SW-11777 London Town
Produced by Paul McCartney
Released on March 31, 1978
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SW-11777 cover
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L ondon Town is one of the prettiest albums Wings has released, for all the good it did them. Critics gave the record a chilly reception, calling it unfocused and undernourished. My ears detect all sorts of nice melodies, a match for Venus & Mars at least. The record is understated; acoustic guitars and synthesizers replace the rocking backbeats of past albums, so good songs grow on you rather than fall on top of you. Following the format of Wings at the Speed of Sound, the two best tracks lead off sides one and two: “London Town” (a quieter cousin to “Penny Lane”) and “With a Little Luck.” The record occasionally returns to rock & roll -- “I’ve Had Enough” and “Name and Address” -- but acoustic numbers and light pop songs are more the norm here. Denny Laine cowrote a number of the tracks, which accounts for the record’s folksy flavor, and takes some vocal leads as well. While Jimmy McCulloch and Joe English are credited on the album, they’d split Wings by the record’s release, and neither leaves much of a musical imprint on the finished product. London Town certainly won’t floor you on the first listen, but after you’ve heard “Girlfriend,” “Backwards Traveller” and “I’m Carrying” a few times, their charms may win you over (in fact, Michael Jackson liked “Girlfriend” enough to cover it himself). The album’s sedate (some might say “sad”) songs are hardly arena friendly, but the band’s pop craftsmanship is clearly still intact. If you’re looking for Wings’ most underrated album, this is it.

SW-11777 back cover SW-11777 lyric sleeve
SW-11777 back cover SW-11777 lyric sleeve


  1. LONDON TOWN    (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)    4:10
  2. CAFE ON THE LEFT BANK    (Paul McCartney)    3:25
  3. I'M CARRYING    (Paul McCartney)    2:44
  4. BACKWARDS TRAVELLER    (Paul McCartney)    1:07
  5. CUFF LINK    (Paul McCartney)    2:03
  6. CHILDREN CHILDREN    (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)    2:20
  7. GIRLFRIEND    (Paul McCartney)    4:31
  8. I'VE HAD ENOUGH    (Paul McCartney)    3:02
  9. WITH A LITTLE LUCK    (Paul McCartney)    5:45
  10. FAMOUS GROUPIES    (Paul McCartney)    3:34
  11. DELIVER YOUR CHILDREN    (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)    4:17
  12. NAME AND ADDRESS    (Paul McCartney)    3:07
  13. DON'T LET IT BRING YOU DOWN    (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)    4:34
  14. MORSE MOOSE AND THE GREY GOOSE    (Paul McCartney/Denny Laine)    6:27

    CD reissue bonus track


PAUL McCARTNEY -- vocals, guitar, bass, keyboards, drums, percussion, violin, Flageolet, recorder, cover design and photography
JOE ENGLISH -- vocal, drums, percussion, harmonica
DENNY LAINE -- vocal, guitar, bass, Flageolet, recorder, percussion, cover design and photography
LINDA McCARTNEY -- vocal, keyboards, percussion, cover design and photography
JIMMY McCULLOCH -- guitar, percussion
Geoff Emerick -- engineer
Aubrey Powell -- cover coordination
George Hardie -- cover coordination
Henry Diltz -- additional photographs
Graham Hughes -- additional photographs

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UK/AUS'L March 31, 1978 Parlophone LP/CS PAS/TC-PAS 10012 lyric sleeve, poster
US March 31, 1978 Capitol LP/CS SW-11777 lyric sleeve, poster
BRA 1978 EMI LP 1C 066 60521  
CAN March 1978 Capitol LP SWX-11777 lyric sleeve, poster
FRA 1978 EMI LP 2C 068 60521 insert
GER 1978 EMI LP 1C 064 60521 lyric sleeve, poster
ITA 1978 EMI LP 3C 064 60521  
NET 1978 EMI LP 5C 062 60521 lyric sleeve, poster
YUG   Jugoton LP LSCAP 78011 picture sleeve
  1989 Capitol CD/CS 48198  
UK/NET 1998 EMI CD CDP 7 89265 digital remaster w. bonus track
  2000 EMI CDX 65510 w. bonus track


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