PVC 8922 Future Memories
Produced by Patrick Moraz
Released on 1979
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PVC 8922 cover
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" It has always been my dream and ambition... to be able to paint and sculpt sonic structures which could in fact be described as instant compositions.” That’s Patrick Moraz talking in the opening liner notes to Future Memories. Now, this is me talking: It has never been my dream or ambition to pay perfectly good money for sonic structures which could in fact be described as pulled out of somebody’s ass. But, since this is where we find ourselves tonight, let’s make the best of it. In November 1979, Swiss television broadcast Patrick Moraz spontaneously composing, on what I’m guessing could only be a Wednesday. The very very strange keyboardist surrounded himself with an arsenal of electronic keyboards and proceeded to “(organize) the conscience in order to convey and transcend the ideas into organized sonic architecture,” which I’m assuming involved a Coke can, a thumbtack and at least a quarter-ounce of really good Swiss pot. In its defense, Future Memories isn’t much worse than most of Moraz’ music, which always sounded suspiciously spontaneous to me. “Eastern Sundays” was mixed on the following day and thus is more polished than the side-long “Metamorphoses,” while “Black Silk” is recorded on the Bosendorfer and goes off without a hitch. Personally, I have no trouble filing this under E for Ephemera and getting on with my life. As a live exercise, Future Memories was a success... thirty years ago. Not everything needs to be preserved on plastic; as long as they’ve got a copy of this in the Library of Congress, I can go to sleep at night. In 1984, Patrick Moraz repeated the exercise on Swiss television. Apparently, in the five years that followed, the Swiss still hadn’t figured out that you could use old Honeymooner episodes to fill in dead air time.


  1. METAMORPHOSES    18:50
  2. EASTERN SUNDAYS    8:48
  3. BLACK SILK    10:13

    All music by Patrick Moraz


PATRICK MORAZ -- Yamaha CS80, minimoog, Taurus bass pedal, Roland space echo (for Moog), Mellotron Mk IV, Oberheim 8 Voices with programmer, Hammond C3, clavinet, micromoog, Pro Soloist, double minimoog, Yamaha CP 70 with riser, Obie sequencer, Roland vocoder, Roland computa rhythm, Mellotron Mk II, Roland Jupiter, Oberheim 4 Voices, Clavitar, pedals, glass, bells, gongs, Paiste cymbals, Jupiter Compuphonic, Clavitar Duophonic, grand piano Bosendorfer Imperial, xternal compunoise, flandging devices, executive producer
Jean Ristori -- engineer, mixing, executive producer
Francois Jaquenod -- executive producer
Monique Delley -- photos
JP -- cover design

FRA 1979 Carrere LP 67.435 gatefold cover, picture sleeve
US/CAN 1984 PVC LP/CS PVC/PVCC-8922 picture sleeve
  2007 Time Wave CDZ MVDA-1030917 digital remaster repackaged
US December 9, 2008 United States of Distribution CD USDS-1113  


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