Patrick Moraz


     Moraz, Jeff Berlin, Ray Gomez, Andy Newmark with Chico Batera, Jean Luc Bourgeois,

       Paulinho Braga, Claudio, Auguste DeAnthony, Jorge Garcia, Gordinho, Jorginho, Armando

       Marcal, Vivienne McAuliffe, John McBurnie, Rene Moraz, Alphonse Mouzon, Veronique

       Mueller, Jean Ristori, Philippe Staehli.


1976          STORY OF I                                         US.132

              Produced by Patrick Moraz

              A1.Impact  A2.Warmer Hands  A3.The Storm  A4.Cachaca (Baiao)  A5.Intermezzo 

              A6.Indoors  A7.Best Years of Our Lives  B1.Descent  B2.Incantation/Procession 

              B3.Dancing Now  B4.Impressions (the Dream)  B5.Like a Child in Disguise  B6.Rise

              and Fall  B7.Symphony in the Space


(orig lp)     US Atlantic SD-18175 [ps], UK Charisma CDS-4002 [gf/ps], JPN Charisma RJ-7156 [gf]

(reiss lp)    1978: JPN Charisma BT-5189

(reiss cd)    1995: UK Virgin CDOVD-446, June 30 1998: EMI Intl 39541


    Moraz, Gomez, Newmark, Wornell Jones (bass), Vivienne McAuliffe (vocals), John McBurnie

      (vocals) with Jean-Luc Bourgeois, Chacal, Isla Eckinger, Percussionists of Rio de Janeiro,

      Jean Ristori, Philippe Staehli, Testa, Francois Zmirou.


1977.04       OUT IN THE SUN

              Produced by Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori

              A1.Out in the Sun  A2.Rana Batucada  A3.Nervous Breakdown  A4.Silver Screen 

              B1.Tentacles  B2.Kabala  B3.Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You  B4.Time for a Change: Time to

              Fly – Big Bands of Ancient Temples – Serenade – Back to Nature


(orig lp)     US Import Records IMP-1014 [lyrics], UK Charisma CDS-4007 [lyrics], CAN Charisma

              9211 4007 [lyrics], FRA Charisma 9103 119, GER Charisa 9124 013, JPN Charisma


(reiss cd)    1991: JPN Virgin VJCP-23031, April 22 1994: NET Virgin 839540, 1995: UK Virgin

              CDOVD-445, June 30 1998: UK EMI Intl 39540

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus track: Batucada XXX

              August 15 2006: UK I-Disk/Time Wave 866982 [digrem], 2006: JPN Arcangelo ARC-7170



1977?         A1.TENTACLES  B1.?

              7”: Charisma CB-304


     Moraz, Djalma Correia with percussionists of Rio de Janeiro, Joy Yates.


1978.09       PATRICK MORAZ

              Produced by Patrick Moraz

              1.Jungles of the World: Green Sun/Tribal Call/Communion  2.Temples of Joy: Opening

              the Gates/Overture/The Feast  3.The Conflict: Chamada (Argument)/Opposing Forces/

              The Battlefield/Dissolution/Victory  4.Primitivisation  5.Keep the Children Alive 

              6.Intentions  7.Realization


(orig lp)     UK Charisma CDS-4015 [poster], US Charisma 2201 [ps], CAN Charisma 9211 4015, JPN

              Charisma RJ-7551


1978          A1.REALIZATION (SHORT)


              12PRO: US Charisma PRO-075


1979          FUTURE MEMORIES

              Produced by Patrick Moraz

              A1.Metamorphoses  B1.Eastern Sundays  B2.Black Silk


(orig lp)     FRA Carrere 67.435 [gf/ps]

(reiss lp)    1984: US/CAN PVC PVC-8922 [ps]

(reiss cs)    1984: US PVC PVCC-8922

(reiss cd)    December 9 2008: US United States of Distribution USDS-1113

(reiss cdz)   repackaged w. FUTURE MEMORIES II

              2007: Time Wave MVDA-1030917 [digrem]


     Moraz, Syrinx, Djalma Correa, Richie Morales, John Wooloff.


1980          CO-EXISTENCE

              Produced by Patrick Moraz

              A1.Mind Your Body  A2.Boonoonoonoos  A3.Soundrise  A4.Adagio for a Hostage 

              A5.Freedom to...  B1.Coexistence  B1a.Black Gold  B1b.Moments of Love  B1c.Chain

              Reaction  B1d.Peace on the Hills


(orig lp)     UK Carrere CAL-117 [ps], FRA Carrere 67499 [ps], YUG RTB 2221446

(reiss lp)    1984: US PVC PVC-8923

(reiss cs)    1984: US PVC PVCC-8923


1981          A1.HOW BASIC CAN YOU GET?


              7”: FRA Carrere 49798



              Produced by Bill Bruford and Patrick Moraz

              A1.Childrens’ Concerto  A2.Living Space  A3.Any Suggestions  A4.Eastern Sundays 

              B1.Blue Brains  B2.Symmetry  B3.Galatea  B4.Hazy


(orig lp)     UK/US Editions EG EGED-33, JPN Polydor 28MM-0338

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 9.Blue Brains (Live)  10.Flags  11.Hazy (Live)

