RCD 10190 Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band
Produced by Joe Walsh and Jim Nipar
Released on October 9, 1990
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RCD 10190 cover
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R ingo’s first live album took the form of an oldies revue with friends and acquaintances billed as The All-Starr Band. Interspersed between Ringo’s hits are selections from the supporting cast who were themselves stars in the mid ‘70s: Billy Preston, Dr. John, Levon Helm and Rick Danko from The Band, etc. Ringo takes the emcee role lightly, as you might expect, but the performances themselves are surprisingly tight. No doubt the beneficiaries of much practice (just think how many times Billy Preston has played “Will It Go Round In Circles”), songs like “The Weight” (from Levon Helm) are pulled off without a hitch; close your eyes, and you’ll think it was The Band in their heyday. These cameos complement Ringo’s tunes nicely, since an entire evening of Ringo singing might tax the limits of most folks. “It Don’t Come Easy,” “You’re Sixteen” and “No No Song” sound as good as you remember, while “Honey Don’t” and the closing “Photograph” (featuring Ringo’s son Zak on drums) feel more like the impromptu concert I expected. While it may seem like county fair fare on the surface, Ringo Starr and His All-Starr Band is really part ‘70s celebration and part testament to Ringo’s enduring star power. He would repeat the experiment on subsequent tours, attracting even bigger stars (Todd Rundgren, John Entwistle) along the way. At the heart of Ringo’s music, in the studio and on stage, is the help he gets from his friends. Thus, this “night of a dozen stars” approach is in many ways the most natural setting for Ringo Starr. That said, it’s not an essential purchase, and no substitute for seeing Ringo live in person.

RCD 10190 picture sleeve
RCD 10190 picture sleeve


  1. IT DON'T COME EASY    (Richard Starkey)    3:03
  2. THE NO-NO SONG    (Hoyt Axton/D. Jackson)    3:18
  3. IKO IKO    (R.L. Hawkins/B. Hawkins/J. Johnson/J. Crawford)    6:05
  4. THE WEIGHT    (Robbie Robertson)    5:48
  5. SHINE SILENTLY    (Nils Lofgren/Dick Wagner)    6:39
  6. HONEY DON'T    (Carl Perkins)    2:30
  7. YOU'RE SIXTEEN    (Richard Sherman/Robert Sherman)    2:57
  8. QUARTER TO THREE    (F. Guida/J. Royster/G. Anderson/E. Barge)    3:50
  9. RAINING IN MY HEART    (Buddy Holly)    5:14
  10. WILL IT GO ROUND IN CIRCLES    (Billy Preston/B. Fisher)    4:02
  11. LIFE IN THE FAST LANE    (Glenn Frey/Don Henley/Joe Walsh)    6:13
  12. PHOTOGRAPH    (Richard Starkey/George Harrison)    4:20


RINGO STARR -- vocals, drums, executive producer
CLARENCE CLEMONS -- saxophone, percussion, vocals
RICK DANKO -- bass, vocals
DR. JOHN -- keyboards, vocals
LEVON HELM -- drums, vocals
JIM KELTNER -- drums
NILS LOFGREN -- guitar, vocals
BILLY PRESTON -- keyboards, vocals
JOE WALSH -- guitar, vcals
Zak Starkey -- drums
Jim Nipar -- engineer, mixing
David Fishof -- executive producer
Arthur Ganz (Tor Art & Design) -- cover design

US October 9, 1990 Rykodisc LP/CD/CS RALP/RCD/RACS-10190  
UK 1990   VPAL VC 4089 video (PAL format)


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