PB 6039 Timecode
Produced by Patrick Moraz and Barry Radman
Released on 1984
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PB 6039 cover
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S tarlog 8.0: METOOPIA. Patrick Moraz throws his hat into the early 80s new wave scene, and prog fans promptly hand it back to him. Honestly, given the uneven nature of his catalog (an album of pan flute music, another aimless collaboration with Bill Bruford, hooray!), Timecode is underrated. It’s one of his better efforts (see previous sentence), influenced by (if slightly inferior to) the synth pop movement typified by Tony Banks, Peter Baumann, Thomas Dolby, Oingo Boingo, Ultravox and Utopia. In fact, Boingo’s John Avila joins Moraz on a few tracks and even sings on the closing “You Are The Vision of My Dream,” which isn’t as bad as it sounds. Unfortunately, “Shakin’ With The Passion” and “Elastic Freedom (In Search of)” ARE as bad as they sound, so only the more stalwart prog fans will ever reach the Dream. Timecode marks the reunion of Moraz and former Jackson Heights guitarist John McBurnie. I’m not crazy about John McBurnie’s voice or lyrics, but Banks couldn’t pick ‘em either. Unlike their earlier collaboration, Out In The Sun, Timecode features more songs, more modern effects and fewer instrumentals. That one instrumental, however, is a keeper. “Black Brains of Positronic Africa” recalls the synthetic fusion stylings of Chick Corea and deserves an encore across an entire album some day. The rest of the record has its moments too: the first go-round of “Life In The Underworld,” “I Want U,” “No Sleep Tonight.” Moraz’ synthesizer skills are still formidable--on the cutting edge of 1984 anyway--and the hypercharged arrangements compare favorably at times to Thomas Dolby and Oingo Boingo. As I’ve probably pointed out before, Story of I is the only essential Moraz record I’ve encountered, but if you’ve got five dollars burning a hole in your wallet and have publicly defended more than one Tony Banks album in polite conversation, a used copy of Timecode won’t leave you feeling totally burned. [Note: I haven't heard the digital remaster of Timecode, but I can't imagine it sounds any worse.]

PB 6039 back cover PB 6039 lyric sleeve
PB 6039 back cover PB 6039 lyric sleeve


  1. NO SLEEP TONIGHT (Includes "Take Off")    (music: Patrick Moraz, lyrics: John McBurnie)    4:50
  2. I WANT U    (music: Patrick Moraz, lyrics: John McBurnie)    3:57
  3. BEYOND THE PLEASURE    (music and lyrics: Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    3:48
  4. LIFE IN THE UNDERWORLD    (music: Patrick Moraz, lyrics: John McBurnie)    4:13
  5. OVERLOAD (CAN YOU TAKE THE PRESSURE)    (music and lyrics: Patrick Moraz/John McBurnie)    3:27
  6. BLACK BRAINS OF POSITRONIC AFRICA    (music: Patrick Moraz)    5:00
  7. ELASTIC FREEDOM (IN SEARCH OF)    (music and lyrics: Patrick Moraz)    4:14
  8. SHAKIN' WITH THE PASSION    (music: Patrick Moraz, lyrics: John McBurnie)    3:59
  9. YOU ARE THE VISION OF MY DREAM    (music and lyrics: Patrick Moraz)    4:55


PATRICK MORAZ -- all instruments & chants, programming
JOHN McBURNIE -- lead vocals and harmonies
Gregory Scott Alban -- drums
John Avila -- bass and vocals, lead vocals (9)
Kitty Bruce -- lead vocals (7)
Bill Bruford -- additional Simmons drums (4)
Lyn 'Cecil' Collins -- additional backing vocals
Gregg Jackman -- additional chanting vocals (3)
Barry Radman -- engineering & programming, post-production, remixing
Shoot That Tiger! -- art direction & design
Martyn Goddard -- back cover & inner sleeve photos
Bill Bavinger (Hal) & Charles T. Forney -- logo computer graphics

UK 1984 Lamborghini LP LMGLP-6000  
US 1984 Passport LP/CS PB/PBC 6039 lyric sleeve
GER 1984 Lamborghini LP 6.26082  
SWI 2006 Idisk Time Wave CD IDVP-007CD digital remaster


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