7E-1071 Chocolate Kings
Produced by PFM & Claudio Fabi
Released on 1976
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7E-1061 cover
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Y es. Genesis. Gentle Giant. PFM. The connection becomes clearer on Chocolate Kings. This is the first PFM album to feature Acqua Fragile’s Bernardo Lanzetti on lead vocals, who has a strong voice that unfortunately suggests Peter Gabriel with cotton wadding in his nostrils. I don’t buy these albums for the vocals though. I buy them because I love classic prog and musically this fits right in there with the masters: the aforementioned trilogy and of course labelmate ELP sometimes. If I were building a best of seventies prog quintuple album or whatever to plug the holes in my life, I’d consider “From Under” and “Paper Charms” for inclusion. Unlike Starcastle, PFM aren’t borrowers, they’re part of the great brotherhood. I’m sure they were aware of those who went before, but they weren’t looking behind them, they were marching forward. In an assembling of demigods to the original titans are names like Camel, Gong, Hawkwind, Kansas, Kayak, The Nice, Renaissance and PFM. At a given moment of weakness, I’m likely to elevate any one of them (mostly Camel), but most of them have difficulty sustaining the illusion for very long. Chocolate Kings is like that. The opening “From Under,” with its tantalizing bits of vintage Yes and early Genesis, really fed my sugar fix, but Lanzetti hits too many sour notes on “Harlequin.” The rest of the album is terrific in spots, tiresome in others, which is the same impression I had of Cook and Jet Lag. Combine the best parts of those three albums and you’d have a prog classic in the making, separate them and you have the kind of dusty archaeological dig best left to the patient classicists among us. Prog tasters, save your money. Connoisseurs, dig right in.

7E-1071 back cover
7E-1071 back cover


  1. FROM UNDER    (PFM & Marva Jan Marrow)    7:25
  3. CHOCOLATE KINGS    (PFM & Marva Jan Marrow)    4:45
  4. OUT OF THE ROUNDABOUT    (PFM)    7:53
  5. PAPER CHARMS    (PFM)    8:29


FRANZ DI CIOCCIO -- drums, percussion, backing vocals
PATRICK DJIVAS -- ripper bass
BERNADO LANZETTI -- lead vocals
FRANCO MUSSIDA -- guitars, backing vocals
MAURO PAGANI -- woodwinds, violin
FLAVIO PREMOLI -- keyboards, backing vocals
Gaetano Ria -- sound engineer
Franco Mamone -- executive producer
Bob Nisbet, Anthony Telson & Associates -- cover design
David Draper -- artist

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ITA 1976 Numero Uno LP ZSLN 55684 different cover
UK 1976 Manticore LP K53508 gatefold cover, insert
US 1976 Asylum LP 7E-1071  
GER 1976 Manticore LP 27143XOT gatefold cover
JPN 1976 Manticore LP P-10089M lyric insert
GER July 21, 1998 Sony BMG/RCA CD ND 71781  
JPN June 29, 2004 Number One CD 760674  


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