Ric Ocasek
The man in the driver's seat of The Cars, a band that helped popularize new wave with synthesizer-friendly glam rock. His stylish, shades-on persona implied a shared sympathy with glampires like David Bowie and Iggy Pop, though his music initially sounded more like a cross between T.Rex and Queen (not surprising when you consider Roy Thomas Baker produced all three). On his own, Ocasek escaped Baker's shadow for self-produced and star-produced (Nile Rodgers, Billy Corgan) albums that were trendy but never too popular. By the 1990s, Ocasek was having more success as a producer, and he has released only one album (the lean and likeable Nexterday) in the new century.

Date ALBUMS / Singles
1982 Prove
1983 February Something To Grab For
1983 Jimmy Jimmmy
1986 August Emotion In Motion
1986 Keep On Laughin'
1986 December True To You
1990 Don't Let Go
1991 June 25 FIREBALL ZONE
1991 Rockaway
1991 The Way You Look Tonight
1993 September 28 QUICK CHANGE WORLD
1996 August 7 GETCHERTIKTZ
1997 September 9 TROUBLIZING
1997 Hang On Tight
1997 The Next Right Moment
2005 September 27 NEXTERDAY

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