IMP 1014 Out In The Sun
Produced by Patrick Moraz and Jean Ristori
Released on April 1977
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IMP 1014 cover
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A fter the ambitious conceptual tower of I, Patrick Moraz scaled things down for an album of progressive pop music. Again recorded in Brazil with many of Story’s characters (John McBurnie, Ray Gomez, Andy Newmark), Out In The Sun suggests Elton John south of the border. Outside of the ending on “Silver Screen” (shades of “Starship Trooper”), nothing under this Sun inherits anything from Yes. Those looking for a link to progressive rock will have to settle for a Steve Hillage soundalike (“Love-Hate-Sun-Rain-You”), a Wakemanic walk along the Steinway (“Time For A Change”) and a nod to Jon Anderson’s poppier pursuits (“Out in the Sun”). Progressive rock keyboardists usually try their hand at a mediocre pop album at some point: Tony Banks, Pete Bardens, Anthony Phillips, Eddie Jobson. These tend to fall into the more successful DIY camp (The Green Album, 1984, The Fugitive) or the generally awful ad hoc band approach (Sides, A Curious Feeling, Speed of Light). Out in the Sun is the latter, kind of a Jackson Lights what with McBurnie on vocals. “Tentacles” and “Nervous Breakdown” are pretty terrible, “Silver Screen” and “Back to Nature” too. Honestly, I’d probably be ripping this one a new sunspot if it weren’t for the instrumentals. “Kabala” is a sweet Corean confection and the instrumental half of “Time For A Change” offers some mind candy for contemplation. The rest of the record, if not regrettable, is forgettable. Tellingly, Moraz waited seven years before reuniting with McBurnie for the equally coolly received Timecode.

IMP 1014 back cover IMP 1014 lyric sleeve
IMP 1014 back cover IMP 1014 lyric sleeve


  1. OUT IN THE SUN    (Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    4:25
  2. RANA BATUCADA    (Patrick Moraz)    5:30
  3. NERVOUS BREAKDOWN    (Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    3:20
  4. SILVER SCREEN    (Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    4:28
  5. TENTACLES    (Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    3:31
  6. KABALA    (Patrick Moraz)    4:55
  7. LOVE-HATE-SUN-RAIN-YOU    (Patrick Moraz/Francois Zmirou)    4:48
  8. TIME FOR A CHANGE    9:00
    1. Time To Fly    (Patrick Moraz)
    2. Big Bands of Ancient Temples    (Patrick Moraz)
    3. Serenade    (Patrick Moraz)
    4. Back To Nature    (Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)

    CD reissue bonus track


PATRICK MORAZ -- polymoog, Oberheim Polyphonic, minimoogs, vocals, piano, synthesizers, Vibrotronic Bubbletron, Taurus bass pedals, voice box, Steinway grand piano, Fender Rhodes, ARPS, Polyphonic polymoog, Hammond C3 organ, vibraphone, tambourine, Fender Rhodes 88, AKS effects, clavinet, Overheim polyphonc 4 voice and 8 voices, double moog, ARP 2600 & pro-soloists, Micromoog bass sequencer, digital sequencers, voices, birds, orchestrations
RAY GOMEZ -- mando guitar 8 strings, lead guitar, electric guitar
WORNELL JONES -- bass, electric bass
VIVIENNE McAULIFFE -- harmony vocals, vocals
JOHN McBURNIE -- lead vocals, harmony vocals
Jean-Luc Bourgeois -- Chinese gongs, Balian gongs
"Chacal" -- congas, assorted Brasilian percussion
Isla Eckinger -- acoustic double bass
The Percussionists of Rio de Janeiro -- percussion
"Professeur" Jean Ristori -- Gibson electric bass, engineer, cover photographs and inner bag
Philippe Staehli -- tympanis, Indian finger cymbals
"Testa" -- pandeiro, assorted Brasilian percussion
Francois Zmirou -- lead vocals (7)
Frank Sansom -- art direction
A.D. Design -- artwork
Liane Gondim Monteiro -- logo

UK April 1977 Charisma LP CDS 4007 lyric sleeve
US April 1977 Import Records LP IMP 1014 lyric sleeve
CAN 1977 Charisma LP 9211 4007 lyric sleeve
FRA 1977 Charisma LP 9103 119  
GER 1977 Charisma LP 9124 013  
JPN 1977 Charisma LP RJ-7282  
JPN 1991 Virgin CD VJCP 23031  
NET April 22, 1994 Virgin CD 839540  
UK 1995 Virgin CD CDOVD 445  
UK June 30, 1998 EMI Int'l CD 39540  
UK August 15, 2006 I-Disk/Time Wave CDX 866982 digital remaster w. bonus track
JPN 2006 Arcangelo CDX ARC-7170 digital remaster w. bonus track


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