              September 27 2004: UK Winterfold BBWF-001CD


1984          FUTURE MEMORIES II

              Produced by Eric Christen

              A1.Heroic Fantasy  A2.Video Games  A3.Satellite  A4.Navigators  B1.Flippers 

              B2.Pilots’ Game  B3.Chess  B4.After the Year After


(orig lp)     FRA Carrere 66.216, UK/US PVC PVC-8927 [ps]

(orig cs)     UK/US PVC PVCC-8927


     Moraz, McBurnie with John Avila, Kitty Bruce, Bill Bruford, Lyn “Cecil” Collins, Greg

       Jackman, Gregory Scott Alban.


1984          TIMECODE

              A1.No Sleep Tonight  A2.I Want U  A3.Beyond the Pleasure  A4.Life in the

              Underworld  A5.Overload (Can You Take the Pressure)  B1.Black Brains of Positronic

              Africa  B2.Elastic Freedom (In Search of)  B3.Shakin’ With the Passion  B4.You Are

              the Vision of My Dream


(orig lp)     US Passport PB-6039 [lyrics], GER Lamborghini 626082

(orig cs)     US Passport PBC-6039


1985          FLAGS

              Produed by Patrick Moraz and Bill Bruford

              A1.Temples of Joy  A2.Split Seconds  A3.Karu  A4.Impromptu, Too!  A5.Flags 

              B1.Machines Programmed By Genes  B2.The Drum Also Waltzes  B3.Infra Dig  B4.A Way

              With Words  B5.Everything You’ve Heard Is True


(orig lp)     US EG Records EGLP-63, GER Polydor 825 680-1, JPN Polydor 28MM-0435

(orig? cd)    US Editions EG EGCD-63

(reiss cdx)   w. bonus tracks: 11.Eastern Sundays  12.Children’s Concerto  13.Galatea

              2004: UK Winterfold BBWF-002CD


1987          HUMAN INTERFACE

              1.Light Elements  2.Beyond Binary  3.Cin-a-Maah  4.Stormtropps on Loops  5.Modular

              Symphony (First Movement)  6.Go to Ophioplomel  7.Kyushu  8.Stressless 



(orig lp)     UK Capitol EST-2043 [ps], US Capitol/Cinema ST-12558 [ps], JPN Capitol RP28-5501

(orig cs)     US Capitol/Cinema 4XT-12558


1994          WINDOWS OF TIME

              1.Archetypes: Movement 1/Movement 2/Movement 3/Movement 4  2.Rite of Spring:

              Kaaru/Oral Contacts-Shout/Talisman/Gaia Tea “Reflections”/Festival/Reflections,

              Too/The Best Years of Our Lives  3.Sanctuary: Isle of View/Liberation/Ascend


(orig cd)     Hot Productions/Spirit 3371

(reiss cd)    2007: UK Voiceprint IDVP-012CD


1995          PM IN PRINCETON

              1.Aural Contact I: Sacrifices  2.Soul Eternal  3.Aural Contact II: Initiation 

              4.Lost Way  5.Cachaca  6.Isle of View  7.Oral Contact: Shout!  8.Talisman 

              9.Caprice of the Gods  10.Blue Monk  11.Intro: The Best Years of Our Lives


(orig cd)     US Princeton Records 3291


2000          RESONANCE

              1.Vortex of Life: Movement 1/Movement 2/Movement 3/Movement 4  2.Sundance 

              3.Moondance  4.Resonance  5.Colloids Bounce Around  6.Standing in the Light  7.The

              Light  8.Birds on a Wire


(orig cd)     Awaka


2003          ESP

              1.Prelude in C# Minor  2.Prelude in C# (Little Diamond)  3.Prelude in C#  4.Sonata

              in C (First Movement Allegro in C)  5.Sonata in C (Second Movement Andante in G) 

              6.Sonata in C (Third Movement Allegrettho in C-F-C)  7.Prelude in A Minor  8.Etude

              in B Flat  9.Etude in F# (Waterfalls)  10.Etude-Fugue in A  11.Etude in B Flat

              (Dynamic Symmetry)  12.Etude in F#  13.Etude in F (Chords in 5ths)  14.Prelude in

              G and B Flat  15.Prelude in B Minor  16.Grand Sonata in D Minor (1st Movement



(orig cd)     Awaka


2009.02.02    CHANGE OF SPACE

              1.Peace in Africa  2.Change of Space  3.Sonique Prinz (Movement 1)  4.Sonique

              Prinz (Movement 2)  5.Sonique Prinz (Movement 3)  6.One Day in June  7.Cum Spiritu 

              8.The Power of Emotion  9.Stellar Rivers and Streams of Lucid Dreams  10.Alien



(orig cd)     UK Voiceprint IDVP-020CD, May 5 2009: US United States of Distribution