PC 36478 McCartney
Produced by Paul McCartney
Released on April 17, 1970
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K ronomyth 1.0: A PAULING WE GO. McCartney’s first official solo album was released three weeks before the last official Beatles album Let It Be (which was actually the second-to-last Beatles album, but you don’t really care, do you?), and most critics pounced on it like a sacrificial lamb thrown into a lion’s den containing only those little carrots and a Chex mix in which someone had clearly just shuffled a few Spanish peanuts into a bowl of Bran Chex and Cheese Nips and called it a Chex mix as though anything that contained Chex and something other than Chex would automatically qualify as “chex mix” when, if that were the case, a box of Chex with a small pebble or human fingernail in it would also be Chex Mix and not the golden ticket to more free boxes of Chex as we know it to be (well, maybe not the pebble, unless you chipped a tooth on it or swallowed it and then passed it in your stool and saved your stool and there was a piece of incriminating Chex cereal right next to the pebble in your stool that had clearly made the journey through your intestines alongside the pebble and hadn’t just been placed in there lazily after the fact like those aforementioned Spanish peanuts). Sorry, I’m stalling, because I don’t want to tell you that Paul McCartney’s first album isn’t very good and that, if pressed on the matter, none of his early albums were any good except for Ram. So much depends upon a Red Rose Speedway or McCartney, and yet they support only the flimsiest hopes for what a Paul McCartney record might sound like. Here, the fabbest of the four simply empties his pockets to reveal some leftover candy (“Teddy Boy,” “Junk”), stringalong bits of song (“Glasses,” “Valentine Day”) and a few polished coins (“Maybe I’m Amazed,” “Every Night”). Track placement is a problem; if the idea was to completely deflate expectations in less than 15 seconds, mission accomplished Lovely Linda. George Harrison hit the nail on the head when he said that (and I’m paraphrasing here) Paul was too insulated. Challenge is what sharpens us and Paul, king of his own island, was fast becoming a dull (albeit unquestionably gifted) boy. These unfinished pieces would have made for an interesting album of outtakes some thirty years on, but if McCartney (the album) was any indication of what fans could expect from the solo Beatles, we were all of us doomed. (And, yes, as it turned out, we were all doomed. Until Lenny Kravitz arrived. Then we were boned and doomed.)

PC 36478 inner gatefold PC 36478 back cover STAO 3363 back cover
PC 36478 inner gatefold PC 36478 back cover STAO 3363 back cover
(w. heart in bottom RH corner)


  1. THE LOVELY LINDA    0:43
  3. VALENTINE DAY    1:40
  4. EVERY NIGHT    2:30
  5. HOT AS SUN/GLASSES    2:06
  6. JUNK    1:55
  7. MAN WE WAS LONELY    2:57
  8. OO YOU    2:50
  10. TEDDY BOY    2:22
  11. SINGALONG JUNK    2:34
  12. MAYBE I'M AMAZED    3:49
  13. KREEN-AKRORE    4:11

    All songs written by Paul McCartney


PAUL McCARTNEY -- instruments and voices
LINDA McCARTNEY -- photos and harmonies

UK April 17, 1970 Apple LP PCS-7102 gatefold cover
US April 20, 1970 Apple LP STAO-3363 gatefold cover
CAN 1970 Apple LP SMO-3363 gatefold cover
GER 1970 Apple LP 1C 062 04394 gatefold cover
AUS'L   Apple LP/CS PCSO/TCPCSO 7102  
COL   Apple LP ECI-45  
JPN   Capitol LP EPS-80231 gatefold cover
US 1976 Capitol LP SMAS-3363 gatefold cover, blaack label
UK April 2, 1984 Fame LP/CS FA/TC-FA 41 3100 1 gatefold cover
US 1984 Columbia LP PC 36478 gatefold cover
US January 19, 1988 Capitol CD/CS 46611  
WW 1989 EMI/Parlophone CD CDP 7 89239 digital remaster
  1992 DCC CD GZS 1029  
UK 1993 Parlophone CD CDPMCOL 1  
JPN 1995 EMI CD TOCP-7851 digital remaster
RUS   CD-Maximum CDX CDM 0999-3 repackaged w. PRESS TO PLAY


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