Ric Ocasek


     Ocasek (guitar, keyboards, vocals) with Stephen George (drums), Roger Greenawalt

       (guitar), Stephen Hague (kebyoards), Greg Hawkes (keyboards), Darryl Jenifer (bass),

       Casey Lindstrom (guitar), Fuzzbee Morse (guitar, keyboards), Jules Shear (vocals), etc.


1982          BEATITUDE                                          US.28

              Produced by Ric Ocasek

              A1.Jimmy Jimmy  A2.Something to Grab For  A3.Prove  A4.I Can’t Wait  A5.Connect Up

              to Me  B1.A Quick One  B2.Out of Control  B3.Take a Walk  B4.Sneak Attack  B5.Time



(orig lp)     US Geffen GHS-2022 [lyrics], UK/NET Geffen GEF-25282, CAN Geffen XGHS-2022, JPN

              Geffen 25AP-2492

(orig cs)     US Geffen M5-2022

(reiss cs)    May 27 1997: US Geffen Goldline

(reiss cd)    US Geffen 2022, June 13 1997: US Geffen Goldline 2022


1982          1.PROVE (REMIX)

              2.Connect Up to Me (Remix)

              12PRO: US Geffen 2002


1983.02       A1.SOMETHING TO GRAB FOR                           US.47 [2.12.83-9w]

              B1.Connect Up to Me

              7”: US Geffen 7-29784 [ps], CAN Geffen 92 97847


1983          A1.JIMMY JIMMY  B1.A Quick One

              7”: CAN 92 96257

              A1.Jimmy Jimmy (New Extended Version)  B1.Connect Up to Me (Remix Extended


              12: CAN Geffen 92 01140


1986.08       A1.EMOTION IN MOTION                               US.15 [9.6.86-19w]


              7”: JPN Geffen P-2167 [ps]


1986.11       THIS SIDE OF PARADISE                              US.31

              1.Keep on Laughin’  2.True to You  3.Emotion in Motion  4.Look in Your Eyes 

              5.Coming for You  6.Mystery  7.True Love  8.P.F.J.  9.Hello Darkness  10.This Side

              of Paradise


(orig lp)     US Geffen GHS-24098

(orig cs)     M5-24098

(reiss cd)    June 13 1997: US Geffen Goldline 24098


1986          A1.KEEP ON LAUGHIN’

              12PRO: US Geffen PRO-A-2646


1986.12       A1.TRUE TO YOU                                     US.75 [12.20.86-8w]

              B1.Hello Darkness

              7”: US Geffen


1990          1.DON’T LET GO

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PROCD-6530


1991.06.25    FIREBALL ZONE

              A1.Rockaway  A2.Touch Down Easy  A3.Come Back  A4.The Way You Look Tonight  A5.All

              We Need Is Love  A6.Over and Over  B1.Flowers of Evil  B2.They Tried  B3.Keep That

              Dream  B4.Balance  B5.Mister Meaner  B6.Fireball Zone


(orig lp)     WW Reprise 26552 [lyrics]

(orig cs)     WW Reprise 26552

(orig cd)     WW Reprise 26552, 1992: JPN Pioneer/Warner WPCP-4377


1991          1.ROCKAWAY

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PROCD-4833


1991          1.THE WAY YOU LOOK TONIGHT (Edit)

              2.The Way You Look Tonight (LP Version)

              CDSPRO: US Reprise PROCD-5100


1993.09.28    QUICK CHANGE WORLD

              1.The Big Picture  2.Don’t Let Go  3.Hard Times  4.A Little Closer  5.Riding

              Shotgun  6.Feeling’s Got to Stay  7.She’s On  8.I Still Believe  9.Come Alive 

              10.Quick Change World  11.What’s on TV  12.Hopped Up  13.Help Me Find America


(orig cd)     US Reprise 45248


     Below is mostly spoken word credited to Alan Vega, Gillian McCain and Ric Ocasek.


1996.08.07    GETCHERTIKTZ

              1.Quiet Please Performance in Progress  2.The Big Picture  3.The History of

              Glances  4.Tell Me  5.Crowds  6.Taking a Break From Gods and Monsters  7.Smell War 

              8.Quivering  9.Judith in Disgust  10.Train  11.All Men Should Be Boxers 

              12.Mechanics of Fluid  13.Living Crazed  14.Attempted Suicide  15.And Jesus Said

              That Whores Will Be the First to Enter the Kingdom of Heaven  16.No Way 

              17.Livingroom Lamplight Oddysey  18.listen Up, Saint Francis  19.Gangland Scag  

              20.Daily Events Book  21.With Eight Essential Vitamins  22.Metal Eyes  23.A

              Certain Blindness  24.Ghosts Before Breakfast  25.Shoot the Fucker  26.Everyone



(orig cd)     US Sooj Records 10042


     Ocasek, Melissa Auf der Maur (bass, vocals), Brian Baker (guitar), Billy Corgan (guitar,

       keyboards, vocals), Ira Elliot (drums), Greg Hawkes (keyboards), Matt Walker (drums).


1997.09.09    TROUBLIZING

              Produced by Ric Ocasek and Billy Corgan

              1.The Next Right Moment  2.Hang on Tight  3.Crashland Consequence  4.Troublizing 

              5.Not Shocked  6.Situation  7.Fix on You  8.People We Know  9.Here We Go 

              10.Society Trance  11.Asia Minor


(orig cd)     US/CAN Columbia 67962


1997          1.HANG ON TIGHT (Edit)

              2.Hang on Tight (LP Version)

              CDSPRO: US Columbia CSK-0881


1997          1.THE NEXT RIGHT MOMENT (4:04)

              2.The Next Right Moment (4:21)

              CDS: US Columbia 3462


     Ocasek with Hawkes, George, Greenawalt, Jenifer, Rob Joanise.


2005.09.27    NEXTERDAY

              1.Crackpot  2.Bottom Dollar  3.Don’t Lose Me  4.In a Little Bit  5.Silver  6.Come

              On  7.I’m Thinking  8.Carousel  9.Heard About You  10.Please Don’t Let Me Down  

              11.It Gets Crazy


(orig cd)     US Inverse/Sanctuary 83903-2

(orig cdx)    w. bonus tracks: 12.Good Night Little One  13.Hope for Happiness

              December 21 2005: JPN BMG BVCM-41044