sentimental, like Story of I.

CAL 117 back cover CAL 117 picture sleeve
CAL 117 back cover CAL 117 picture sleeve


  1. MIND YOUR BODY    (Patrick Moraz)
  2. BOONOONOONOOS    (Patrick Moraz)
  3. SOUNDRISE    (Patrick Moraz)
  4. ADAGIO FOR A HOSTAGE    (Patrick Moraz)
  5. FREEDOM TO...    (Syrinx/Patrick Moraz)
      BLACK GOLD    (Patrick Moraz/Syrinx)
      MOMENTS OF LOVE    (Patrick Moraz/Syrinx)
      CHAIN REACTION    (Patrick Moraz/Syrinx)
      PEACE ON THE HILLS    (Patrick Moraz)


PATRICK MORAZ -- keyboards and electronic synthetizers, vocoder, piano, electronic percussions and additional acoustic percussions, synth. basses
SYRINX -- pan pipe flutes (flutes de pan)
RICHIE MORALES -- drums and tympanis, gongs
JOHN WOOLOFF -- guitars, mando-guitars, Roland synth. guitar & Ovation
Eric Albiez -- additional perc. bongos, Westminster chimes, Cevennes tropicaloo, fibra slap, etc.
Djalma Correa & the percussionists of Rio -- brasilian percussion
Prof. Jean Ristori -- engineer
Jean-Claude Vial -- executive producer and licence management
Aliocha, Phildius -- illustrations

FRA 1980 Carrere LP 67499 picture sleeve
UK 1980 Carrere LP CAL 117 picture sleeve
US 1980 PVC LP/CS PVC/PVCC s8923  
YUG   RTB LP 2221446  


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