FV 41578 One Good Reason
Produced by Christopher Neil
Released on November 1987
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FV 41578 cover
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O ne good reason to buy this album: ďDonít Shed A Tear.Ē Thatís all Iíve come up with so far. I may find another reason--e.g., if plastic becomes a rare commodity and I can melt this down for a few bucks--but Iím not holding my breath. There are, of course, the requisite nods to Paulís more profitable employ: one track cowritten with Chris Difford, another with Nick Lowe, plus a pair of good Mechanics (Christopher Neil, Peter Van Hooke) to tweak the machine. However, Carrack accounts for little of the material himself, less than he did for Suburban Voodoo, which was five years ago for anyone counting. The material he does provide, like ďGive Me A Chance,Ē feels like watered-down Phil Collins. (Yes, Iím sure itís possible.) If pressed on the matter, I might point to ďDouble It UpĒ and ďFire With FireĒ as a pair of bouncy numbers that keep the record buoyant for a moment. But weíre really talking about the adult pop flatlands here with one improbable peak (ďDonít Shed A TearĒ). Maybe itís the lack of a bass guitarist; thatís never a healthy sign. Those synthesizer bass notes can only sustain you for so long, and then you start to get that itch for a genuine bottom end. More likely is that Iíve reached my saturation point for Paul Carrackís numbing mediocrity. (Now thatís awful, isnít it? Here the man goes to the trouble of making an album, and some troll behind a computer calls it ďnumbing mediocrity.Ē Itís just that there are so many fascinating people with interesting opinions and ideas about music making records that no one ever hears, and then thereís One Good Reason loitering in the inside lane blocking some other doughy white guy from making a better go of it as a soulful pop singer. Granted, in all likelihood it just means one less ivory backscratcher for Steve Winwood, but itís the principle of the thing.)

FV 41578 back cover
FV 41578 back cover


  1. ONE GOOD REASON    (Pau Carrack/Chris Difford)    3:19
  2. WHEN YOU WALK IN THE ROOM    (Jackie DeShannon)    3:29
  3. BUTTON OFF MY SHIRT    (Lyle/Livsey)    3:41
  4. GIVE ME A CHANCE    (Paul Carrack)    4:47
  5. DOUBLE IT UP    (Paul Carrack/Nick Lowe)    3:42
  6. DON'T SHED A TEAR    (Eddie Schwartz/Rob Friedman)    4:55
  7. FIRE WITH FIRE    (Paul Carrack/Christopher Neil)    3:59
  8. HERE I AM    (Duke/Lewis/Pessis)    4:00
  9. COLLRANE    (Paul Carrack/Christopher Neil)    4:40
  10. (DO I FIGURE) IN YOUR LIFE    (P. Blumson/P. Dello)    2:16


PAUL CARRACK -- vocals
JACKIE RAWE -- background vocals
TIM RENWICK -- guitar
FRANK RICOTTI -- percussion
LINDA TAYLOR -- background vocals, duet on (2)
WIX -- keyboards
Irish -- saxophone (7)
Simon Hurrel -- engineer
Dale Newman -- thanks
Brian Griffin -- photography
Marc Cozza -- design
Peter Corriston -- art direction
Studio B -- art production

UK 1987 Chrysalis LP CDL 1578  
US November 1987 Chrysalis LP/CD/CS FV-21578/VK-41578  
AUS'L 1987 Chrysalis LP L36738  
CAN 1987 Chrysalis LP CHS 41578  
GER 1987 Chrysalis LP 208 356  
JPN 1987 Chrysalis LP/CD RP28/CP32-5568  


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