86196-2 The Greatest Hits, So Far
Previously released material
(Track 14 produced by Tony Berg)
Released on September 24, 1990
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86196-2 cover
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K ronomyth 10.0: NO FUTURE. I first picked up the PiL story at Second Edition, at which stage I was convinced that Lydon was leading a second revolution. Life on the dubpunk bandwagon turned out to be a rocky ride, however, as Lydon lost his Wobble, stuttered with his metal machine moment (Flowers of Romance), fired Levene and by the release of This Is What You Want had marginalized himself to the role of cranky cause celebre. That would have been the end of things but for Album/Compact Disc/Cassette, which found Lydon’s fortunes restored with megaproducer Bill Laswell, a match made in musical heaven. Happy? followed and I was, 9 too, with Lydon and the band not limping into the 90s as I expected but coasting into it. Yet there’s no denying that 1980 needed a prickly PiL more than 1990 needed a PiL with some of the rough edges removed. The first time I heard “Careering,” it changed the way I heard music much as Gang of Four and Killing Joke had. From “This Is Not A Love Song” and onward, the music of PiL only changed the way I heard Lydon. The selections on The Greatest Hits, So Far chronicle, if not Lydon’s canonization, then at least his socialization from angry punk to grumpy old man. The atonal indifference of “Flowers of Romance” seems worlds removed from the slight (but likeable) new single, “Don’t Ask Me.” Had Lydon heard that track in 1978, he would have saved his sharpest vitriol for himself. In another sense, The Greatest Hits, So Far is a story of survival. Those of us who stuck around for Album and after were happy with the results, recognizing that a world without Johnny Lydon making music in it would be a rotten world indeed. If you’ve been living under a rock, or are too young to remember why the Sex Pistols mattered in the first place, this compilation provides a definitive overview of a spotty decade’s worth of music. In 2011, the Japanese SHMCD re-release tacked on “Acid Drops” from That What Is Not, suggesting that no future compilation is forthcoming.


  1. PUBLIC IMAGE    (P.I.L.)
  2. DEATH DISCO (7" VERSION)    (P.I.L.)
  3. MEMORIES    (P.I.L.)
  4. CAREERING    (P.I.L.)
  5. FLOWERS OF ROMANCE    (John Lydon/Keith Levene)
  6. THIS IS NOT A LOVE SONG    (John Lydon/Keith Levene/Martin Atkins)
  7. RISE (REMIX)    (John Lydon/Bill Laswell)
  8. HOME    (John Lydon/Bill Laswell)
  9. SEATTLE    (Allan Dias/Lu Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Willie Smith)
  10. THE BODY (EXTENDED)    (Allan Dias/Lu Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Willie Smith)
  11. RULES AND REGULATIONS    (Allan Dias/Lu Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Willie Smith)
  12. DISAPPOINTED (EXTENDED)    (Allan Dias/Lu Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Willie Smith/Stephen Hague)
  13. WARRIOR (REMIX)    (Allan Dias/Lu Edmonds/John Lydon/John McGeoch/Bruce Willie Smith)
  14. DON'T ASK ME    (Allan Dias/John Lydon/John McGeoch)

    JPN SHMCD reissue bonus track


Susan Rogers -- engineer (14)
Michael Shipley -- mixing (14)
Melanie Nissen -- art direction
Kathleen Philpott -- design
Ross Halfin -- photography
Reg Mombassa -- front cover illustration

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UK 1990 Virgin 2LP/CD V/CDV-2644 lyric sleeves
US September 24, 1990 Virgin CD 86196-2  
US 1990 Virgin CS 91581  
JPN 2011 Virgin CDX TOCP-95084 SHMCD remaster w. bonus track


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