MVG 143 Underneath The Surface
Produced by Sank
Released on June 26, 2001
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MVG 143 cover
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K ronomySTH 1.0: MY OWN WORST ENEMA. To cries of “Jesper Ekeslöö, I love yöö!,” Prime sth released their full-length debut, Underneath the Surface. Unlike the horde of similar-sounding, non-Swedish alternative rock bands already glutting the market with their angst-ridden metal-pop, Prime sth featured not one but two (!) members with pencil-thin douchetags, making them nigh irresistible to the Swedish teenage goth girls who love guys with pencil-thin douchetags demographic. (I think her name is Frida. It means “elf strength.”) Honestly, I liked this disc when it came out. I wrote a review about how much I liked it for All Music Guide (they paid me $20, which quickly went toward the purchase of a pencil-thin douchetag adapter for my Norelco beard trimmer). I thought they were going to be big, like Dig or Fudge Tunnel. (I was wrong a lot in those days.) I figured that a band with a high-availability, redundant pair of pencil-thin douchetags couldn’t fail; if one guy went down or quit the band, bam!, near-instantaneous and seamless douchetag replacement. What I neglected to pay attention to was the fact that many of these songs are just wimpy love songs propped with faux alt-metal trickery: “In My Head,” “I’m Stupid,” “I Don’t Envy You,” “Let Me Bleed.” In fact, by my count there are only two really respectable songs on the whole disc: “Underneath The Surface” and “Even The Score.” Otherwise these songs could have been disco, hair metal, whatever was in vogue at the time. The world never lacks for bands ready to peddle the johnny-rebel-come-lately routine. If I inadvertently turned you onto this stuff the first time, my bad. I did use the word “offal,” which should have been kind of a warning (an offal warning actually, but you were expecting lester bangs for your twenty bucks?).

MVG 143 back cover
MVG 143 back cover


  1. UNDERNEATH THE SURFACE    (Prime sth)    3:59
  2. I DON'T ENVY YOU    (Prime sth)    4:49
  3. I'M STUPID (DON'T WORRY 'BOUT ME)    (Noa Moden/Max Martin)    4:03
  4. BELIEVE    (Prime sth)    2:49
  5. IN MY HEAD    (Prime sth)    4:02
  6. FROM THE INSIDE    (Prime sth/Sank)    3:24
  7. EVEN THE SCORE (NO ONE ELSE)    (Prime sth)    4:41
  8. MY EVIL FRIEND    (Prime sth/Sank)    3:51
  9. SHE    (Prime sth/Sank)    4:38
  10. LET ME BLEED    (Prime sth/Sank)    3:25
  11. 24 SONG    (Prime sth/Sank)    3:29


NOA MODÉN -- vocals, guitar
Raymond King -- cello (9)
Sank -- engineer
Dag Lundquist -- additional engineering
Lars Mortén -- additional engineering
Ulf Kruckenberg -- additional engineering
Stefan Glaumann -- mixing
Andy Wallace -- mixing (2)
Tom Lord-Alge -- mixing (4,5)
Ralf Strathmann -- band photos
Jeff Lyons -- photography
Tesco Sainsbury -- art direction & design

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US June 26, 2001 MVG Records CD MVG 143  
GER 2002 Rebelution CD RE-10042  


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