80035-1 Hello, I Must Be Going!
Produced by Phil Collins assisted by Hugh Padgham
Released on November 1982
US RE-CHART POSITION #105 (1985) . . . UK RE-CHARTED POSITION #48 (1991)
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80035-1 cover  

Hello, I Must Be Going is the better parts of Face Value distilled: horn-spiked pop tunes that sparkle with Motown’s old magic, dark and moody pop songs cut from the same cake as Peter Gabriel’s third album, and emotionally naked confessionals. If his debut was a case of showing what he could do, the followup is Phil doing what he does best. Unfortunately, a fairly straightforward cover of “You Can’t Hurry Love” (which was accompanied by an all-too-cute video of Phil in various guises, a la Paul McCartney’s “Comin’ Up”) gave audiences the impression that Phil had run out of ideas, a point seemingly confirmed by the album’s similar format to the first (i.e., starting with a virtual rewrite of “In The Air Tonight” on “I Don’t Care Anymore”). It’s true that Collins had uncovered a workable formula on the first album, but if it ain’t broke… For all its affable melodies, Hello, I Must Be Going! is an unhappy record. “I Cannot Believe It’s True” and “It Don’t Matter To Me” feel euphoric, but the lyrics reveal it’s an artificial euphoria created as a defense mechanism. “Do You Know, Do You Care?” and “I Don’t Care Anymore” are the same underlying emotions without the sugar coating, while the two extremes meet somewhere in the middle on “Why Can’t It Wait ‘Til Morning.” Phil also indulges his dark side on a pair of unsavory (but awfully catchy) character portraits, “Like China” and “Thru These Walls,” that again may have their precedent in Peter Gabriel. From beginning to end, Hello… is packed with vintage Phil Collins; just the sort of record that fans will already be well acquainted with.

80035-1 inner gatefold 80035-1 lyric sleeve
80035-1 inner gatefold 80035-1 lyric sleeve


  1. I DON'T CARE ANYMORE    (Phil Collins)    5:00
  2. I CANNOT BELIEVE IT'S TRUE    (Phil Collins)    5:14
  3. LIKE CHINA    (Phil Collins)    5:05
  4. DO YOU KNOW, DO YOU CARE?    (Phil Collins)    4:57
  5. YOU CAN'T HURRY LOVE    (Phil Collins)    2:50
  6. IT DON'T MATTER TO ME    (Phil Collins)    4:12
  7. THRU THESE WALLS    (Phil Collins)    5:02
  8. DON'T LET HIM STEAL YOUR HEART AWAY    (Phil Collins)    4:43
  9. THE WEST SIDE    (Phil Collins)    4:59
  10. WHY CAN'T IT WAIT 'TIL MORNING    (Phil Collins)    3:01


PHIL COLLINS -- keyboards, drums, vocals, bass pedals, percussion, claps, tymps, trumpet, tambourine, marimba
Martyn Ford -- conductor
Martyn Ford Orchestra -- strings
Mo Foster -- bass
John Giblin -- bass
Peter Newton -- vocals (2)
Phoenix Horns:
  Rhamlee Michael Davis -- trumpet, vocals
  Michael Harris -- trumpet
  Don Myrick -- tenor and alto sax, vocals
  Louis Satterfield -- trombone, vocals
Peter (Scene) Robinson -- piano, glock & vibraphone (5)
Tom Tom 84 -- horn arrangements
Gavyn Wright -- orchestra leader
Hugh Padgham -- engineer
Mike Ross -- engineer

UK November 1982 Virgin LP/CS V/TCV 2252 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
US/CAN November 1982 Atlantic LP/CS 80035 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
JPN 1982 WEA LP P-11315 gatefold cover, lyric sleeve
US 1985 Atlantic CD/CS 80035 lyric sleeve
UK June 1988 Virgin CD CDV 2252  
BRA 1989? WEA LP 6709 043  
UK June 1991 Virgin CD    



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